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[Fortuna] is a webcomic about a mystical chest by the same name, that lures in crew after crew. The comic includes fourth wall breaking and a cookie based system that allows your choices to be remembered, as well as things such as your name, should you choose to give it, and the time of day.

You may check out the credits to Fortuna over here, the Cosmosdex itself over here, and the main Cosmosdex site here. If you would like to help keep [Fortuna] and the Cosmosdex running please consider donating over at the patreon, most donations will be able to obtain rewards.

Below are a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any more questions please contact us.


Are cookies required to read [Fortuna]?
While cookies are not required to be enabled to read Fortuna, they are highly recommended as without them your choices and what you do will not be remembered, thus forcing you to always follow the default route which may not always be the path you want to take.

What's the history of [Fortuna]?
[Fortuna] orginally started as a roleplay called Hestia on a skype chat. When the roleplay fell through one of the players decided to take the idea of a planet hopping roleplay and make it into a forum adventure. Fortuna started on September 16th, of 2013 as a suggestion based webcomic on the MSPaint Forums. Fortuna is inspired by FTL, Fallout, Homestuck, but most of all Homer's Odyssey, and the whole catalogue of Greek and Roman myths.

Do I need to have an understanding of Greek myths to understand [Fortuna]?
While Fortuna bases itself heavily on Greek and Roman myths, there is no need to go in with an understanding of any myths as Fortuna goes in expecting the reader would know nothing about any myths. A few of the myths have also been simplified in Fortuna for ease of reading.

Does [Fortuna] still take suggestions?
[Fortuna] currently still takes suggestions on its newest page.

Is it possible to get my character in to [Fortuna]?
There are two ways to get your character in Fortuna. One is to donate to the patreon and have your character show up as a background character, the other is to submit a legendary character, but there is currently no guarantee that your character will ever appear in the comic.

Why is [Fortuna] like......this?
Fortuna is more a wave of thoughts and events than a coherent story where all lines are tied and end. Some small plots may never be finished, the characters who supported them aged and withered away, some will just never be seen again, much like how one in life might only hear the whispering of a major event of another person.

What is the lesson here?
All lessons you learn are your own. [Fortuna] only has one statement it wishes to endulge in which will be clear by the end of it. In the meantime, understand that some characters will learn bad lessons, never end their bad habits, or be loved by others due to their cruel actions. This is not support of these things but a reflection of the state of event at hand.