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Tweepers / Killjoys

“I'm sure I gave DIS punk a gud yellin @. Maybe now they'll think bout all D timz dey hurt ppl with their uneducated wrds.” — @XoxoSoulRideroxoX

Art by, Atomic

  • Strength-4
  • Intelligence-6
  • Charisma-6
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-6
  • Luck-3

Common Jobs: Social jobs, Media, Reporting, Bloggers, Couriers
Likes: Social media, Talking, Flocking, Debates
Dislikes: Physical fights, Ignorance, Corruption

Attack Method: Pacifist. If forced to attack they will peck out the eyes of the person, leaving them permanently blind.

Homeplanet: Mypace
Lifespan: 80 years
Size: 8 ft tall
Diet: Insects, Fish

Bodytype: Horizontal Pose
Type: Avian
Social Class: Middle Class
Rarity: Extremely Common
Common Traits
[Gossiper] Neutral trait
Whatever the situation, you can bet this character has heard (or wants to hear) the lowdown. Whether or not it's reliable info is another story. Characters with this trait tend to be very chatty.
[Connections] Positive trait
This character has some sort of important connection to someone else. These connections often times owe the character a few favors.
[Know it all] Negative trait
This character will tell other characters how to do their jobs, even if they don't know anything about them. This is usually annoying and stressful.

Tweeps are known for only worshipping the Poetnix.

Gods: Poetnix

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

Tweeps are an extremely tall species of bird. They usually stand at 4 feet at their shoulder and then possess about 4 feet worth of neck height. They have long crane-like necks and tend to be fully blue; the color of blue varies greatly with tweeps but bright blue is the absolute rarest of all tweep shades. The tail and beak shape can be very different depending on what clan a tweep is from, but due to the high amounts of crossbreeding between clans it's hard to find one with a 'pure-blooded' beak and tail.

While not visible when their wings are closed, tweeps have two small arms. Tweeps mainly use their legs for tasks such as cleaning, picking up objects, texting, and even driving, but their tiny arms normally are what they use to hold her phones or internet connected devices so they do not have to constantly take it and put it back in to their inventory. The short arms of a tweep do not allow the tweep to check the phone without craning their necks downwards. If a tweep has a very private message, or the text is not one they want others to be looking at, they will pretend to be preening under their wings to check the text in private.


Tweeps are highly social and endlessly chatting. They care not about science or what is considered "normal knowledge"; instead, they care more about chatting about social issues - all social issues, from politics to what the hot new Ms. Universe was wearing last night. Tweeps born into certain clans are more likely to follow what their clan thinks is the most important social issue and how to fix it. Clans are extremely irrelevant to most tweeps as most tweeps are born outside of clans, allowing them the freedom to pick whatever social issue they want instead of following a group they might not always agree to.

When young, tweeps are extremely open-minded about issues and over their years they will form a close bond with these social issues. Unfortunately, some tweeps will become quite close-minded about things as they age and become unwilling to listen to arguments about what they believe in if the other person doesn't think the same. These tweeps are labeled as "hags" or as "door-closers" to tweeps who believe the word hag is offensive.

Tweeps are extremely close to their phones, computers, and basically anything that connects them to the internet. A Tweep without any kind of networking will get highly depressed, and will die within a week as they will soon refuse to eat. It is rare for a tweep to bring the issues they talk about online into their real lives due to their attachment to the internet. Rarely, however, a tweep will snap.

A snapped tweep will usually see a post on the internet that highly affects them, one that makes them realize that they cannot just blog about what they believe in to cause change. The snapped tweep will then crush their phone or computer and leave their home. This "snapped" state might last for mere minutes, but some will never leave this state. Tweeps who are "snapped" for a long amount of time will be filled with pure determination to make physical changes and improve the lives of others to further their social causes. Snapped tweeps are commonly the runners of huge social movements and every tweep who has ever been the head of any planet has been a snapped tweep.

Some snapped tweeps might never view the internet personally ever again, instead replacing their internet life with actually going up to people and talking to them. Snapped tweeps are usually followed around by normal tweeps who promote and blog about everything the snapped tweep does.

On the other side of the scale, there are tweeps that see a post on the internet that highly affects them to the point they crack. These tweeps will then start promoting fake social issues. These tweeps are known as "cracked" or "satire" tweeps, though the term satire is technically incorrect, as the cracked tweep is not talking about their fake social issues for satire; they actually believe in it. The issues the tweeps believe in and news they report are completely off the wall such as "Arma didn't make passive-aggressive racist comment to co-worker today." and "Deadly robot uprising ends in everyone getting served lemonade by pool." Like snapped tweeps, a tweep can become "cracked" for minutes, or years.

