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Gime / Atom

“Uh, guys? What year is it?” — Me

Art by, frog

A wonderful tester!

Emblem by Gimeurcookie
  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-5
  • Luck-5

Species: American Alligator (Actually a marsue)

Favs: Marsue, Aftik, Hokkan, BVo9, Crawlerz, Drakon, Ecton, Gemimi, John Rodriguez, Mafleeca, Metaparxi, Metima, N‘nik, Notail, Oblein, Oomn, Ruhi, Selachim, Tegyp, Tourist, Uutzi, Vaeri, Viedafo, Volkronn, Soledade

Thoughts about coconuts: They‘re the best and whoever says otherwise is wrong.

[Dreamer] Neutral trait
This gator can remember their dreams!
[Lore Rambler] Neutral trait
If this gator hears X, they will be prompted to ramble about X.
[Chick Magnet] Positive trait
❤️ This gator attracts a lot of birds! They love to hold them. ❤️
[Jack of Trying] Positive trait
This gator might not be good at things, but boy do they try!
[Small Eater] Positive trait
Why is this a positive trait, this marsue is going to starve.
[Forgetful] Negative trait
What was I doing? On right profile stuff.
[Gud splling] Negative trait
Tish gaotr cann sepll rael gud.
[Stop and Go] Negative trait
This gator works in bursts. They‘re either non stop working or non stop crashing into a wall.
[Contagious Passion] Ability trait
Talk to me about my robots.

Twitch: Gimeurcookie


Hi I‘m Atom, I like birds that walk on the floor. Thank you for coming to my TaleTalk, and good night.