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Destruction crew

“How many concrete workers does it take to stop a zamboledge?” — Onlooker to a malfunction

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  • Strength-10
  • Intelligence-2
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-1
  • Luck-3

Danger Level: Medium
Likes: Smashing things that smell a certain way, Smashing things with certain symbols on them, Eating the things it smashes
Dislikes: Smashing claws being tied, Things which are made of reflective, shiny, or sparkly material

Attack Method: Attacks on zamboledges are not recommended. When endangered the fauna twists around, using its large heavy body to flatten the opponent. Should this fail, they will attempt to "flick" their sledgehammer-like claws. Reports on such an attack note that, should this land, the victim will often be hit with such force they turn into an "unrecognizable red mist."

Environment: City outskirts, New settlements, Flattened woodlands
Lifespan: 80 years
Size: 15 ft tall, 20 ft long
Diet: Minerals, Plants

Bodytype: Multiped
Type: Arthropod
Rarity: Extremely Rare

Writer: Atomic
Designer: Lammar

Physical Description

Large and heavy, the zamboledge is the mutated brother of the tailmic. As such, it too is an elongated arthropod sporting two tails at the end of its body. Considered a bio-machine, the fauna has been created with large crushing forearms and mandibles for breaking apart structures. The creature features a silvery gleam that appears to shimmer as if embedded with gold pieces in the right light.

Its vestigial back legs are useless and may be removed without consequence, but a zamboledge's tough carapace makes this impossible without specialized tools. In lieu of other forms of transportation, the fauna inches across the ground like a worm or uses its arms and head to pull itself forward, especially when it must climb up. A dire-looking creature, getting in the way of a zamboledge doing its task is a call for death.


Loyal but single-minded, this bio-machine was created to smash. Symbols and scents are used to mark out demolition spots. Certain combinations and placements tell it exactly how to do its job, thus making it difficult to operate without proper training.

To avoid unnecessary damage, the zamboledge has a natural avoidance of glitter and reflective surfaces. Windows aren't reflective enough to activate a halt in destruction, but mirrors are. Buildings nearby are coated in temporary glitter, while workers are forced to wear fabulous bright outfits to avoid workplace incidents.

Like most bio-machines, they rarely show any needs or wants when not in use and stay in a submissive, docile state. It lays flat on the ground, allowing workers and pedestrians alike to walk over it, sometimes even being placed into recently dugout holes as a temporary walkway. Discarded zamboledges put up for adoption are always declawed to prevent their usage in mass destruction. Those who take these great beasts into their lives set up tents, bags, and other goods on them and use them as a traveling home and marketplace.


Feral: Those who have bred zamboledges without approval from a company may create a wild untamed creature. Zamboledges are now sterilized before being sold to avoid this, but the damage has already been done. In the wilds of some planets, the fauna has turned from bio-machine to bio-menace. It tramples forests, cracks open trees, and destroys mountainsides. These giant brutes are reproducing in the wild, and the amount of damage they are predicted to cause is still being tallied to this day.


Powerful Claws: The smashing claws of a zamboledge can flick outwards and crack open buildings like an egg. The force is utterly devastating if used on anything other than a wall.


• Protestors trying to halt the destruction of a building will splatter glitter around the area to scare it off. A good rinse will fix the issue.

• Like the tailmic, the zamboledge also knows how to hum. Unfortunately, it only learns to hum a single tune in its lifetime, and it will sing it whenever it is given a chance.

• The zamboledge, despite being made by notails, is not popular with notails due to it being created using tailmics. Many notails have a close attachment with the fauna and are on the fence if bio-machines should be made using them.

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