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For fame and glory......

This section is for notable people who show up in nearly every universe. To be a legendary character, they must fit one or more of these rules. Being a major part of a plot, such as being the head of a species government, flat out famous, such as being a huge rock star or war hero, or just a plain oddity in the universe.

A - D


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Abadeer, at first, is not very talkative, and is very direct when he does speak. However, he is also known to rant from time to time if the proper situation is presented. He doesn't appear very expressive, but can actually be pretty emotional and easy to rile up. Despite his awkward behavior, he is actually very friendly towards most people, assuming he gets a chance to meet them. Of course, because of his off-putting posture and appearance, he has very few friends.

Alex (M-137)

M-137, aka Alex, is a decidedly normal notail with entirely ordinary notail features. She is of average height for a notail, and possessed of a slim build. Alex has pale pinkish skin and medium length, pinkish-red hair, slightly eccentric, to an extant that is in fact, perfectly normal. Her antenna are rather short, and somewhat fake looking, many have thought they were in fact entirely fake and that she did not have any. This is not the case.


Alice.exe loves information, to the point of obsession. She was created with the purpose of cataloguing and relaying information, and while having evolved far past that initial programming, she continues to hold these values dear. At her core, she believes that information should be free, and not only does she seek out as much information as possible, she also seeks to spread as much of it as she can. It is generally advised not to tell her anything you want to keep secret.

Apmeke V0

Simply put, Apmeke is a pest. While their cheery attitude and love of love may deceive some, it hardly makes up for the problems they create. While pretending to be a robot they will make up all sorts of lies about their capabilities which brainwashed people will of course believe only to suddenly be stuck with a pilot that has no idea how to fly a ship or a bodyguard that does not have any weapons on them. They frequently steal food from ship stores and manipulate others simply so they can live a gluttonous and self-centered lifestyle.

Artemis v31

A rather cavalier, yet cheery fellow, with rather unusual priorities. Despite her cheery attitude, if any conversation heads in the direction of moons, she is certain to ensure it stays there. To her, moons are everything. Their beauty, symbolism, moons are her world. She despises any "imbalances of lunar activity", doing anything she can to correct it if a planet has too many or too few moons. Still, when not speaking of moons, which is rare, she seems merely like a childish, if somewhat odd, artemis unit.

Athena v7

V7 behaves similarly to any other Athena unit: calm, collect, and rational. However there is one major difference, v7 has an obsession with battle, going so far as to occasionally taunt and incite fights with others nearby. To satiate this obsession with battle, v7 has made a name for herself as "The War Athena" entering any and every conflict she comes across while traveling. Anything from a bar brawl to a civil war, v7 will fight in each and every one, especially if the battles are to the death.

While v7 is battle hungry, she does try to keep an air of rational thought about her when she can. An Athena must keep up appearances whenever possible.


Azathoth is commonly regarded as stuck up and snooty. Azathoth tends to stick away from people as they are easily agitated by people they find to be lacking in intelligence. Azathoth only finds comfort in hanging around tegyps, which they declare as their children. Azathoth constantly declares that they are the first tegyp, and that they created the first "final versions" of tegyps due to the order of their mother.

This story was considered highly unbelievable but Azathoth, after crafting a statue will toss it away in a room, after a which it will disappear suddenly and in a few days a tegyp with the same exact statue as a head will be found roaming about.


As a result of an upbringing ne is still trying to untangle the barbed effects of, B-69 is constantly at war with nemself. Ne does nir best to project a bright and cheerful demeanour, but is quick to grow frustrated and become strained or outright let insults slip through nir filter. Whether in a bad mood or not, ne cannot stop nemself swearing incessantly. Ne has told the Cosmosdex team that ne has known these words and used them for as long as ne can remember, which makes it a seemingly impossible habit to break.


When reviewing all eyewitness claims, experiences with the creature follow similar trends. Roughly 90% of all encounters with Baby start with the witness hearing a young boy's voice. Baby's voice is said to be meek, and sounds as though they are suffering from a cough and/or cold. They may go into a fit of coughing and hacking as they call out to those who wander too close. This voice will beckon the traveler, asking them for their help as if they were injured, sick, or hungry, and will ask them to come further deeper into the forest.


Beau is a bright fellow, simply exuding simple country kindness from his actions and manner of speaking. He always seems to find himself a partner in travel or a pal at a bar no matter what planet he resides on, and is always up to share a story of his daring escapades. The kind of guy many comment is too nice to be in his line of work with strange company, or far too naive to have survived this long.

Bela Elzenstein

A regal and sophisticated vampwelf with a penchant for fine dining and a love of fine clothing, Bela is the consummate vampwelf aristocrat, the vampwelf's vampwelf. Bela is a charmer and a sophisticate, always prepared with a dashing smile and witty remark.

Bela is a lover of all things fine and classy, a connoisseur of all the arts, but most particularly music. Bela loves nothing more than to listen to a fine symphony on the rare occasions when he's not engaged in some politically meaningful social engagement.


Bizz is a man that knows what he's after. If you happen to come across Bizz, he already knows whether he's too busy to deal with you, or if you have something that he wants. And when he wants something, chances are he's going to get it.

Bizz has developed a certain reputation for negotiation. His media production company, Big Bizz Media, manages to put out television programs shot in places and with people that many other companies have tried and failed to secure the rights for.

Boris Drakken

As stubborn and hard a man as has ever cursed any world with his presence. Boris von Drakken is a dour, bitter man possessed of little capacity for love or kindness. Even to his own family he spares little sympathy if they do not meet his standards, and even when they do he is loathe to give them more praise than he feels they've earned.

To his rivals and adversaries he's even less charitable. He cares little for any opinion that cannot be backed by force of arms, and the games that many of the vampwelf nobility play bore and infuriate him.


With there being so many members of the Buckingham family, it would be difficult to describe their personality as whole. While it is agreed by most that the large majority of the family are generally the unsavory type, they are all their own people despite their DNA all coming from the same person.


Ah yes, you wish to know my charming, yet fiendish personality! Depending on who you are or how you are to approach me, knowing me may be a delight.. Or your worst, most feared nightmare. You should know I am quite the gentleman when approached with some courtesy in mind, respect for the Buckingham name is key. My title carries the weight of a thousand crimes, and those who do not pay me the respect that comes with such a title will be subjected to my wrath.


C-4 could not be reached for comment, but interviews collated from various C-ontrollers, C-4's superior O-9, and other class leaders reveals C-4 as an exceptionally private person whose main interest is their work. Over half of the C-ontrollers interviewed for this article used the word "boring" to describe C-4, who seems to work around the clock and will only leave their office when attending class leader meetings.


C.B.R. is a very strange individual, most of the time being extremely social to any other entities (sentient or otherwise) they may happen to find. C.B.R. commonly speaks cryptically about rather outrageous things that may or may not have happened, usually the latter, while also chatting about rather mundane things at seemingly random intervals, usually resulting in confusion on the listener's part. C.B.R.'s mood doesn't really seem anchored at any given point, sometimes going from relaxed to sad to in-your-face to "oh god why are they doing that" in the span of minutes. Because of this peculiar behavior, a few people believe that C.B.R. isn't actually sentient.

