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No Negativity Steed

“Unicorns are for people who know the world is filled with people looking to manipulate others. Unicorns are for people who want to protect their friends from outsiders. Unicorns are for people who want to attempt avoiding drama. Unicorns are for people who want close-knit groups, groups where they decide who talks to who.” — Notail's guide to picking a starter

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Part of the Notail collection

Emblem by Obedaiya
  • Strength-7
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-4
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-4

Danger Level: Medium
Likes: Charity, Faith, Fortitude, Hope, Justice, Prudence, and Temperance
Dislikes: Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth

Attack Method: Uses hooves to warn the person, if that doesn't work they will use their long horn to make their point a tad more clear.

Environment: Plains, Forests, Gardens
Lifespan: Indefinitely
Size: 6 ft tall
Diet: Plants, Meat

Bodytype: Quadruped
Type: Psychic Mammal
Rarity: Rare

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

The unicorn is a horse like creature that comes in black, white, and more rarely a mix of both colors. The horn of a unicorn points straight out or forms an extremely tight coil that ends in a point. These horns are usually pitch black or white but unlike the coat of a unicorn may come in other colors. Rarely the horn will be deformed, causing the unicorn to have no horn, multiple horns, or a crooked horn. Unicorns can make a wide range of noises just like horses but their most famous noise is their hauntingly beautiful yet sorrowful whinny. There are two type of tails a unicorn can have, the traditional horse tail, or a long thin tail ending in a tuft of hair at the end. The former is common in the main unicorn species and the latter is common in the subspecies. Both the common unicorn and their subspecies have both flat teeth for grinding, as well as four sharper ones for biting and tearing.

Unicorns are stocky animals who can traverse many locations with ease due to their hoofs which have very long feathering. When attacked unicorns rarely run away, knowing that their size and power allow them to take down many opponents. This same fact allows unicorns to do most of the jobs that horses have, but as unicorns are more fickle it is much easier to use the more obtainable, and reliable, horse.

It is very popular to coat unicorns in evofluid to change their looks with lower death rates or extreme mutation changes. This practice is why many people believe unicorns to have a high range of looks when it is truly just owners looking for more from their unicorn. Some people make a living collecting unicorns, using evofluid to give them new colors and appearances, and then selling off the best of the best.


To understand the unicorn, one must first understand its history. Studies into the unicorn's past show that the unicorn wasn't always a male-only species, and in fact, they had once roamed the landscape, galloping across plains, investigating forests, and showing off in gardens just like horses did. One main male and his herd. It is hypothesized that unicorns had been psychic mind readers even back then. Unicorns would use their powers to see if other unicorns were friend or foe, or in an attempt to warn them off.

Many fossil records show male unicorns in the heat of battle for a herd before meeting their joint demise. Then something rather odd happened. The rate of female unicorns slowly at first started to dip before snowballing into nothing. The once herd like species had now become mostly solitary, fighting other males for land that would no longer be shared. This all happened at least a million years before notails even took their first steps on the landscape. This strange change was caused by the reproductive method of the new male unicorns.

When two male unicorns get in a fight, the winning male will often rip off large chunks of the opposer, most often removing a limb. This chunk of flesh, if not consumed, will spread around a small area with "roots" coming out of the center. Often mistaken for a small clockwork outbreak area, this is actually the start of a new unicorn. The roots of the flesh mound suck up everything needed from the area for a growing unicorn. If the area is poor in nutrients it can take up to a year for the unicorn to form, but if in an area of great bounty it may only take a month. Once the unicorn is fully formed it uses its horn to burst its way out of the flesh as a small foal. While small and new to the world it will have a fully formed horn and be able to fend for itself.

Unicorns are mostly loners, unable to mingle with their own species as most of the time the unicorns will become suspicious of each other and attack. They are a psychic species and not only can read the minds of their own species but of other species. While many artworks of unicorn depict them making light or shooting lasers out of their horn this is in no way shape or form a common trait, with a few evolved unicorns having psychic powers beyond their mind reading, and only a handful in the universe being able to shoot beams from their head.

They become aggressive with people who have negative attitudes and will attempt to warn the negative nancy that their feelings aren't welcomed here with neighs, huffs, and even taps with their hooves. They also do this if the person is thinking thoughts of the courtship type. In both cases, if a unicorn's warnings are not heeded they will lash out at the thinker, attempting to topple them or give them a swift kick they'll never be able to stop thinking about. Only in the most extreme cases will a unicorn attempt to stab the thinker, but most people don't challenge a unicorn for long enough to get to that point.

