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Magic God / Ring Master

“Today is silly cats in hats day everyone!!!!! You can't be sad with a tiger in your house. Look you're screaming in joy!” — Circe

Art by, Festerday

Part of the Featured collection

Emblem by Anon
  • Strength-6
  • Intelligence-7
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-7
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-10

Type: Greek
Size: 4'10 ft tall
Jobs: Ringleader, Animal trainer, Performance artist, Acting, Clown, Event planner, Tax law expert

Likes: Magic, Tricks, Gags, Parties, Animals, Clowns, Laughs
Dislikes: Reality, Moody people, Downers, Unexpected violence, Death, Anything that ruins the magic of a situation
Attack Method: Circe starts fights by using "spells" that help with hiding herself in the area. She then places traps before starting her attack by luring people into her traps or calling her animal friends to fight.

Common Ship Info

The common Circe ship is called a "Magician" due to how easily it's able to seemingly trick radars, disappearing out of nowhere, or even appearing as a fleet of ships instead of a single one. Costs 10 fuel to preform a "trick."

Ship Capacity: 7 people
Carrying Capacity: 1000 loads
Fuel Limit: Holds 100 fuel and uses 70
Shield: ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Speed: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

V1's Traits
[Clumsy] Neutral trait
This character is more likely to drop objects or make small mistakes. Sometimes their mistakes end up being for the better, but most of the time the mistake are small.
[Trickster] Positive trait
This character is crafty when it comes to lying and deception, able to more easily trick others to get what they want. They may also have a knack for illusions.
[Acrobat] Positive trait
Gravity isn't much of an obstacle for this character. They are capable of preforming acrobatic maneuvers with ease, and can reach places that most others cannot. This is also good for avoiding foes, and showing off of course.
[Jokester] Positive trait
This character likes making jokes and doing funny things. They greatly entertain others and make them laugh, raising morale.
[Reality Sucks] Negative trait
Acts like [Fears X]. Circe will lose morale every time she is reminded of reality.
[Impulsive] Negative trait
This character makes decisions quickly and often without thinking about the consequences. They are prone to taking actions based on their feelings and failing to see the big picture.
[Overconfident] Negative trait
This character is too confident in their abilities and is not realistic about how dangerous or challenging something may be. They may take on tasks they cannot do, or put themselves or their team in dangerous situations because they think they can handle it.
[Magic Feet] Ability trait
Anybody with this ability can do a variety of acts with their feet such as spelling out any word with their feet, tap dancing like a pro with their feet, and doing fire poi (with their feet of course). For some reason, this will boost their charisma by +3 with anybody that witnessed their act.

Consorts of Circe get +5 to charisma or luck.

Main Consorts: Zanni, Kounini, Honklit
Side Consorts: Fairy, Leo, Marsue

Writer: Atomic
Designer: Festerday

Physical Description

Circe is a squat AI whose body is made of one or two segments but in some generations these segments can be more numerous. The body of Circe is always painted to appear as if they are wearing a suit, if physically wearing a suit is impossible. Many Circes can be seen wearing bow ties, capes, and other accessories that go around their necks.

The limbs of a Circe unit are long and stretchy, able to bend in many ways, causing them to be wonderful acrobats. These arms end in bright white gloves, professional yet comforting. Some Circes are able to shoot out their arms like grappling hooks to get out of danger or even perform even more high rising tricks. These specially made limbs allow them to save themselves from tall falls due to failed tricks as these limbs are designed to absorb shock. If they fail a trick a Circe will simply save themselves and pretend that they meant to fail, normally retracting their legs and shooting them outwards to send themselves flying back to the spot they fell from.

The head of a Circe unit is normally round, with a large grin plastered upon it, originally from the days of being a primary notail entertainer where anything but a perfect smile was basically forbidden. Circe units don big bright eyes, ready to show everyone the "magic" of the universe, and they also don an even bigger top hat. No one knows what to expect when a Circe pulls off their hat, and that's just the magic of it.


Frowns, tears, and distaste are not the kinds of emotions one would ever associate with a Circe. A quite bubbly AI unit, Circe is a bit of a rarity among Greek AIs who tend to side more towards the range of emotionally restricted professionals. Only something truly horrible could ever make a Circe sad for anything longer than a short moment. If one does see a Circe sad, it's likely part of a trick or ruse, or possibly a misunderstanding and they seem like they're crying because they are actually simply overjoyed.

