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The Great Oven / Awful

“Have YOU considered fire tornado insurance? Now's your chance to get covered if that flaming vortex happens to destroy you or your family!” — Popular Kheiron infomercial

Art by, Atomic

Dominant Residents: Kheiron

Fauna: Some forms of reptiles and insects, Lava Giants, Coalecanths
Weather: Extreme dry heat

Danger Level: Extreme
Purpose: Homeworld of the kheiron

Original Creator: MaggotsBoy

Physical Description

Home planet of the kheiron, Scchllrvrth is a planet mostly covered in active volcanoes, lava flows, and seemingly endless wildfires. Scchllrvrth's weather is a constant hazard. While it's most common state is a dry, stifling heat, the weather is also known to produce what is known as 'fire storms' and tornadoes that have been ignited into flames. The inhabitants of the planet are well adapted to live with these fiery conditions however foreigners many a time have met their untimely fates trying to land in the middle of a storm that's raining literal fire instead of water.

The soil on this planet is a deep red, and extremely fertile so the planet's botanic life never truly burns up for good and is constantly growing back. Most, if not all of Scchllrvrth's life forms have adapted over time to be resistant towards the extreme heat and fire, some even living within the massive lakes of molten lava scattered across the planet.

There are only three days of the year where the heat lets up and allows for cooler weather. Kheiron lock up and stay within their dwellings for these few days, fearful of the cold. Likewise, many fauna on these days are unable to handle such a dramatic change in temperature and die if they do not find shelter.


While much of Scchllrvrth's history may never be recovered, this much is known: it has always been a fiery hellscape. Many theorize that, within the next couple thousand years, the planet's core may become so hot that even the fireproof kheiron may no longer be able to live on it. With this in mind, the kheiron population on their home planet has steadily declined as more would leave to find a hopefully suitably heated replacement home.

Unbeknown to the Kheiron, their planet has been always located very close to the home planet of the peaceful gondii. To this day, many kherion still have no idea that Ploaxomats is within reach, as most of them focused on a more desolate gas giant, assuming that there was a whole world hiding behind the clouds.


Kskshhllllrrrr-Vvsk: A large and now mostly inactive volcano that has been transformed into the largest military base found on Scchllrvrth. The volcano is carved into many caves and tunnels that only lead deeper within the planet, making it's innermost chambers impossible for most species to enter as the intense pressure and heat can overheat those who aren't fireproof. Many young kheiron are sent here to be trained as soldiers in hopes that one day they may join a fleet of conquest out into the universe.

At the very top of this volcano, ceremonies are held where military generals are taken to have their title branded into their flanks. These brandings are often just a single symbol, however can mean lengthy and contrived titles relating to their owner's talents or accomplishments.

Sssllllrrrkghh: A massive blacksmithing market. Kherion have been blacksmiths and metal workers since their early years, forging weaponry from the naturally forming iron found at the very bottom floor of the planet's only known ocean of boiling hot water. This market is usually the only reason to land on such a dangerous planet, as it is very welcome to trade and holds a very large selection of weaponry, ship parts and upgrades, and sculptures.




• The name "Scchllrvrth", when translated from Kheiron language, means 'Great and Honorable planet of Fire, Far Superior Than Yours'.

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