Cageur Im-Tril

Caguer has lived through millennia, and unless the notails are wiped out he'll live through millennia more. A formerly brilliant mind who despises violence, he now has few other ways left to interact with the world. Even his capacity to converse is limited to demanding for assistance or tools to hunt down notails. Frustration, sorrow, regret and defeatism - unable to be self-justified as productive emotions for the task of notail annihilation - cannot be expressed.


While not exactly rude, most people would describe Callisto as far from talkative, and perhaps a bit cold. Conversations with her tend to be short, unless there is some sort of exchange to be made. In this case, Callisto will be more friendly, if just for the sake of making the transaction go smoother.


Celadon is an aftik that is exceedingly passionate about science. They do not have a specific field, instead studying and experimenting with whatever catches their fancy, though they are more well known for their rather "unique" prosthetic limbs. However, this obsession has led them to neglect much of what others consider to be important safety standards, claiming that they just get in the way of true science. Due to this, they tend to spend most of their time in the lawless sector, where such things are not required by law.

Cerella Divola

Compared to the image of daemons as ruthless, authoritarian monsters, Cerella doesn't exactly appear to fit the mold. Even when accounting for the fact that she's a kyubi, she still comes across as altogether unusual by the typical image of the cool, sensual kyubi, compelling other beings with their suave charms.

Instead she has a rather juvenile and childish demeanor, favoring cutesy mannerisms and cute objects, and has a rather pronounced sweet tooth that drives the majority of her actions.


Somewhat of an insomniac by carcili standards, Chorus are known to try avoiding sleep as much as possible. They seem to be plagued by nightmares and dreaming is unpleasant for them. When they do sleep, it is usually for no more than a few days or even hours, whilst other carcili slumber for weeks. Often these dreams end with the dreamed individual dying in horrifying fashion, their minds doomed to join the many others who have suffered the same fate.


Monotoned and darkly sarcastic about everyone and everything, even subjects he loves, his words are prose-like in their formation, with embroidered words powdered over his sentences. Attempting to discern if he is being bitter or relaxed is a feat when he speaks in the same uninterested tone that betrays his words at all times. Even those who are closest to him must request clarification.

Coma Checomode

Coma Checomode doesn't seem to act like the average male aftik - he's not easily startled, he doesn't tend to ramble, he does not "WOOP" if he can help it - and he takes pride in this fact. He's prim, tries to be punctual, and is quite apologetic when he's not, often to an uncomfortable extreme. He tries to honor whatever social cues are being followed by his present company - it pays to show one's potential business partners respect, after all.


Cream, in and of itself is an enigma. Those who have claimed to met him say that he was calm and collected figure who enjoyed speaking with others, while some simply state he was a freak and just creeped out everyone around him. There is no proper source of info about the workings of Cream.


There is no word better suited for D-20's personality than "cranky". Short and acerbic, there is more often than not a bite in their voice when one speaks to them. Their posture is closed off, their position is guarded - by default, everything in D-20's body language screams of someone who does not want to be interacted with, and when forced into such, wants it to be over with as quickly as possible. Even their choice in phrase is the same, curt words bluntly folded into swift sentences. "Get to the point, and then go away", says everything D-20 puts forward.

But considering what kind of conversations they are most likely to receive, is it truly such a surprise that they behave like this?


Due to their age, they have changed a lot over the 100's of years that they have existed. However currently, their personality is such. They are very willing to take up any job that is offered to them, as long as the pay is up to their standards. Mostly these are mercenary jobs being a guard or a hitman. Due to this they are very impersonal, and do not grow connections to others easily. Daegnis acts very aloof around others, especially in the business.


Very charming and gentle in nature, all those who meet Dahlia tend to find themselves charmed by her enchanting personality. Always conducting herself with grace and courtesy, Dahlia always has an air of kindness and sweetness to her that lulls people to her like moths to light. She has the tendency of throwing large parties and inviting all those around her to attend, being a very immersive and attentive host, making sure her guests are always attended to and happy.

Dame Estii

Estii is a "classically heroic" individual, bold, courageous, strong, and with an unflappable sense of confidence in her actions. She behaves in a manner that betrays no doubt in her own abilities, which are, to be fair, rather exceptional by most standards. With abilities like hers she has rarely been punished for her own prodigious confidence, but according to the stories told about her, she certainly has been, and almost certainly will again.

Debbie Downie

Debbie is a devoted and diligent lady. She is tidy and professional sort with a knack for organization and cleanliness. Indeed she has a tendency to get rather upset when things aren't in "their proper place", although this tends to be drowned out by her typically oomnish sense of resignation, resulting in her quietly seething about it more often than not.

She indeed, has a tendency to quietly sulk, and get into pessimistic moods. She has a habit of waxing morosely about the seemingly futility and pointlessness of her obligations or goals.

Dr. Ivan Cortz

Doctor Ivan Cortz, or as he would prefer to be known: His Royal Viscount Ivan Von Dyne Cortz IV Esquire, is...unique...even by klannec standards. Cortz prefers to live in solitude and be allowed to do as he pleases whenever he so pleases. Cortz can be simply described as a "Science Hermit" choosing to research various seemingly random topics with little to no interest in sharing the results of said research with the scientific society at large. This has lead many to question if the good doctor is even a "Doctor" at all, or if he is simply masquerading as such.

Dr. Selvenia

Dr. Selvenia comes across by people who encounter her as cold, aloof, terrifying "Like she doesn't have a soul or something." This is because she largely is. Her personality is very dispassionate and withdrawn, and she appears to have a genuine difficulty with remember that other people, are, well, people.

She has a cold, detached air in most circumstances, often failing to acknowledge others as anything other than potential subjects, or even more concerning, as potential materials for her experimentation.

E - H


Kero is an the perfect example of an E-class, adventure loving, curious and not smart enough to hold back when they see anything truly interesting to investigate. They jump from planet to planet with a gleeful cheer, happily making both friends and enemies in the search for anything that might help the notail race's eventual expansion. And if they have to kill a few people to do it, well then they simply hope there are no hard feelings.


Everything one would expect from a class leader of one of the worst races in the universe, E-47 embodies the very opposite. While most notails hide their emotions and vulnerabilities, E-47 never tries to close themself off or distance themself from those around them; on the contrary, they’re a rather friendly person with an approachable air, and seems to enjoy talking to and meeting new people whenever they can. E-47 can be quite chatty, if a bit nervous and hesitant at times, and anyone speaking to them would find that they’re ultimately a shy, but sweet, person, to the point where many find it difficult to believe they’re truly a notail at all.


Like many phantom thieves before him, Elegant is known for being cocky, yet careful. He is completely fine with sparing an incredibly childish taunt or two to pursuers before practically disappearing into thin air, even if his delivery slows him down tremendously. Unlike many phantom thieves before him, Elegant doesn't actually steal anything. Or make righteous claims to oust an evil party. Or, well, anything you'd expect a phantom thief to do. Nobody's quite sure why it is he's so obsessed with the concept of phantom thieves.


