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Welcome to the credit section. Below is a list of people whose help has made this site, and the comic [Fortuna] possible.


G.M. Cookie

Title: Jack of Trades
Coder, writer, and designer, Gime does just about everything on this site, from making sure bugs are fixed, to writing new sections by hand. If it's not credited to anyone else it's likely Gime's doing. Considering Gime is the person who also has to write the body copy for this section they're currently talking about themselves in the 3rd person which is kind of freaky.


Title: Artist
Artist, shitpost extraordinare, Lamp afficianado, eternally sleepy, probably actually factually Eris in disguise. Scratch that, actually factually definitely Eris in disguise. Always willing to help but would probably sell their own soul in a heartbeat to get better at things.


Title: Volunteer
This isn't Warden's actual internet name, but they're a rather private fellow. Takes care of minor entry errors and sometimes processes the emails that come in. One day aspires to be let into the application clearing area. Secretly hopes Skype will become popular again.

Other Credits


Note: All characters/species/fauna/etc with their own pages on this website will not be credited here, and are instead credited on their own pages to save room.

More spelling and grammar corrections than you can imagine: Apo11o

Page 16 - 120: Transcript by Splendid
Page 146 - 250: Transcript by Porypan
Page 251 - 300: Transcript by Dorf
Page 301 - 350: Transcript by Porypan
Page 351 - 400: Transcript by Spish
Page 401 - 500: Transcript by Porypan
Page 501 - 550: Transcript by AC
Page 651 - 700: Transcript by Dorf
Page 701 - 750: Transcript by Porypan
Page 751 - 800: Transcript by DS Piron
Page 801 - 900: Transcript by Porypan
Page 901 - 950: Transcript by Dorf
Page 951 - 1000: Transcript by AC

Page 1001 - 1050: Transcript by Splendid
Page 1051 - 1250: Transcript by Porypan
Page 1251 - 1300: Transcript by AC
Page 1301 - 1350: Transcript by Porypan
Page 1351 - 1500: Transcript by Kieros
Page 1501 - 1650: Transcript by Porypan
Page 1651 - 1750: Transcript by AC
Page 1751 - 1800: Transcript by Porypan
Page 1801 - 1950: Transcript by Taylor
Page 1951 - 2000: Transcript by AC

Mirrored 3924 Fortuna pages: Artem1s
Mirrored 642 Fortuna pages: Apo11o
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Page 0 - 1000

Page 13: Art by Ameilee Sullivan
Page 136: Lines for G1, G9, and Z6 talk sprites by Hichico
Page 251: Art by Ameilee Sullivan
Page 881: Extra art by Wessolf27

Page 5: Music by 101nightshade101
Page 10: Music by greatwheatshrike
Page 166: Music by Shadarama

Page 143-5: Creator of G-9472 is Starlit Drakon
Page 279: Creator of Doobel is PDelegate
Page 498: Creator of Geko is GeckonWind

Page 1001 - 2000

Page 1408: Extra art by Wolfram
Page 1412: Extra art by Purple Walrus
Page 1435: Extra art by Viiranen

Page 1524: Creator of Kylezo is Captain Combusken
Page 1825: Creator of Kip is MaggotsBoy
Page 1906: Creator of Fergus is Purple Walrus
Page 1918: Creator of Pembrose is BigBrain
Page 1946: Creator of random Janitor is nonexistentPumpkin
Page 1966: Creator of Florence is Unknown MSPAForum user
Page 1987: Creator of Moebius is SirBlizz98

Page 2001 - 3000

Page 2026: Creator of the Mechanic is athenasGuardian
Page 2125: Creator of the Zuid Guard is Apo11o
Page 2203: Creator of Macciu's orginal concept is Unknown MSPAForum user
Page 2251: Creator of Vancek is SirBlizz98
Page 2412: Creator of Tydra is SirBlizz98

Page 3001 - 4000

Page 3527: Extra art by Yanggg

Page 3750: Creator of Lechugaa is greatwheatshrike
Page 3824: Creator of Sajik is DS Piron

Page 4001 - 5000

Page 4789 - 4859: Intermission art by Splendid
Page 4788-2 - 4788-39: Intermission art by Hichico

Page 4266: Art by Hichico

Page 4294: Design for Cea Jasper by Hichico
Page 4369: Creator of Blu is Splendid
Page 4714: Creator of Hasty is Apo11o

Page 5001 - 6000

Page 5019: Creator of Shetlock Hostler is Porypan
Page 5021: Creator of Andrus Esroh is Hichico
Page 5123: Creator of Pablo is Starlit Drakon
Page 5263: Creator of Oooo is greatwheatshrike
Page 5294: Creator of Xerves is SirBlizz98

Page 6001 - 7000

Page 6442: Creator of Adrax Fellown is Hichico
Page 6522: Creator of Billina is DS Piron
Page 6551: Creator of Klondai is CmdrCade

Page 7001 - 8000

Page 7436 - 7492: Intermission art by Hichico

Page 7522: Creator of Blitz is Ephyrll
Page 7526: Creator of Kenshi is Kenshiago
Page 7703: Design for Xorithe by Hichico
Page 7709: Creator of Peeper is ZombieMaggotqueen

Page 8001 - 9000

Page 8129: Art by greatwheatshrike