This over aggression comes from their days of watching over and protecting their herd. Suitors and those looking to cause trouble are never welcomed. In this day and age unicorns are for those just trying to get through life with the least amount of drama possible. While the famous main type of unicorn is never given to children, the much more calm and forgiving ponicorn can be seen following B, I, J, L, and R-class kids. With the help of their unicorn, the notail child is able to better judge people, as their unicorn will make subtle warning signals when they see that the mind of the person their owner is meeting isn't nearly as pure as it should be. Notails who own a unicorn in their childhood seem more picky about who they have as friends which can make them as lonely as the wild unicorn, but they are much keener on picking up social cues, as well as reading the emotions of others.

While they may seem colder than most notails, those who own unicorns can be considered purer at heart. When fights between two notails break out they will be the first ones on the scene to break it up and attempt to get people to talk it out. When the fight is over they gallop away, back to their isolation.


Ponicorn: The ponicorn is a much smaller unicorn, just big enough for a child or teen to ride. The ponicorn is much like a unicorn in mannerism but is much more low key. Instead of outright attacking people who they feel are a danger they will make subtle movements to let their owners know they are uncomfortable with the person. It's up to the owner to pick up on the cues and form a plan to deal with the person. This is the only unicorn type given to children. When a child leaves the woods they normally will leave their ponicorn at the exit to be taken to another child, as they will have grown out of it and may now get a full sized unicorn. The ponicorn will be taken back to the labs and then given to another child. Some ponicorns have been cycled for hundreds of years before finding a child who keeps them past their time in the forest.

Kelpicorn: An experiment gone wrong, the kelpicorn was a unicorn that was bred to survive all conditions, mostly water, have sharp teeth in its mouth and have non-deadly tendencies. Originally made to be a large replacement for dogs to deal with larger species, the kelpicorn seemed fairly good in controlled tests in labs. It would use its teeth to latch on, knock down large species, and keep them down until authorities could reach the area. Once the first open field tests started everything went wrong. Kelpicorns were too sensitive to people it deemed evil and would apprehend people who weren't even the subject of the experiment such as the handlers.

A few of the kelpicorns escaped the area and the whole operation was shut down. The remaining kelpicorns were burned to ash to prevent them from forming new kelpicorns. Sadly now kelpicorns are an invasive species on some planets, luring people with "evil in their soul" off paths, grabbing them or letting the evildoer ride them. The kelpicorn will then rush into a large body of water to drown their subject before carrying on with their day or consuming them. Kelpicorn removal operations are slow due to people mistaking some for normal unicorns and bringing them to other planets.

Gracicorn: The gracicorn is a leaner form of the typical unicorn. It is sometimes called the fancy unicorn due to it being used mostly for show. The gracicorn is too fragile to be ridden by someone who is heavier than the average notail. The horn of a gracicorn is always fairly unique and beautiful. Coming in many different shapes and colors the horn of a gracicorn can be valued quite highly and is thought to be able to heal certain ailments. The gracicorn has the psychic powers that all unicorns have but it will flee from those whose thoughts it doesn't approve of instead of attacking. When a gracicorn finds a person of extremely pure and positive thoughts it will willingly follow the person, abandoning any owner it had before and will wait for the person to sit down so it may place its head on the lap of the person and rest.

After this short rest, the gracicorn will bow, offering to let the person ride it. If the ride is accepted the gracicorn will run off with the person of pure thoughts to a place of utter peace and beauty. It can take a gracicorn several days to get there, but it will do anything to get to the location unless stopped. Some people whisked away by gracicorns are never seen or heard from ever again.


Emotional reading: Unicorns constantly have their psychic powers active. With it, they read the inner emotions of people which causes them to better react to people's actions. They are highly judgemental about this though.


• The most famous unicorn is King, a large dark unicorn who roams the wasteland of prison planet, attacking anyone who might be up to no good. King is famous as he's one of the few unicorns who can shoot beams from his horn. Rumors of King blasting a notail who was about to tell an inappropriate joke from a mile away have circulated but none of it can be confirmed.

• Full sized unicorns are popular with B-classes who are utterly annoyed by jokes being made about them. B-classes and unicorns are truly a match made in the finest of lands.

• Some have placed trackers on their gracicorns so that if they do whisk someone away they may track their gracicorn down and reclaim them. Most gracicorns and the person who was whisked away are quickly found when tracked, though some signals stop suddenly. Sometimes these signals will end at a steep cliff, deep waters, or near the dens of killer fauna, all things that could be attributed to the disappearance. These explain why some who ride the backs of a gracicorn are never seen from again. Sometimes though, the signal ends suddenly in the middle of nowhere with no indication of foul play or sign of the gracicorn or rider.

Many declare that it is simply a malfunction in the tracker, though few rumor in hushed whispers that both rider and steed had been whisked away to a better world. One where neither will ever feel pain ever again.

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