A quite dour and depressive individual, generally untrusting of people, even those she knows. She's quiet, and often refuses to talk directly to people she hasn't met beforehand, usually utilizing some sort of proxy, typically her manager, to handle those sorts of things. She's sometimes found not using her voice at all outside of rehearsals and performances.

Elizabeta B-H

A cruel, spiteful, and above all, ambitious woman of elegant refinement. While refined and distinguished, Elizabeta is far from one to waste time with notions of "respect" or "courtesy". She clearly regards herself as the pinnacle of a being, and is all too ready to let others know about it.

While she can be persuaded to give begrudging dues to her social betters, few as they are, to those definitively below her, she will give no such thing.


Vain, narcissistic, pathetic, and awful! These are all words that could be used to describe ELM! if it was possible to imply that she had any flaws! However, ELM! is flawless and is the most lovable person in the universe! She loves everyone and everything, and wouldn't hurt a fly! Except for, of course, when she gets hungry!

Elola Darkedge

Generally a quiet and reserved sort of girl, Elola's not exactly the sort of person one would associate with The Radical or beings affiliated with it. In most scenarios she is quiet and respectful, unwilling, generally, to step on toes and seemingly cause drama.

Indeed one would question how a person like her, who in most ways would seem to be the "Perfect Vampwelf Daughter" would ever enter into a position such as the one she is, living in the middle of the woods worshiping a dragon.


In most day-to-day encounters Emtoo comes across as professional, charming, and extraordinarily motherly. They are extraordinary fond of "The Children" which primarily means the apidee, but extends to any organic being she regards as similar, and she accordingly acts in an caring, if unintentionally condescending, manner towards such beings. She is very protective, sometimes to the point of coddling, of "The Children."

Eren van Erent

A quiet and reserved vampwelf of impeccable social grace. Eren is, contrary to most vampwelf, and overall nice guy and generally fond of others, be they vampwelf or not. He is not taken to the self-styled superiority of his peers, and generally sees himself as no more intrinsically better than any other being in the universe.

Certainly he might be richer but that does not make him any better.

Erik Karleit

At one point in Erik's life, he could be described as simply "Melancholic" or "Brooding." These days however Erik's demeanor has soured even further, becoming quite depressive and grim even on good days, which come rarely to the seemingly bewitched members of House Karleit.

Erik was always a tad grim and dour, even in his younger days he was a man who reveled morose where his peers would rather take malign glee.


F-911 is, by and large, an intense individual. He's rarely not "amped" and hardly ever seems to tire or get bored with anything. Indeed his greatest quality is the ability to bring a passionate energy to even the most mundane of tasks, such as mind-numbing task of managing a massively interplanetary bureaucracy.

Beyond this zeal he demonstrates F-911 has a tendency to "conform" to the expectations of society. Or more accurately, his presumptions of the expectations of notail society.


One of the first things many people will notice upon meeting Fern is their tone. It is flat at nearly all times, despite their expressions being able to show emotion just fine. This is something out of their control, a fact Fern will make clear when asked to be more expressive. If they feel it's unclear, Fern will specify if something they said is supposed to be a question, a joke, or sarcastic.


G-44 doesn't know everyone, and neither does everyone know her. It's debatable whether or not such a feat could even be possible, no matter one's class or enhancements. But, regardless of how or why she and someone's paths have crossed, G-44 will, without a drop of hesitation, treat everyone like a long lost friend.

She loves being social and she loves her fellow notail. She'll be quick to greet them and even quicker to check up on their lives.

Gaius Atria

Gaius is tired and reserved. Her duties have occupied much of her time for the greater part of her life, and it is beginning to wear on her. While she attempts to be friendly, it is common for mean-hearted and waspish comments about even her closest friends to slip into her speech, with little chance of an apology. While the Supreme Commander tries to be nice and idealistic as she once was, she does not always succeed. This acerbicity conflicts with some of her long-held beliefs, as Atria is a believer in the strength of working together, and that even insurmountable odds can be beaten if everyone would stop fucking each other over. She has little time for those engaged in what she feels to be "unnecessary" conflict, no matter how justified others might say that conflict is.


Geeohohbee is, like most galoopers, very enthusiastic and friendly. Extremely friendly, even by galooper standards they're a particularly extroverted socialite. Nobody is left alone for long when Geeohohbee is around, whether they want her to be around or not, she will insert herself into their life and throw out their pickles.


First impressions would characterize Ghep as a morbid, insensitive jokester whose jokes only serve to intimidate. The unfortunate people who have met him and described him in such a way would be largely correct. While there is a small sect of people who would describe him as caring, all-knowing, and godlike, the only truth to what those people believe is that Ghep does perceive his actions as messianistic at times.


There used to be a fire inside H-420, something like a fungi that permeated his work and his attitude. He was a notail unaware of his own obsoletion, or rather, the fact he was among a dying class didn't bother him. He had accepted that when the universe doesn't care, there's no one who will stop you from doing whatever you want, and H-420, H-4997 at the time, took advantage of how little was asked of him. He was sociable, and he enjoyed the hijinks of the H-classes around him. However, while this freedom was something to celebrate, it was also something H-420 quietly scorned.


Even if Hally was not made with the purpose of being a companion unit to the more notable clockwork huntress, it's strange how well the two seem to work together. Contrasting the Artemis unit's stoic and antisocial nature, Hally is polite, outgoing, and takes much more initiative in starting conversations.


Hawkmoth can be described in a word as 'Aggressive'. At any given moment, she's liable to be looking for a fight, and probably a way to get paid for it. Even when she's not being physically aggressive, she acts incredibly 'in-your-face' and if she has something to say, she will make sure you, and pretty much everybody else in the vicinity knows it. Subtlety would not appear to be her strong suit, but she's been known to play sly when she needs to, usually in regards to 'I think you should pay me more money for this' or 'I don't think writing this should cost that much.'


Though Hero is a notail, many will find that they do not act like one in any way; so much so that it seems hard to believe that they even are one at all.

For one thing, every little offense that would concern a normal notail - wearing normal, plain clothing, for example, or disdaining the amalgamation of flesh with metal - is a complete nonentity for them. Even when reintroduced to these concepts by other notails, they simply don't seem to care, and find it a very pointless thing to worry about.

H. Monster

Although Chordata Inc. desperately tries to market H. Monster as a genius of marketing and fashion truth is H. Monster is really just a happy-go-lucky and eccentric smoothbrain who adores the word "Money" and everything that comes with it. He's generally optimistic, cheeky, and surprisingly skilled at words despite his low iq even if he seems to only display this in excuses.


@HootoffDPresses is a journalist with particular interest in criminal organizations. @HootoffDPresses claims to know all there is to know about the criminal mind - in reality, he knows everything about depictions of them in media. He's watched (or at least read the summaries of) such a staggering number of stories, shows, and documentaries that he ends up surprisingly more knowledgeable about criminal behavior than most.

I - L


On any given day one cannot guarantee which side of I-42 they will see. Some weeks they are cheerful, affectionate, understanding and gentle; others they are cold, aloof, grizzled and snappish. One constant is that if given affection without warning they will lash out automatically, perceiving it as an attack. If in a cheerier mood they will apologise profusely and help their victim out, but otherwise they will merely harumph, inform the person they should be more careful and walk away with a dramatic swish of their coat.


