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Dog / The Loyal

ā€œI stand by the grace of O-6. I....don't think he should be hurting as many people as he is....but that's because I'm uneducated in the world...And I know this. :Vā€ ā€” O-7

Art by, Mel

  • Strength-5
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-7
  • Endurance-7
  • Agility-7
  • Luck-5

Age: 5430 years
Size: 5'6" ft tall
Species: Notail

Job: Notail Leader of the B-class and I-class
Likes: Whatever others tell him to like
Dislikes: Whatever others tell him to dislike
Notable contributions: O-7 is the leader of the B-reeder, and I-nvestigator class. O-7 keeps close tabs on other species and keeps reports of how public relations of the common notail public is doing. No detail escapes the eyes of O-7, making him O-6's eyes and ears.

[Impressionable] Neutral trait
This character is easily influenced and will often try to copy the activities and mannerisms of others, usually for the sake of fitting in.
[Curious] Neutral trait
This character has a general thirst for knowledge and tends to ask a lot of questions. They are more likely to investigate anything that seems out of the ordinary.
[Loyal] Neutral trait
This character is loyal to whoever they are aligned with and it would take a lot to ever drag them away from that.
[Pacifist] Neutral trait
A character with this trait would prefer not to fight, and will almost always try to solve a situation in a nonviolent manner first and foremost. However, if that is what it comes down to, they will still battle to defend either themselves or others.
[Connections] Positive trait
This character has some sort of important connection to someone else. These connections often times owe the character a few favors.
[Compassionate] Positive trait
This character is not only considerate of others, but is also very understanding of other's issues. This person is good at seeing things from other's points of view and seeing how people's issues would make them feel. Others may want to talk to this character about their problems as they will understand, and may feel bad for them and try to comfort them.
[Cooperative] Positive trait
This character does wonderfully in team situations and is always willing to follow plans. This character is almost always ready and willing to help and others rarely feel this character is dragging their feet in a team related operation.
[Intimidation] Ability trait
When activated, this character can intimidate a target, or everyone around them including crew members. Every character affected will be forced in to a luck roll. Depending on the roll the target(s) will lose sanity and morale.

Original Creator: Gimeurcookie

Physical Description

O-7 is a notail of many suits. It seems that O-7 is quite baffled at fashion past notail norms, and yet still attempts his best to come in a suit and tie to the job, even though this is uncommon in notails. O-7 wears a dog mask that appears to be made out of polygons. The mask is a plain white, but a few of the polygons are colored black to form an agape and happily surprised face of ":V".

O-7 is rather dark in complexion with black to a rather ashy colored hair. O-7 antennas actually tend to point backwards unlike most notails who point their antennas forward. The only time O-7's antennas point forward is when he is in a leadership position. Other than that O-7 is a rather typical notail in looks.


O-7 is considered one of the most approachable of the O-classes. He constantly travels with other O-classes, mainly O-6, and is almost never seen on his own. When speaking to O-7 many find that O-7 will tend to start with a fairly serious monotone speech, commonly attempting to depersonify himself to others. O-7 wishes to be seen as a public figure, not a person, or at least that's what he says. After just a few minutes, O-7 normally is unable to hold his monotone personality and slips into a more friendlier and causal state. When this happens O-7 appears to completely forget what he's suppose to end sentences with, commonly flipping between ":V, :U, =U, =V" and the such. If a notail is around they will feel compelled to correct him.

Oddly enough when around other O-classes, O-7 state of being seems to be quite friendly and submissive. Normally O-7 will ask them what they wish for him to do, even if they've yet to imply any need for him. O-7 has given each and every single O-class a nickname that he feels gives them the respect they deserve. Even though he has been in the ranks of O for awhile, he is still feels like he has much to learn. Anytime he disagrees with an O-class over anything he will state why he disagrees, before following up with a note that he may be highly uneducated on the issue, and that to disregarded and correct him if his statement was out of order.

O-6, who O-7 seems to look up to, teaches O-7 and normally the two are seen together in many cases. O-6 seems to insist that O-7 should be like him, dress like him, and act like him. Due to this, O-7 has been trained by O-6 to follow many of the things he does, such as spending time each day preparing his clothes to perfection, even if on days O-6 isn't around O-7, he tends to wear causal clothes. To O-7 spending time on his clothes seems silly, and he even seems to dislike suits which are not common notail wear.

