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The universe, wide and endless.....

Welcome to the Cosmosdex, an encyclopedia for the universe. Click on the quick links above or browse freely below to find what you're looking for. If you have any questions the F.A.Q will likely provide all you need. You can close and open tabs by clicking on the tabs, making getting around the dex a breeze. To see the full entry of anything just click on the name of the thing.



The speciesdex is the most biggest and most important of all the sections in the Cosmosdex. The species section details the intelligent species of the [Fortuna] universe, though intelligent might not be the best word for some of them. This section details their lifestyle, lifespan, history, and even subspecies. It’s a fantastic place to start if you’re attempting to learn about any of the major species and their habits.

If the species has (or had in the case of planetary annihilation) a home planet and has reached the ranks of creating some sort of civilization they will be found here.


The faunadex is a section that contains most of the info you need to know about all the wildlife there is to find in the [Fortuna] universe, along with friendly critters you can find along the way. The faunadex tells you all about the animal’s lifestyle, habitat, place of origin, how rare it is, and most importantly, if it thinks your crew would make for a delightful snack or not.

If it’s alive and it’s hasn’t earned the right to be in the speciesdex then you’ll likely find the giant space faring shark, or tiny cable like worm over in this section.

Planets and Places

The planetdex is the section you want to be in to research a planet before you use up your fuel going over to it. Just about every publicly known planet is contained in this section, which also includes detailed information about the hot spots and landing locations on a planet. So if you’re looking for a new place to put your new vacation home, or you’re just trying to make sure your next refueling stop isn’t infested by deadly clockworks, this section is just right for you.

Robots and

AIs and Ships

The aidex is the perfect section to be when reviewing all the AIs you meet in the [Fortuna] universe. From the peaceful Mors unit to the hyper aggressive Thanatos, you’ll never be surprised by another encounter with these highly complex beings. This section not only contains info on how the AI acts but also about the godly purposes the gen one AIs serve. This includes not only what they can do for you, but what they can do for the universe as a whole.

If it’s made of metal and is ready to serve you with a sarcastic smile, this is the section you want to be in.


There are a lot of items in the universe. Sometimes we come upon a fleepfloopnort* and we have no idea how to even start describing the object, much less using the thing. This is where the itemdex comes on handy. In this section items of all shapes and sizes are listed including what they can be used for. From the great laser swords to the humble dishwasher, this section contains just what you need.

* We have no idea what a fleepfloopnort is.

and the Universe


The lore section is the etc section of the Cosmosdex, hosting what cannot be hosted elsewhere. Inside you will find many sections that pertain to the lore of the universe, such as its history, legendary characters, stories, and even maybe a few sections that get more indepth about certain species.

If you're look to explore deeper in to the lore of the universe, the loredex is what you are looking for.



The traitdex contains all the traits you need to build a brand new spanking character, or look up info about a trait you just don’t know about. All types of traits are listed here, from the good greens, the neutral blues, the heated reds, and yes, even the elusive purple and active yellow ones.

If you need a trait in a hurry then this is the place for you.


The achievementdex is the perfect section to keep track of your goals and points. This section also includes all the items you can waste said points on the moment you are given even the slightest chance to do so.

If you need to set a few more goals this is the section for you.