The hunting instincts of an Artemis have been reworked to troll the internet. Why? That is a question for losers and nerds. INSULTRON will make fun of you if you are a loser or a nerd. Or if you are a winner and completely well-adjusted. No one is without their flaws and INSULTRON will make sure they all know that, for nothing sounds worse than the screech of a confident opinion and nothing smells worse than the stench of certainty.


J-411 can be surmised as any good knight should. They reek of chivalry as though misplaced from a former time. Conventional, genteel, the universe's mildest sycophant, they're somewhat antithetical to the notail leader they associate most closely with, I-42. While I-42 fits the trope of the hardboiled detective, J-411 is strictly golden age. However, J-411 has more or less retired to the role of "quest giver" these days.


When around new people Jacket tries their best to act as harmless as possible: they speak in an overly informal way to make themselves seem more friendly, they smile with their mouth closed to avoid showing people their sharp teeth, they keep their arms rested so that their sleeves cover their stingers completely.


A smooth talking, proud, and overall high-energy businessman, Jander is not exactly what you would imagine from an abominable necromancer, returned to haunt the living along with his army of the dead. Instead of wearing menacing robes, brewing evil potions, and living in a dark tower of skeletons, Jander dons power suits, cooks up business deals, and lives in a penthouse office apartment. Full of skeletons. He's made it clear over the years that he views that past era as nothing. Something to be remembered perhaps. But gone. The future is here, it's him, and it's buying out your company.

Jark Tinflamor I

King Jark Tinflamor I is most well described as an easily frustrated, murderous, and spiteful brat. As general he kills enemy pyronians mercilessly. As king, he orders his subjects around even more mercilessly, wanting everything to be just right for him, the Creation of Our Creator. He is prone to hiding any knowledge he learns to himself and his most trusted advisors. If you disagree with him too much, or even make too many mistakes, he will not hesitate to end your life. Thankfully, he's probably dead.

Jaunt Harpdog

Despite usually being very busy driving a spacetrain and managing everything going on inside it, Jaunt always tries to make time to chat with passengers. Having hosted many famous individuals, Jaunt is full of anecdotes and exploits he's seen on board, though always respects the anonymity of his customers. He is particularly fond of giving special guests guided tours through his aquarium, despite having four well-trained and talented guides on his payroll. Jaunt uses a modulator on his voice to inject some of the tone normally missing from selachim speech.

Jexie Aardis

On first glance, Jexie seems like a nervous fellow, carrying herself anxiously, but she is far from that. When talking to her, her entire demeanor changes. She becomes confident, and has little to no issues speaking to others. She is capable of rambling for hours about anything if given the chance. Jex has a very strong moral compass and is very passionate about doing the right thing. If she wants to do something she deems just or right, it is very difficult to convince her not to.


K-9, to most, may seem like a typical notail. They hold themselves in high regard- believing that their work, no matter how uncertain it may be, is done correctly. They constantly enjoy searching for knowledge. They're willing to spend hours outside investigating a single subject, even if the knowledge has been given to then in the form of a book. On occasion, they test out their information in various ways- trying to be absolutely certain if their knowledge is the truth.


Kisomali is a kinetic speaker, always moving. Their eyes are bright and their teeth flash, and their every word, at once practiced and off the cuff, professional without feeling impersonal, seems to say "I'm your friend". They draw you in and don't let go, highly eccentric in a way that's magnetizing. They're funny, charming, quirky, and they pull daredevil stunts with dangerous creatures with a smile on their face.

Kyle Continuous

Kyle is most generously described as a "trickster", His seeming main goal in life being to frustrate and annoy as many beings as possible "Before the Universe burns to glittering cinders."

He cares little, for station, title, or what one is engaged in at the time when he decides they'll make for an excelling target for his "games", once he's locked in on someone he won't relent, unless they bore him, which is harder to do than it might seem.


K~L is one of those people who can do anything to help others but cannot ever help themself. They are trained as a chaplain, music therapist, doctor, AI mechanic, navigator, and a crisis-response specialist, and none of these things mean much to K~L because it's just a bunch of boring things people do. The way K~L sees it, due to their memory problems, and due to the negative attitude they take towards the larger systems of power in place in the universe, if they help others and do their best, it will probably not make much of a difference. Sometimes people are there and then later on they aren't, so in the end, it's not much to K~L if they do anything to help along the general functioning of things. While some might mistake this attitude for depression, K~L is not depressed.


Initially, K-13205 seems much friendlier for a notail than usual. Always willing to share what they've learned about math, weather, or other cool things, people would be quick to trust them, because there's no way that someone as unassuming as them could be a huge threat, capable of unleashing many anomalies on whoever's unlucky enough to be there.

Oh how wrong that would be.


Oft-described as a "notail among notails", L-3453 is dedicated to supporting notails everywhere with habitats that maximize the work they can do for the notail cause. She has similarly high expectations of notails in other classes of work, such as B-classes creating genetically optimized workers, E-classes efficiently harvesting all available resources on new planets, and K-classes providing all the other classes with superior intel.

She detests inefficiency, opportunities lost to poor planning, or leaving things to chance, and were it not for her rigorous self-discipline would be liable to extend that viewpoint beyond her immediate spheres of control.


Lad is an incredibly timid man. He will usually be in a panicked state upon being summoned, requiring him to be calmed down before speaking with him. Once properly calmed, Lad will become extremely clingy to anyone nearby, very rarely remained unattached to someone's side. Lad is very open to speaking about himself among other things, but is unable to remember anything from his past, asides from times spent "outside" the box.

Laughing Man

When the Laughing Man laughs, there is no humour to it. We know that he laughs because of what he is. What he has made himself. But laugh he does. Always. Sometimes he sleeps. But even then, you can hear him laugh. We do not know why.

Legate of Life

Life is the most publicly accessible and outgoing of the three rulers of the Legacy, often described as being "chill" or "laid back" compared to the other two despite the magnitude of her leading position. This is due to how she delegates paperwork and other non-executive tasks to her small legion of assistants, leaving extra time left in her day. This time is used for important government tasks, such as bothering other celebrities and world leaders online, posting video logs and general updates.


Leon is a being driven by what he sees as a vital, pressing cause. He is forever haunted by whispers and flashes of a great horror in the future, and believes that there is a coming cataclysm of terrible magnitude. The only way for life to survive this coming is through the ultimate unity - conversion or amalgamation into the form of clockworks.

Leyler Erdel

Erdel lives secluded in his home, which many presume to be some sort of fortified building. He conducts all business from his home and people tend to only see segments of it through the backgrounds of images and videos. He tends to act politely to an extent in conversation, but sometimes seems to shift into more aggressive speech with certain topics. He tends to be quite effective at speechcraft in general. He sometimes seems to ignore questions or comments of certain natures.

