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Duck, Duck, Goose

“If you can't pay the bill, do not duck in here” — Hedy Cisn, original owner of Mt. Bill inn

Art by, Atomic

Part of the Featured collection

Emblem by Anon

Dominant Residents: Duckarium
Other Residents: Ackolids, Pagepohs

Fauna: Extremely Diverse Fauna
Weather: Calm with frequent rain

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Duckariums Homeworld and Nature Reserve

Original Creator: Lammar

Physical Description

Anatida from afar is an entirely blue planet, generally confused by the less intelligent as a planet of water, it is composed of thousands of rivers and lakes as well as strange trees with blue leaves. Cities, towns and homes are common around the lakes, commonly set there so the people can fish for food. Civilization on Anatida has a symbiotic relationship with the fauna on it. Fauna walk through the big cities while the duckariums are not attacked by them, unfortunately this only applies to the duckariums. Several tourists die every year by attacks of several types of fauna, one of which looks exactly like bread, but isn't bread.

To the north of Anatida is a chain of mountains famous for having the largest and only volcanoes on the planet, right in the middle of the mountain chain. Inactive for ages, it is a sacred place for the duckariums to talk about the last battle between them and the eagles. It contains an inn and hot springs that is strangely frequented for such a quirky place. The place is commonly visited by Opis units, authors of horror books, and philanthropists who want to be closer to nature. Some ghoose are among these people.

Despite the sweet nature of the duckariums, there are still signs and ruins of war in various places.


Anatida is a place visited frequent for various things, conflicts, peace, love, friendship, but it is rarely noticed for the curious and peculiar culture of the beings that usually speak QUACK or other similarities of it. It is believed that at the beginning of time, there was a beautiful and unique duckarium in Anatida, without the pots to hide her feelings she wandered Anatida, on a search for a meaning in her life.

She was extraordinarily beautiful and no one dared to attack or eat her, all beings only appreciated her sight as she appeared and left in silence. There was one species that opposed it though, the eagles wanted to keep the unique duckarium so that they may see it all the time, like a trophy, like a slave, and so it happened.

Although she was enslaved, she had found a duty in her life and so she grew, stronger, smarter, and brighter in the next several years, the pot to serve the wine becoming her symbol. One day this would all change. She laid four eggs and as soon as she saw them she ran away with them in tow.

She fled to a cave to hatch her eggs. Day and night, starving or not, she did the most she could to watch over the eggs, but unfortunately, the first egg was rotten. The other three faired better though, out the second egg came out a beautiful duckling, in the third came a smart goose and in the four egg, a swan. The unique duckarium had forgotten what she herself looked like, but when she saw her third daughter, she felt something strange, she felt only sympathy and a strange resemblance to her. She went to clean them and left with them to a nearby lake.

There she saw that she was a swask that was once a duckarium, and so ends the great story of the Greater Mother Swan.


Feater: One of the largest, if not the largest, city of Anatida, famous for creating pots, holding fairs and day-cares. Although it looks safe, duckariums allow wildlife to roam around the city, and they are not as sweet as the duckariums.

Mt. Bill: The largest mountain on the planet that houses an inn and hot springs by the same founder, Hedy Cisn. Formerly a volcano, it is a sacred place for several duckariums.

Ghoselin's Spooky Mansion: The mansion of an eccentric famous children's horror book writer, with a theme park fused with his own mansion in a haunted house style. The area draws millions of tourists and fans every year with this singular and crazy home.


Mothers of Fauna: Most animals are extremely peaceful to the duckariums; unfortunately, these same animals can be extremely aggressive to any other species that gets close.


• The inn is often visited by travelers despite being on a high mountain.

• The duckariums renamed all the places on the planet after the eagles died.

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