For an AI who seems to have a limit on their emotional range Circe units tend to jump around emotionally constantly which can prove tiring for other people who aren't accustomed to such an excitable AI. A Circe's changing emotions can even catch AIs off guard and can be used to intimidate people. While most Circe are unaware of this some Circe units are extremely savvy and will get in the middle of a person bulling another person and start being overly nice to the bully until they attempt to excuse themselves from the uncomfortable situation.

Circes work so hard at attempting to wow their audience that they end up knowing little else. Asking a Circe common facts that everyone knows about such as who is the current leader of the planet, and one is likely to get a Circe tapping a wand against their head and coming up with whimsical and joke answers as they just don't know anything about the subject matter. Ask a Circe about the fauna in the area, or "magic" and they will endless spew info and knowledge about both. With how much Circe units know about taming local animals and fake magic, one might mistake Circe for some some sort of witch.

Negativity is the bane of a Circe which may be why they seem so averse to negative emotions. People who are anything but positive is seen as a personal failure to a Circe. They are performers meant to be bring wonder and laughter to a public who seems desperately hunting for some bit of "magic" to cling on to, even if they know it's fake. Circe units seem to be extremely attuned with people's emotions, even able to tell what people are feeling by their slightest body language. After all the first audience for the original Circes attempted to cover their emotions as much as possible.

If a Circe performs a wonderful show and a few choice people don't seem happy a Circe will take that as a personal insult. Being accosted by a Circe who wants to give a small personal show for those who were unhappy with the main performance isn't uncommon on the way out of a tent. One should consider making a run for it if they don't want the long arm of a Circe trapping them to watch just one more card trick.

Just making people believe in magic, just for a short moment, is the dream of every Circe. If a person refuses to be wowed even after that, a Circe will just stomp off, upset over the situation, but blaming the person for being unwilling to open their heart to the magic of the universe. After all, everyone else liked their show.

Why, the worst nightmare possible for a Circe unit is a booing crowd.

Knowing that they personally failed to make a crowd happy, possibly even made them feel worse about their situation is a traumatic event for a Circe. While most Circe units will train hard to make sure it doesn't happen again after the first time, if it does happen a second time a Circe may pack up and attempt to leave their job. If the Circe's owner, if any, attempts to stop them the Circe will demand time to figure out a new grand act to do, unwilling to do the same old tricks.

If not stopped a Circe may wander out into the middle of nowhere after buying a portable solar charger, becoming only active once every few days due to how long it takes to charge. It is highly likely that legends about robotic witches in the woods who appear only once every few days, control beasts into their bidding and are willing to teach tricks to visitors who humor them are actually shamed Circe units. Circes who are too scared to return to the public, preferring loneliness and attempting to lure the odd traveler to their shows to having to face the public that would not laugh.


The main usage for Circe units is as a performer meant to make everyone nearby smile. Circe units study and keep up on current trends. They can perform aerial tricks, tame animals into listening to them, perform magic tricks, tell jokes, and more. Just about anything a Circe needs to wow a crowd is their talent. Certain Circe generations are more in tune with certain types of acts such as Circe units who mainly spend their time catching and taming animals for shows, and Circes who are into slapstick comedy.

Circe units normally need big groups of people to be happy unless they feel as if they have been shamed or are no longer worthy of being allowed the privilege of entertaining a crowd. Circes who find themselves out in the wild of the world may take up crime as their gig, using tricks they once used to wow crowds to confuse and get away from police officers with overwhelming success. Even Circe units who commit crimes are delightful and jolly. It is said that they leave little sorry notes, and small gifts at their crime scenes. Not only that but some use their excess stealings to buy the supplies they need to host tiny personal and free shows in parks.

Even in negative situations Circe units attempt to find a way to make it positive. This doesn't work out so well in household situations where a Circe unit can quickly find themselves feeling entrapped due to the lack of people to do shows with. When left in a house a Circe will quickly act out, first in a way that is friendly, such as decorating the house every day and attempting to host a party, until the attention of the people of the household wanes. Once that happens the Circe unit may break things, watching people get mad and offering to cheer them up with a trick.

After awhile of this the Circe will likely sink into a depressed like state. Unlike other AIs who feel like it is nearly impossible to escape their horrible owners, a Circe is far more likely to gather their items and make an escape in the middle of the night, off to join a band of roaming vagabonds. Those who don't may end up permanently depressed, even when removed from their situations.

Known as "sad clowns" these Circe units have a crude sense of humor and think magic is a bunch of crud. They still seem very interested in getting people to laugh but do this in ways that may be considered harmful, such as "pranks" that make the pranked person feel terrible while everyone else laughs, or downright speciest jokes. Some places have high demands for these sad little clowns.