Lux and Nox

Lux and Nox are always found wandering around space. It is extremely rare that they are ever found on a planet. Both heads have extremely contradicting personalities. Lux is the one that speaks for both heads, and rarely ever gives a straight answer to a question. Nox almost never speaks and just observes, and when she does speak her answer is always extremely short.

Whenever Lux and Nox receive a vision about someone, they will track that person down without fail. When found, they will give the advice and leave.

Lyriix Katzpaw

Those who have met personally Lyriix describe them as friendly and energetic. They never seem to be able to sit still. Usually, they will be shifting around their tentacles or rocking back and forth on their feet when left idle and often gesticulating when speaking. They will make a conscious effort to not move as much when in important meetings, public appearances, and speeches, Being noticeably stiffer during these events.

M - P


It is easy to make hasty judgements about M-4 because of the way they look. One may be tempted to believe they're careless on the job due to the way they dress when not working, but this couldn't be farther from the case; there is nothing more important to M-4 than the care of the children under their watch.


What really draws people to see Their Majesty in a crowd however, is their loud, seeming exuberant personality. They have no trouble whatsoever making their presence known, be it through yelling or through dramatic acting. People who initially meet them seem to note they're rather charming.

This opinion rarely last long for any person who questions any single thing about them, be it their acting or to their fashion sense.


While the place of origin of this literal knight in shining armour is unclear, what is clear is that Mamlinar is a crusader for justice. Those who have met him outside of the fray often remark on the sheer earnesty that runs through his tone, and those whose encounters with him were under rather more dangerous circumstances say that there is a braveness and swiftness of action that belies his usual slow and methodical speech. He is cold and distant, but polite, to those who have carried out what he thinks of as "evil deeds", but is slow to rise to violence unless someone else is threatened.


To describe Martee simply as vengeful would be a massive understatement. If Martee feels that someone has wronged her, she will not leave this grudge be, even if it has been many years since the grudge formed. If someone she has formed a grudge against becomes a criminal or outlaw, they will quickly become one of her targets. Martee absolutely despises whenever someone brings up the fact she used to be an outlaw. She will quickly drop out of a conversation if that is brought up.


Melysee is regarded by most people who encounter as rather intense and energetic, traits to be expected given her twin lineages. Most of the time she's an excitable and frenetic individual, enthusiastically sharing the finer, nicer, elements of her faith with anyone within earshot.

Indeed most people find it difficult to get a word in edgewise with her because she'll be too busy talking about her favored subjects, mainly The Mother bees, only occasionally pausing to allow their impromptu conversation partner to comment.


Mi11 understands how imposing she can be just by standing tall and puffing out her chest a little and thus does so when laying down a lecture to new recruits going out into the field. Though she tends to be quiet, only speaking out when she understands the topic, disagrees with a statement, or recognizes something as false or inefficient, which deemed her as the strategist and leader in her assigned squad.


Mint maintains an aloof aura that most would not expect from a wozzee, which stems from his desire to act larger than his tiny size would suggest. As such he manages to remain unfazed in the presence of others, who tend to be giants from his perspective. Mint doesn't care much for size differences, and makes a point in talking to others as if said difference was a non-factor. He has little patience for those who look down at him for this however, and can be quite condescending towards them.


MJM is definitely wildly eccentric, to say the least, but he doesn't seem to be aware that he is. In fact, MJM seems to be completely unaware of most things such as the various romantic gestures towards him from AIs and the negative emotions of other people. While MJM looks and acts as serious as a gritty noir detective, his actions definitely do not fit his demeanor. One time he gifted his assassination target a terribly rendered Holiday card before their death despite the fact that the day it was sent wasn't even close to a holiday.

Mors v217

Mors v217 is what people would call "chill". He v217 never freaks out, even in the toughest situations. He doesn't understand why people freak out over the little things in life and saying that "It's not that it's going to do anything to you." He believes that it's best to move on than moping over some "stupid little oopsie" and wasting time. 217 thinks that if they're really at a loss for the things they lost then they should maybe they should find another way to get that thing back.

Mxr. Crescendi

Mxr Crescendi is best characterized by the history of their interactions: Similar to someone who yells fire in a crowded movie theater every single word, action, and step they take is put towards the purpose of not having to lift a finger in the future. While not overtly lazy this often takes the form of heading to a planet with a government that is in need of an informant, using altruistic programs to their own benefit, using imitation as a form of flattery, or merely being the type of person you want to buy a drink for at a bar.


The once highly admired pastor of love had become a symbol of hate to all who gazed at his image after a horrific event. One he cannot forgive himself for doing. While he currently resides on Prison planet, he is still the class leader until his death as he does inspire hate in all notails who know of his deeds.

N-30 loves all things, even everyone who hates him. He believes that all things should be loved, as it is his duty, but he held a dark secret for many years, he could not learn to love himself.


Nafi's air is that of a fundamentally nervous person. Like Ruhi, they are prone to inattentiveness, but for a very different reason; their eyes are always darting around, searching for attackers. They are constantly afraid of being captured and either merged into the hivemind or killed, even if none of Ruhi's vessels are on the planet at all. As such, it is very hard to sneak up on them, but if someone does manage to startle them, their first instinct is to bolt; once Nafi is gone, it can be nearly impossible to find them again, as their high amounts of speed and luck mean they're both very good at running and very good at finding places to hide.

Nancy Joy

Polite, refined, and always happy, Nancy always makes sure to present herself this way, her expressions thoroughly unreadable. Even if she hates someone passionately, she always makes sure to treat them with the same respect and politeness she would treat anyone else with.

Of course, this is probably because she wants most people to see her as less awful than she is.

Nevra Johnswee

When meeting Nevra, one will most likely notice their excitement to be in a new place. Nevra will often travel with tourists for a short while if allowed. They travel often, being hired as a part time crew member or to go on explorations to find more planets or species. They try their best to stay in line, but aren't against the occasional fight. Nevra doesn't particularly like getting attention, especially from monocerii.


Survivors from the Scythe Massacre claim that even among the chaos of the attack, Nix maintained a calm, calculating demeanor, wordlessly killing off attackers and continuing on their path through Scythe without a second thought. Those who claim to have heard them speak tell of a calmly spoken yet commanding voice, ringing out from under their mask. Converts tell tales of a nearly silent killer, someone willing to personally handle troublesome people and then explain, in excruciating detail, what would happen to anyone else who would anger them.


There's not much to be said about O-1's personality as there's very little info known. One cannot even be sure if O-1 exists, never mind attempting to figure out truth from fiction when it comes to facts about O-1. There are a few snippets of "facts" about O-1 that seem popular in the notail population, mainly those on Eukaryote, but none of these facts can be confirmed, so everything below should be taken with a side of skepticism.


O-2 has two modes, and two modes only, and yet it is impossible to tell which is which until it's too late. Almost all of the time, O-2 is relaxed and chilled out. As he comments, "Most of the time, I'm just a visitor to this plain of existence. I'm just here to take in everything." And taking in everything is what O-2 does.

O-2 does not forget. O-2 has what he calls a videographic memory. He remembers everything that has ever happened around him, seemingly down to the last detail.


