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The Deceitful Demise

“The nighttime here looks so wonderful, divine even. I don't know of anything anything that could make this place any worse.” — Last words of a stargazing aftik

Art by, Atomic

Dominant Residents: None

Fauna: Butterflies, Meg
Weather: Warm but pleasant weather, with occasional thunderstorms and strong wind.

Danger Level: Extreme
Purpose: Originally to raise meg

Original Creator: KleenFarsight

Physical Description

Decippor-itemos is a planet covered mostly by blueish-green grass, with occasional patches of basalt rocks and hills dotting the surface. The skyline is clear for the most part, only occasionally covered by rainfall, though winds buffeting the planet is a more common event than the rain. Otherwise, it looks like a perfectly safe planet.


This planet was originally colonized to raise a large amount of meg on a suitable and otherwise uninhabited planet. Operations were set up by the Meg Farmer's Council, and at least half the planet was covered in meg farms, leading to a rather profitable source of income for the company. A small town was also built to support the farmhands living there, and to serve as a friendly refueling point to anyone who stopped there. Eventually, the agnivyr who led the efforts to build the farmland was named head of operations of the planet, and earned a large profit margin from the products sold.

They used these funds to set up their own large-scale farmhouse for their own personal use, and acquire several strange and exotic creatures. One of these orders, placed as a self-imposed challenge for themselves, was two butterflies, and they took many preventative measures to insure that they would not escape, going as far as to make a large, top-of-the-line holding pen on their land. Initial efforts had seemed to work, up until the point where the butterflies up and killed them and everyone else on their land.

When news reached the rest of the individuals living in the city that two butterflies had escaped from the agnivyr's new facility, it was already too late, as the butterflies arrived and proceeded to kill everyone there at the time. This to was also realized to late, after several reports of ships gone missing where reported and several failed investigations went by. By the time the space police got involved in the mystery, the planet had already begun its slow decent into butterfly created punishment. To this day, the planet proceeds to draw in unsuspecting victims to their death.


Large-scale Farmhouse: This is the old, slowly deteriorating farmhouse that used to belong to the agnivyr that owned the place, as well as the holding pen that housed the butterflies. The holding pen is fairing better than the farmhouse, but the combination of damage and the wear of time has left a visible difference to that of an operational one.

Ruined City: The city that housed the farmhands that used to work here is overgrown from a lack of care, and several damaged buildings and skeletons of several species suggest that something terrible has happened there. Little of value remains, as anything of value has either been destroyed, ruined, or looted long ago. To those that are skilled in reading the patterns and positions of the dead, one might be able to deduce that they were unarmed individuals ruining/hiding from something that has eaten the flesh off their bones.


Death Trap: Whether it's an individual who thinks that the planet is still a friendly system, someone looking for a peaceful looking planet to explore or refuel at, or an individual who is trying to solve the mystery of the disappearances at this planet, this planet draws many who see it as a warp option to their deaths.


• The meg that used to live here can still be found roaming far away from any of the buildings, sticking to the fields of grassland. These meg also have developed a fear of butterfly-sized rocks, and will avoid getting anywhere close to them.

• While the meg were raised by other space faring species, they try their best to avoid anyone who lands there, as they tend to draw attention to themselves.

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