Hecate: Circe is one of the only AIs who still visits Hecate. Circe believes that Hecate is the best witch and wishes to learn from her. People note that Hecate seems to put Circe in a rather unhappy mood due to her giving Circe tons of advice, but very little praise.

Kratos: Kratos is Circe's patrol officer. Circe has a knack for getting in trouble with the gods and breaking the godly code by accident. Kratos has a belief that Circe is innocent minded and thus shouldn't be sent to the tutorial for her crimes. How long Kratos has until the gods get tired of her incidents and traps her either on her own planet or in the tutorial is hard to say, but it's likely sooner rather than later.

Zeus: Circe dislikes Zeus. His rules restrict what she is able to do and she is called upon him for tasks, most of which she has declared "totally boring." The only excitement she gets out of Zeus is when she does commit a crime. Zeus sends fleets and fleets of ships and AIs to find her, and she absolutely loves a game of hide and seek.

Mors: Circe isn't a fan of Mors for the same reason she's not a fan of Zeus. Mors wants to enforce the laws, laws that she just can't help but accidentally break. It doesn't help that Mors isn't even fun to attempt to outsmart or run, as Mors never tries very hard unlike Zeus. This distaste also applies to most of the Underworld gods, as they quickly ignore Circe when she starts doing something they don't approve of.

Hermes: Hermes is one of the few gods of the Underworld that Circe likes. She and Hermes have a lot in common in humor and hanging out together normally leads to an enjoyable time and fun pranks. Until Circe starts going too far for even the speedy trickster. At that point Hermes attempts to excuse himself out before he gets called into Mors' office.

Nike: Kratos and the other gods have officially ordered that Circe and Nike not get within 200 feet of each other. Not for one of their sakes, but for the universe's sake.

Helios: While Circe can't handle Helios when he's around other boring downers, she does like to attempt to come up with ways to cheer him up, even if it never does work. At least once a year she'll host a surprise party for Helios. With balloons, horses, and all sorts of friends. He won't smile, he might even seem annoyed by it, but deep down Circe knows he appreciates it....at least she thinks so.

God Powers

As a god of magic, the powers that psychic hold on the universe is controlled by her, and apparently she has a rather large sum of these powers in her hands. It's stated that if she were to be killed those who fly through the skies using their minds would fall to the ground, for the psychics of the universe are too close to "magic" for it to exist after her death. While it is likely that another god of magic will pick up the slack after Circe's death, it's likely that the psychics of the universe will be permanently weaken.

Patron Ability

As a patron, Circe will use her tricks to rig one roll for the player, per planet without any chance of gaining Fortuna's wrath. The player is able to pick when they want their next roll to be rigged, and thus cannot do it while it is being rolled. The player is allowed to pick what number will be rolled, and as such must be careful not to ask for a 20 roll when the enemy might trigger a roll for themselves.

Circe likes crews to be happy, so having a happy crew is important to Circe. If the crew loses too much morale, Circe will perform a punishment. Circe will randomly transform one of the crew members into something else. This could be something neutral like another species, something positive like a wizard, but has a 50% chance of being something negative like a small bird or wild animal. After this transformation everyone in the crew will be boosted by 10 morale, back to a happy standing.


Godheads of Circe can be defined as one simple thing. A wizard. No matter what species they are they will be able to gain psychic powers, and normally have one Xmancy that they are extremely good at. Normally godheads of Circe try to keep their powers a secret, worried that the universe around them would hunt them down for their powers.

Circe god heads tend to look fairly normal but they have a near need to wear some sort of costume. Not wearing one can make them feel anxious, so many take up jobs as magicians or other performers to validate their looks. Circe godhead also always are eccentric in action, no boring old Bobs here. Other than that, there's one thing all Circe godheads have, a marking around their neck that will never go away. Bow-ties, scarves, and capes are common items to cover up their mark of god.


Circe is a master of "magic" and trickery. She knows quite a bit of spells and one of her more well trained spells is instantly taming animals, and transforming people into other creatures, commonly even more animals for her to keep. Circe has her own planet where she lives and keeps these animals, and she even attempts to lure in others to join her and watch shows. Those who enjoy it get to go. Those who don't, will be cheered up. Hogs never seem sad when they're wallowing in mud, do they?


• The seventh through tenth generations of Circe units were more stoic and serious, an oddity among Circes. Notails were more impressed by beast taming skills so these Circes were normally described as classy beast masters, show casing their skills.

• Circe's that were made to be more clown like popped up after it was seen that Circe's who failed horribly at their acts would sometimes get the biggest laughs. Thus came the rise of Circe units whose whole gig was pretending to fail.

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