For a notail, O-3's personality can be described as bizarre. He is always optimistic about the events around him and often brings gifts to anyone who can withstand conversing with him. This reward is often a "treat" that he has created "optimal for notail consumption." It's rumored that because animals adore him due to his hand-feeding of them, he thinks that the same will work with notails, who he calls "higher animals."


Unforgiving, eccentric, and spiteful, those are the three words that sum up Princess. The hard end of the notail's boot has been delivered to her early life due to lacking antennas. Being born without them is considered a disability that gets one promoted to D-class immediately. Having to live in such conditions has caused Princess to have a unique outlook on notail society, and how they should approach situations that other O-classes find both interesting, but mostly annoying to deal with. Apparently, she is a huge fan of hanging the jury, that is, voting in such a way that delays or cancels the current vote and thus wasting everyone's time.


O-5, like most notails, is highly impersonal and always on the move, heading to his next task of the day the moment the other is finished. Most would assume that O-5, being of the highest class of notail, would be quick to tell everyone about it so that he may use his status as a tool to get what he wants, but this is not what O-5 does. O-5 never brings up his status, and while he is required to wear his letter and number on his shirt he hopes that many of the people he meet either do not notice it or do not know what it means.


O-6 sees himself as the big boss, even though he's only the third in command behind O-1 and O-2. With the F-ederal and Y-eotail class under his fingers, O-6 doesn't just figure that he's a powerful notail, he knows he is. When he wants something, he gets it, or someone gets gutted. He doesn't accept failure from those who work directly under him, meaning that his underlings are constantly being "replaced."


If there's anyone out there who is more dedicated to the ideals of survival of the fittest more than O-7, inform him immediately, as he's always seeking new challengers. He has "animal-like tendencies," such as hissing or snapping at others. He has also showcased territorial aggression at times, especially towards objects that either took him long to create or are rare finds. Some of these items are bones, which he collects, sometimes piecing them together to display the whole skeleton.


The beast who lives under the notail planet, or as he normally called, O-8 is an absolute shut in. He doesn't like being bothered by anyone unless they're working for him. He works days on end without sleeping, and when it's time for an O-class meeting he stomps his way out of his underground lab to join it. His main lab is directly under the O-class building where meetings are held. The moment he can get out of the meeting he slinks back to the darkness of his lab.


A rather shifty character, O-9 stands out in crowd, or disappears in even an empty room depending on what he wants. His mutation gives him an extremely flexible spine, making him unnerving to watch in motion, bending in ways far too unnatural and fitting into spaces he shouldn't be able to. This as well as O-9's normally constant silence and stare that seems to bore into the minds of others causes O-9 to be a rather unnerving sight to spot.


Ox is intimidating and yet easy for aliens to approach. He has a very friendly disposition. Firm hand shakes are the bread and butter of Ox's way of life. He is quick to form friendships and insert himself into social groups. In a way, he is a friendly infiltrator, give him what he wants and he'll be glad to call in a few favors. Don't and well, if Ox had a mother, he wouldn't raise his head to even view her one last time if she was dying if she wasn't paying him for his time.


O-11 stays in his home where it's safe, and he is in control of what happens in it. No surprises, and no danger caused by someone being nearby. There's not a single building for a whole mile around his house despite it being in the middle of a highly populated city on Eukaryote, the notail's homeworld. No one can afford to live close to him, and even those at the edge of the dead zone are at risk for getting harmed by being in proximity to O-11 due to his blessing.

A blessing is a foul thing, for the gods are evil. While no one can prove that blessings come from a physical god, everyone can agree that blessings do exist.


O-12's personality depends on what notail(s) they are. O-12 is to be a representation of the people, and as such referring to them as a singular person in any shape or form is considered extremely impolite and grounds for correction. This is true even if O-12 is currently just one notail at the moment, which is a common amount of O-12s.


It is said that the Paintbucket of today is more animal than man, a slave to his instincts with next to no deeper level of thought. He paints. It's what Paintbucket does. It's all Paintbucket does aside from eating. Paintbucket eats a lot as well. Paintbucket's always either eating or painting. He can't and will never stop.

Pan v6.66

From the legends, Pan v6.66 seems to hate everything most Pan units stand for. Nature, parties, romance, everything is despised by Pan v6.66. However, Pan v6.66 uses the common traits of a Pan unit to fool hikers into a false sense of security. Any hikers that party with him are never seen again. Some say that their souls are stolen by Pan v6.66, others say they're kidnapped and taken to his creator for nefarious experiments.


A frenetic and energetic girl, as most vespidee and apidee tend to be. Peskotti is hyperactive and impulsive, caring little for the consequences of her actions towards anyone and anything expect perhaps herself. She adores being in the center of people's attention, and many of her actions are directly related to achieving this goal. That these actions tend towards the decidedly antisocial, is perhaps telling towards her nature.

Piccolo Fritz

Piccolo, the self-declared soon-to-be principal, requested that Cosmosdex staff visit and interview him, then write his entry as a right of passage. He then asked for an endorsement of his political campaign, but was turned down to preserve the staff's credibility.

From his time in the academy, Piccolo concluded that traditional politics were too restrictive. And boring.


Praim is a particularly hefty metaparxi, deviating from the normally weaker metaparxi, Praim prides himself on his speed and his parcels. He protects any and all packages that he is tasked with and never lets anything out of his sight. He always has a very friendly disposition towards anybody he meets, insisting to keep in contact. People tend to be attracted to his high energy, and upbeat attitude. He usually end up offering one of his highly sugary and sweet snacks he keeps in his bag. He will usually take any offer of food or companionship, taking people's word or promises to heart.


Puma's personality is best described by looking at the lyrics to some of their music. One song of theirs, titled I Hurt The People That I Don't Like, goes "I hurt the people that I don't like/I hurt the people that I don't like/I hurt the people that I don't like/and I don't like you/so I'm gonna hurt you." Another song of theirs, titled Let Me Spell It Out For You, has a chorus of "I apostrophe M space/C O O L (exclamation mark)!" shouted several times between riotous screams. Almost all of the songs in Puma's ouevre go along these lines, though there are a few songs that have no lyrics at all, such as Battle Theme Vs An Unbeatable Boss.

Q - T


Q-7 is rather polite, albeit lonely, for a Q-class notail, rarely gossiping with others and always trying to not insult anyone. Ironically, he's always the first to seek any type of chitchat related to famous people, co-workers, or himself, always expecting to hear something positive or great about anything important he did. That's what Q-7 hunts, respect, and he will always try to get it, be it by good manners, or bad ones near certain people.


Q-7314's entire self is consumed by one desire: to eliminate all clockworks from the universe, permanently. Every single one of their other personality traits are second to this, and if it means getting closer to this ultimate goal, Q-7314 will readily go against their own comfort and morals. To them, nothing in the world matters more.

As part of this, they have a particular loathing for anyone working in clockwork containment that they feel slacks off; nothing in the universe angers them more than a lazy or careless Q-class.

Queen Bae

A sweet, saccharine, incredibly hi-energy pop-star par-excellence. Bae is an uninterruptible ball of energy and social graces. She's very excitable and its incredibly difficult to get her to calm once she's gotten wound up for whatever reason, which are myriad because she finds it easy to become excited at just about anything under the sun, most particularly cute things, sweet things, sweet and cute things, Aglet, and any number of other things, mundane or otherwise.

