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Stellavis Ranger / Space cowboy bird

“Eukaryote Red might've went on living, but he made one fatal slip, he tried to match the Stellavis Ranger with the big iron on her hip.” — Martee singing a song about the criminal which kickstarted her career.

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  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-6
  • Charisma-5
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-10

Age: 36
Size: 5'8 ft tall
Species: Stellavis

Job: Bounty Hunter
Likes: Her trusty gun, Sweet Revenge, Good ol' gun duels.
Dislikes: Criminals, Being reminded she was once an outlaw, People who don't like cowboys.
Notable contributions: Hunting down various outlaws and criminals in the lawless sectors of space and either killing or capturing them.

[Nostalgic] Neutral trait
This character remembers how things used to be back in their day and look back on it fondly. They may make snide comments about modern technology and will at times attempt to do things the "good ole fashioned" way if doing so doesn't get in the way of anything.
[Justice Oriented] Neutral trait
This character holds justice very dear to them. They may go out of their way to make things fair or that justice is served. Their sense of justice may not always be law based or effective to them.
[Death Grip] Positive trait
This character has a bonus +5 to miracle rolls and can remain standing even after a stunning attack or a particularly devastating blow.
[Quickdraw] Positive trait
This character ignores agility checks on their target when using ranged weapons. They will always get the first move, regardless of how fast their opponents are.
[Unforgiving] Negative trait
This character very easily holds a grudge and almost never forgives. If this character feels that they have been wronged, they will seek out revenge. It's very difficult for others to work with this character once they have a grudge.
[Ex-Con] Negative trait
This character used to be a con-man, pirate or held another negative job. They likely share heavy regrets about their past actions, or wish to return to their life as a pirate. This character will be more likely to be seen as untrustworthy, and will be more willing to do morally questionable things.
[Ruthless] Negative trait
A more extreme version of [Pragmatic]. Where a pragmatic person would save 100 lives over one loved one, having done the math and weighed the odds, the ruthless person would be willing to sacrifice 100 lives to get rid of one person.
[Quick Thinker] Positive trait
This character is fast to think of solutions to sudden issues, and quicker to react to danger.

Original Creator: WhoIsRed

Physical Description

Martee is decidedly average looking for a stellavis, The galaxy patterns on her body are reddish-orange, and there are feather like formation on her wings, making them vaguely resemble the wings of a bird. One would be forgiven for mistaking Martee for an average stellavis, were it not for the key detail that she is typically in cowboy attire, always wearing a cowboy hat, a leather coat and belt and a snazzy pair of cowboy boots.

Martee always carries her gun with her, typically in a holster attached to her belt, this gun looks like an antique magnum, and there are 27 small lines painted with red paint on this magnum, each one representing the various outlaws that she has captured or killed, a reminder of her success.


To describe Martee simply as "vengeful" would be a massive understatement. If Martee feels that someone has wronged her, she will not leave this grudge be, even if it has been many years since the grudge formed. If someone she has formed a grudge against becomes a criminal or outlaw, they will quickly become one of her targets.

Martee absolutely despises whenever someone brings up the fact she used to be an outlaw. She will quickly drop out of a conversation if that is brought up. As she wishes to distance herself from the outlaw life as much as possible.

When not doing her job, Martee acts very laid back and casual, she typically makes jokes and tells stories about the criminals who she was sent to hunt. She can typically be seen hanging around in bars or cantatas, generally drinking orange juice or something of the sort. A less known fact is that Martee is able to play the musical instrument known as the banjo, most people thing she's okay at playing it.


Back when she was younger, Martee used to be a criminal, not much is known about what she did to be branded as such, but it is known that one day, she met a notail outlaw by the name of "Eukaryote Red". It is unknown what this notail's class and class numbers were, but it is known that Eukaryote Red and Martee did not get along well, and eventually, it culminated in her getting shot multiple times by him, she was then dragged off into a cold, isolated forest that was near the town where she and Eukaryote Red met. She was left there to die, but due to either sheer luck or skill, she managed to survive and escape this forest.

Martee then vanished for 3 years after this event, and spent these 3 years recovering from her wounds and attempting to track down Eukaryote Red. She also planned how to get her revenge. During these years she decided she wanted to distance herself from the outlaw/criminal life, and change for the better, she decided she'd become a bounty hunter.

But Martee would do this right after she filled Eukaryote Red's brain with lead, of course.

Eukaryote Red, at the time, was busy hijacking a small space station. Demanding ransom and taking hostages. That day, a single ship docked into the space station, out of it emerged a stranger, with a gun on her hip, who demanded to speak to Eukaryote red.

Eukaryote Red went to speak with the stranger, believing them to be here to pay the ransom. The first thing Martee did upon once again meeting Eukaryote Red was unload all the bullets she had into Eukaryote Red's head. She would later mark a small line with red paint on her gun to remind herself of this accomplishment. A few hours later, she called the authorities and demanded the reward for Eukaryote Red's bounty. The authorities simply shrugged and gave her the reward, congratulating her for taking down the outlaw by the name of Eukaryote Red.


Big Iron: Martee always has her gun with her, she can quickly take the gun out of her holster, shoot it, and then put it back in a matter of moments. Its unknown if this is due to her speed or due some sort of anomaly affecting the gun.


• Martee has been seen listening to country music while at home or in public, she has also been seen singing along to these songs.

• While Martee does not care much for not having her gun on her person, she is not used to wielding other guns, since the one she always carries with her is very different from modern weapons.

• Martee herself requested her entry on the cosmosdex include atleast one link to her banjo songs, this request has been denied, much to her dismay.

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