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The Empyrean Cauldron

“Come to beautiful Empyrus! Visit our beautiful cosmetics factory. Start a beautiful new life.” — Old Tourism Advert

Art by, Atomic

Dominant Residents: Galooper
Other Residents: Quelan

Fauna: Weird Slime Creatures, Frogs, Bugs
Weather: Extremely Hot, Rather Polluted, Random Storms, Rains goop

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Galooper Homeworld, "Cosmetics"

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A stormy and polluted planet of dark rock. It's almost perpetually overcast with heavy black clouds prepared to rain who-knows-what upon the ravaged surface of the planet. Sometimes it's just rain, but usually it's something much stranger, multi-colored acidic goop that rains in heavy globes. The planet is very hot and humid, to the point where most people find it very uncomfortable to live in at best, if not entirely unlivable.

It wasn't always such, it used to be fairly idyllic and nice, but a few decades of ecological decay can do a number on a planet. Most notably it caused the rising of the sea levels, and these days the planet is mostly a roiling tumultuous sea broken up by small continents surrounded and archipelagos. Dotted across the land and sea are acrid pools of chemical runoff from the day when the world was a major producer of cosmetics and other weird chemicals, that in this day are the hubs of galooper civilization.

The world is riddled with the ruins of the old quelan colonies that once resided here, some of which are underwater due to the rising of the ocean, but many of which can still be found on the surface. Most of these are completely abandoned, being occupied only by the beasts and monsters, but a few are stubbornly clung to by quelan who refused to sensibly leave when the planet went to pot.


Ages ago the planet, still at this point a temperate, verdant, paradise of a planet, was settled by the quelan. This colony went quite well for a number of years, before an industrial cosmetics company who's name has been forgotten by history, set up shop on the planet. This company was, to put it delicately, inconsiderate, of the native wildlife, and allowed their factories to spew torrents of polluting, corrosive chemicals into the environment. The settlers didn't really care so much, as the company was rather popular, and had agreed to set up their factories far far away from civil centers.

This went on for some time, at first, things were fairly benign, and to some pleasant, as the planet gradually got warmer and warmer, and the oceans got higher and higher, making seaside properties where there were none before. At around this time, the factory workers started giving strange reports. Reports of weird, gooey creatures meandering around their dumping sites. "Preposterous" management said "Those chemicals are lethal to 90% of living creatures" management continued, and so these reports went ignored.

Gradually, however, the environment took a turn for the worse, the pleasant global sauna effect, gradually became more of an unbearable planetary oven. As things took a turn for the worse, the company became increasingly concerned with the gooey creatures, and started taking measures to suppress their existence. This did not end well, resulting in an uprising that ultimately resulted in a mass exodus of most of the remaining quelan, since then the creatures, the galoopers, have ruled over the planet, excepting certain pockets of stubborn colonists.


The Prime spawning pool: A large lake containing a cocktail of strange, incredibly toxic and dangerous, chemicals and pollutants, in the middle of which sits the mostly abandoned "cosmetics" factory. It is the very pool of ecclectic chemicals from which the first galoopers appeared, and to this day, remains the primary source of new galoopers. Dotted along the 'coast' of this lake are galooper settlements large and small, including the capitol of Gishgapon.

Playmero: The largest remaining city of the original colony, and de-facto capital of the quelan who stubbornly refused to leave. Much of the city is a melted, corroded ruin, but theres still much of the city still intact, and reinforced to endure the harshened elements of the planet.

Slaxus Salt Flats: A large plain of "salt flats" where they host slug derbies. And slime derbies. And derby derbies. Really they just host any number of festivities here and call it a "derby" Not-so-secretly, it's just a "devious" plot to get off-worlders in a single spot, where they can then be hugged.


Primordial Extremofauna: Due to the intense, and extremely toxic, nature of the environment, most the creatures that exist or have existed in the environment are hardy and strange creatures capable of surviving extremes not present on most habitable planets. This includes a veritable menagerie of weird slimey organisms of all shapes, sizes, and degrees of hostility.


• The quelan who live here still call the planet the name their foremothers gave it centuries ago, that being Empyrus, alas the galoopers successfully petitioned to have the name changed, and so that's no longer recognized as the official name.

• The galoopers have actively encouraged the continued degradation of the environment, as it suits them perfectly fine.

• Quelan aren't exactly known for being antagonistic or hostile or such, so it comes as a shock to most how xenophobic and paranoid they tend to be here.

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