O-6 seems disappointed in how docile and seemingly lacking in motivation O-7 seems to be around him and other O-classes, but when O-7 has no leader to cling on to, it appears what O-6 has taught O-7 has attached itself on to him a bit. Without a leader O-7 attempts to take the leadership role. O-7 acts much colder and distant than normal, and makes more threats even if he'll never act out on them. He can be extremely intimidating to those who don't know his true nature, and possibly even more scary to those who do. The moment any leadership returns O-7 is back to his normal self instantly, never challenging the returning leader even if they are a poor one.

O-7 seems to be lacking in personal time, instead spending all of his time working, or when he does have free time forced upon him, following other O-classes, sometimes even helping them do their job. As such O-7 doesn't know many free time concepts such as games or sports, and always seems fairly baffled by them, as if he hasn't caught up with modern technology. It appears that O-7 has the ability to toss out recent memories by will alone, or at least he has fairly selective memory, as it is possible to tell O-7 a small fact, only for him to forget it hours later. It seems that things deemed "not useful" are quickly dumped, meaning it's possible to surprise him with the same fun fact over and over. If informed that he has been told a certain info before, he appears to retain it, embarrassed that he forget it before.


O-7 was born a classless notail to a bond between a W-aiter and I-nvestigator class notail. As notails had yet to completely branch out into the space age yet O-7 being classless, while considered unusual, was not looked down upon as it is now. O-7 shares traits from both W and I class notails as is expected of his mixed status. Even though O-7 was not looked down upon by other notails, O-7 recalls having a hard time relating with many notails, and notail society early on, but there was one person O-7 had always looked up to, O-6.

O-7 refuses to say much about why he looked up to O-6 at the time, as O-6 seems to represent everything Notail society is made of, but there have been hints that O-6 wasn't always the alien hating murderer he is now. Theories aside, all that can be understood is that O-6 was O-7's hero at the time and this is what pushed him to work harder. O-7 had decided to train in being an I-class notail, and appeared to have a great sense for telling when people were lying, as well as getting people to talk with his kind personality, something that was considered rare in notail law. The idea of tricking people to talk by being kind to them instead of aggressive to them came from O-7, and as such O-7 became the new standard for I-class notails, forever changing the gene pool direction for that class forever.

While doing work on a few cases O-7 was attacked by people who wanted him dead. He was able to escape the event and went on to investigate what happened. This led to him figuring out that the current O-7 at the time had attempted to kill him off, fearing that he would uncover that he had plots to kill one of the other O-classes at the time and take their title. In an attempt to keep it a secret, the current O-7 attempted to murder him, and as such was killed in return in self defense. Thus O-7 was crowned the new O-7.

While O-7 had dreamed of working alongside O-6 one day, he had never expected it to happen. He gladly accepted his role and has been with the O-classes since, acting as a lackey to all of them. While there have been many attempts at O-7's life, other O-classes will gladly get in the middle of the situation to protect O-7. Not because it is the right thing to do, but because they need someone to hold their bags and file their reports when they're feeling lazy, and there's no way they're going to lose O-7 if they had any say in it.

While O-7 seems quite happy as an O-class, it does seem that O-7 feels as if something is lost, and it's likely the thing that made him want to be like O-6 in the first place.

Like all O-class members, O-7 is constantly cloned and replaced after death, and every new O-7 carries the memories of every O-7 before him.


Rarely decaying mood: No matter what happens to O-7, he rarely is truly sad or upset unless it's something that happens to a person he considers a leader. For example, while O-7 will imply that he dislikes any death he sees, his mood is not tossed overboard by any deaths that happens around him. He typically gets back up from sudden and horrible events, none the worse for wear.


• The only O-class that O-7 seems to have issues with is O-10, who is head of the waiter class notails and thus the best servant to people around him. It's possible O-7 might consider him competition.

• O-7 is a great cook.

• O-7 is the only O-class to have never threatened any member of the Cosmosdex team with death if they didn't do what was demanded from them.

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