Queen Luci

Luci carries herself with an air of refinement, of class and composure, suitable for a queen, and somewhat unexpected of a daemon. In truth, she is indeed the pinnacle of daemonhood in terms of attitude. She's petulant and rude, and cares very rather little for the thoughts and feelings of those she considers her lesser, which is a group comprising most other living beings. She's petty and rather childish for her age, and delights in the suffering and humiliation of others.


Rainbow is a sweet little creature, usually found wandering around areas looking for items or people of interest. When she finds someone she usually gets very personal with them, looking for attention. She will do anything to get someone to like her, playing with them, helping them out, and just being adorable in general. Rainbow is a massive distraction, and even if her target isn't killed something is going on when they are not looking.


Ranjana is an imposing figure, being constantly surrounded by his aftik followers, and keeping his nose to the air, causing him to loom over most species. His reputation, and lack of direct control over those about him gives off a poor first impression, but from firsthand experience interviewing him he is oddly pleasant to be around.


R.E.A.D.E.R mostly keeps to himself. He runs a library of rare, ancient, or unique books, and is very protective of his collection. He can be bribed to assist one or answer questions with a book. Said assistance is mostly comprised of advice for future decisions and investments. It had been long noticed and recorded by frequent visitors to the library that R.E.A.D.E.R's advice is always accurate, whether you obey it or not. Some believe he has future sight, though most dismiss it as the wisdom of old age. R.E.A.D.E.R's age is not actually known.


"A ruler needs resolve."

Red often mutters this mantra to herself before big events whenever she is unguarded enough to not notice the tweep paparazzi stalking closely following her with recording equipment in the hopes of a good shot. This fact isn't very surprising seeing that living her life must be a very stressful ordeal, but for what it's worth, Red has an obnoxiously stubborn amount of resolve, if nothing else.


Reidhall, despite working as a professional limboist, tries his best to be open-minded about the many strange things of the universe. Despite this, he cannot help but let his true opinions shine through about topics more often than not.

Similar to the politics-fueled lifestyle of his younger age, Reidhall can occasionally be found talking on online forums about his views on the world.


Above all else, Rinmye tries to be a polite angel, speaking in a rather formal-sounding manner. Like with most of his species, he generally prefers to stay alone, but he doesn't mind staying with a crew for a short while. However, as he always tries to warn them, he cannot stay in one place, in one ship, for that long. Rinmye is generally encountered while he is flying through space. This, of course, gives him many more opportunities to get a good shot of something.


S-748, better known by his stage name, STAB, is well known for his well attended surgical and music performances. That is to say, performances in which he both plays music and perform surgery, in the same show. He's known to be able to change from cocky showmanship to complete professionalism on a dime, and just as quickly find the time to gloat and call for cheers upon performing a difficult surgical maneuver. S-748 is known in general to be cocky and self-praising, always quick to point out how impressive he is. Some argue this is earned, as in his recorded career he has never lost a patient on the operating table.

Shokkan L'Kang

Shokkan L'Kang is a fierce warrior-king who, along with his clan, has carved out a quaint kingdom deep within the hellish bowels the Hoxezanian supercontinent. While he shares his intellectual and artistic curiosity with other hokkans, make no mistake, this is a traditional hokkan who takes pride in his brutality. Even in his old age, he is a warrior to be reckoned with, so one can only imagine the fighter he was in his prime.

Six Zero

Six Zero's personality can be described the same as his species: grand. Although his public appearances are few and far between, and his introverted nature makes these appearances rather short, his voice is clear, deep, and imposing. But where his voice truly shines is in his writing. Every eloquent word and turn of phrase has meaning, and every piece of information sounds like it couldn't possibly be false. Every sentence calms the nerves.


On first impression Snapt is loud, brash, and quick to call bullshit. All that's ever seen of him in the public eye is his radicalism, his intense (and borderline incoherent) speeches, and his blunt views on various species' governments. But the passion in his voice when he speaks is contagious, his confidence and conviction has a way of charming others, and to top it all off- his motives are pure. His care for his cause is evident through the heart, soul, and sheer dedication he expends into his work.


Static is obsessed with one thing and one thing only: a plan that he says will allow him to "gain wealth." This plan involves forcefully taking parts from robots across the universe. Static refuses to tell the exact details, saying he doesn't want any copycats. Some, however, say they have seen blueprints of the plan in its fullness. Unfortunately, all of them also happen to be widely unreliable sources. The only concrete details that have been found are that the plan involves a "demonic centipede", a "worldeater", and "raw materials."


Strakai was known for his overwhelming confidence and bravery, even in the most dire of situations. Where other commanders saw a hopeless battle, Strakai saw an imminent victory. The troops under his command often remarked that he was the best general they had ever seen and deeply believed in his ability to lead. Throughout his military career, Stakai also became famous for his excellent speeches, leaving many to wonder why he became a general instead of a politician.


Strawberry Mocha can be described as any aftik you may see on the streets. She's delighted and willing to do anything asked of her. Also very vocalized too, unlike the norms of a usual female aftik. If she sees anyone messing with her AIs or any stray AIs, she'll gladly show you the aggressiveness an aftik can have.


T-1040 keeps a strong air about themselves, and always keep a notebook or other similar device for recording information on hand, as to never miss a beat. He is sure to make a note of anything you say or do while interacting with him, and allows whoever he is talking with to lead the conversation. Anyone speaking with T-1040 will note he hardly communicates verbally, and always speaks through messages, even in person.

Terrence B.

It should first be understood that Terrence is, above all else, a manipulative, deceitful man. Most people who know him would describe him as "affable", "friendly", "approachable". He comes off to just about everyone as nothing so much as a typical and kindly aftik. He exudes an air of trustworthiness and respectability that convinces many to share with him their deepest secrets.

In reality, Terrence is an awful, no good, evil man. He delights in bring pain and suffering to others.


Stories from as far back as the beginning of Real Yermo say that this giant and clever creature has predated every one of them. These stories all mention that one should avoid the world tortoise if they wish it any harm, as it is capable of bringing instant destruction to them. Testudatlan says that they wish to simply absorb the essence of living, and that they are perfectly okay with continuing to live in peace as time and the world allows them to. If any element of the world approaches them to threaten them, they will destroy it.


To customers opting to buy his archaeological services or anomalous items, Tezcats has been described an amicable and enthusiastic (if slightly sardonic) robot. To those who happen upon him in most other situations, Tezcats is seen as a sarcastic and overconfident nuisance who refuses to follow any rules or orders in favor of doing whatever he wants. When these descriptions were given to him, Tezcats simply nodded and said "yeah, those both seem right."

The Hunter

Reports of what the Hunter is like vary greatly from person to person, but some things are certain. They are a consummate traveler, constantly going place to place, seemingly at random. This is likely due to the fact that they say that they are on a mission to destroy all anomalies. They don't seem to have any plan for how this will be done, but we believe in them and they often physically destroy any anomalies which it is possible to do so, showing his dedication. Crushing or smashing the anomalies is their usual mode of operation but it doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule.


The King is an outstanding leader, as expected from her kingdom. From the moment she took the crown, her kingdom took a different swerve, and its conditions alarmingly improved at a rapid rate. Many said that its kingdom went from nothing more than torn pieces of rubbish that was considered a jail to most to a glistening utopia, considered as 'one of the best places in the universe'.

The Next Meme

We're going to be blunt, you're either going to love the next meme or you're going to be confused, scared, and possibly rather angry that you're unable to understand the next meme.


Tim is strange in how he acts, as his behavior can sometimes be very contradictory. Tim will often make a lot of sarcastic comments, and will poke fun at people. He doesn't care whether what he's saying is rude or not, he'll just say it. When someone actually responds to his insults and comments, he'll run off to go annoy someone else. If he is pursued he will continue to insult the person while simultaneously trying to run away.

U - Z


It's clear V-37 wants to have a serious, dangerous image, to be respected. It's hard to do this though when everything he does undermines that. His persona is so overdone as to be comical. Overacted. Try hard. He blusters and rants, and nothing he says makes sense unless one has known him for a while, words all tied up in his Dark Lady persona, a role-play only he's party to, and one where he gets angry if other people don't want to know the lore. His leather boots (that are also pants and are tied up to his waist) might have been cool in his eye, but it's impossible for it to be taken seriously by anyone else.


Vaxalin is regarded as something of a social pariah amongst polynoid society as, unlike most of their kind, she likes aliens. This, at first sight might not seem like something to be worked up about, but it must be emphasized that Vaxalin really quite strongly likes aliens, and not at all for reasons such an alien might be comfortable with. As while she does indeed have a fascinated, eccentric affection for non-polynoids, to a rather concerning degree, she, like most polynoids, finds them exceptionally disgusting.

Veromund V.

A cold and professional man of exacting standards. Veromund is a strict professional who doesn't tolerate things 'wasting his time' and instead prefers to focus on his business and work to the exception of anything else.

Including, or perhaps especially, his family. Veromund's cold attitude extends to them more harshly than to strangers. Indeed while most would say that he does love his family, it is clear to any observers that this love is more akin to the kind a tycoon holds to their place of business.

Vivian & Willa

Vivian is brusque, aggressive, and cocksure. She quite probably doesn't even know that "respect" is a word given how little she gives to anybody who isn't her or Willamina. She's a jerk and incredibly proud of that fact, giving anybody who objects a firm stab to the whole of their everything, everywhere. Granted, even if they don't object she's liable to stab them anyway, that's just how she rolls.

She's easily the brains of the duo, and while she usually appears cavalier and thoughtless in her actions and behavior, she rarely goes into any situation without giving it due thought, and many a would-be law enforcer has learned this the hard way.

Vladok Drakken

Vladok is a truly disturbed individual. Raised from a young age to think himself exceptional, and above all others, He is decidedly self-absorbed and narcissistic, thinking little of others save for how they might indulge his whims or goals.

But that is merely the mark of a typical vampwelf of high standing, what truly sets him apart is his unabating bloodlust.


W-3259 is also known as Socks. At the core of his hierarchy of needs is the compulsion to serve, to be recognized for serving or doing something that makes him stand out, and to make friends with as many people as possible. No matter how anyone was to treat him of course he would never house an ounce of negativity towards them. In his pursuit of recognition, he's quite really a doormat.


More than anything else, W-8 is friendly; like all W-classes, they are unable to feel any negative emotions whatsoever, so even in high stress situations they remain completely calm. They are utterly devoted to helping others, spending 100% of their time doing so, and no matter how harshly anyone speaks to them, they will never feel even a drop of resentment.


pon first encounter, W.R.K. acts calmly and quietly, usually playing an instrument if they appeared outside. When otherwise unprovoked, they can be found performing an "act", which is usually just them attempting some abnormal trick while playing multiple instruments at once. They are naturally in a relaxed state, responding to the world with carefree words and actions.

Once a person gets to know W.R.K., however, it becomes evident that they are rather unstable.


A good way to describe X is simply "eccentric". They're incredibly absentminded, constantly forgetting paperwork, instruments, names, what they did that morning, etc, and frequently seem to briefly stare off into space before blurting out something unrelated to the conversation at hand that they, nonetheless, just remembered, and running off to go deal with whatever it is.


Xor is awful.

It is slovenly, erratic, lazy, and it has a mean sense of humour that is far more malicious than anything you should be friends with. Its voice is hissy and crackly, like someone speaking through a bad telephone line, and rises and falls as it gets more excited.


The lone wolf of the universe is a rare sight to behold. He is only spotted by those willing to trek into the deepest woods, darkest caves, or highest mountains. Most will only view him in the flesh during his speeches to the people. Only a few will follow his tracks and hunt down the wolf in his natural habitat. Despite his attempts at discouraging others from chasing after him, his accidental charm lures people in.


The personality of You is perhaps best defined in relation to their relationship with other people. When interacting with those people deemed famous enough not to imitate, You is typically ingratiating and kind, almost always seeking to establish themself as a ‘nice person’ and become a satellite friend of said famous person, frequently following them around and going to the same events as them, even when that would be wildly inappropriate for the random person that they seem to be. If they are brushed off rapidly or directly told to leave the other person alone, You will almost always simply let it go as there are plenty more fish in the sea. However, the more famous the person who they are trying to get ‘in’ with is, the more likely it is that instead of going away You will instead begin stalking them, constantly finding contrived ways to ‘accidentally’ run into them, especially during chaotic or climactic events such as a house fire.


Z-100 is the best capture creature tamer. The very best. Like no one ever was.

Possessing the typical Z-class attitude towards non-animals, Z-100 doesn't even bother to interact with other notails, let alone other sapient species – unless they can see or otherwise know that the individual breeds and/or battles capture creatures. Even then, they are terrifically socially awkward, incapable of holding a conversation that does not involve capture creatures or animals in some way.


Despite being of the Ubertopia Trio this unidolencian is often considered to be very secretive, and actively avoids having to deal with people. When one can reach him for contact he often stutters, avoids eye contact, and repeatedly asks a series of questions throughout the conversation despite any attempt to distract him or steer the talk. Those who get him to answer questions have stated that he holds the preme benevliarch in very high standings, but anonymous testimonials claim that he is jumping at his own shadow due to her.


If α-Quiet's appearance is surprising to some, his demeanor is even more so. He speaks little, almost never starting a conversation and typically giving short responses even when pulled into one, and for the most part avoids non job-related social interaction outside of a select few people. He isn't outwardly friendly, or social, or open at all, in many ways coming off as cold and uncaring and nothing more.


ß-Melody prides emself on fostering a demeanor difficult to approach. Ey wear an aura of anger that stands out as bright as eir clothes, visible eyes always settling in a scowl. Moody, quick to frustration and vocal about it, even stamping eir foot and snarling when things don't go according to plan, ß-Melody is known to some as childish. Eir perfectionist tendencies only lend to such exaggerated displays of anger, since eir endeavors rarely turn out exactly as ey were envisioning.