Many people think that cracked tweeps are extremely funny and as such the most popular tweep blogs and sites are run by cracked tweeps. Tweeps think it's disgusting that people laugh at what cracked tweeps talk about, as becoming "cracked" is a very real and horrible condition. Even flamer tweeps find no humor in the state of cracked tweeps. Tweeps have rehabilitation centers for cracked tweeps on planets that are under tweep control but on other planets the condition tends to go, sadly, untreated.

While tweeps rarely fight, tweeps are extremely good fighters. Normally trained by their parents early on, tweeps understand that while they wish to solve everything without fighting, some people have different ideals than they do. When tweeps fight they aim to end it quickly and without murdering the other opponent. The most common move for a tweep is to peck out the eyes of their opponent; doing this allows the tweep to move away while the attacker suffers and calms down. Other than eye pecking, tweeps also have powerful kicks and will additionally fly into the air to scratch their attackers. All of their attacks tend to cause permanent injuries and as such many refuse to fight tweeps based on this reputation.


Tweep history is riddled with wars, though most were fought with words instead of swords. On the planet of Mypace the tweeps were split into clans. Each clan had their own ideals and sheltered themselves from the other clans. Some clans would be a million strong, all under the banner of the same idea. Some clans barely reached 100 members but had dedication to their clan that the bigger ones would envy. Tweep social standards dictated that a tweep would live and die by the clan; moving clans was forbidden. For 1000s of years tweep life was quiet; the clans stuck to their land, and would return any members who tried to escape their clans back to where they belonged. Clans would barely even know about clans outside of their home range unless it was to trade goods.

That all changed when one tiny clan of tweeps created a new invention. They decided that they could get a lot of money if they sold it to other clans. This invention was the internet. Clans everywhere bought into it. Soon every clan had their own network, yet the tiny clan of tweeps known as the networkers had carefully set their servers up so that it was divided in to clans - yet again, the tweeps would not see information outside of their own circle. For 100s of years, this would go on. For 100s of years there seemed to be a peace on the homeworld. Until one day a flamer tweep had taken power in the networker clan and had convinced the rest of the clan that the joining of the servers would be for the best. After the servers were joined, the networkers had seemingly disappeared, never to be seen again. Even if they had stayed they would have been lost in the chaos that happened next.

Tweeps suddenly had access to the blogs, the thoughts, the pages made from tweeps from other clans. The tweeps, who had lived in ignorance of other clans their whole lives could finally see news about the others, hear their thoughts, their ideals, and the most shocking to many members, their pain. The social outrage was huge and led to the Social Wars. Wars against clans broke out over their "ideals" and thoughts being wrong. The tweeps had always lived in bubbles where everyone believed the same as them, and now knowing that there were groups of people who did not see eye to eye to them on the same issues had caused outrage.

Countless clans were murdered, and it is estimated that about 60% of the total population of tweeps died in the long bloody war. In the end, no one won. The pain of the war caused many of the younger generations of tweeps to reject the idea of clans. For the first time in 1000s of years, tweeps would be able to leave their clans and not be forcibly taken back or hunted down. Clanless groups of tweeps would gather, willing to accept differences as long as everyone was equal. The new idea spread like wildfire and the idea of clans died down. Tweeps had quickly created a new peace. The tweeps as a species had reached absolute social harmony. No tweep or issue was oppressed. Crime was a thing of the past, and fighting was unthinkable.

When aliens came to the tweep homeworld they assumed they would be like them, for they thought only a species that had reached total harmony and peace could ever build devices for space travel.

When the tweeps saw how the universe really was, they were very, very, very, offended.

Nearly every tweep left the planet on a mission to "fix" the universe.


The flamer: A version of the tweep which, instead of wishing to improve the universe by using social issues, instead has naturally destructive tendencies and will attempt to start wars. Flamers are not only named because they wish to watch the universe burn but because a purebred flamer has a flame pattern on their wings. Flamers can be very intelligent and will sometimes blend in with other tweeps in an attempt to herd them into believing that their anti-social issue is in fact a true as blue social issue. For example, a flamer might get people to believe that because armas love having bosses and assisting people that they should become slaves. Once a flamer starts their "war", they usually fly away and watch the fireworks from the sidelines.

The fisher's tweep: A tweep that has very little attachment to social needs; as soon as they are old enough, they will fly off and proceed to live "off the grid". The only time these tweeps ever get on the internet is when they want to add quick blog posts about their outdoor adventures, find other fisher's tweeps, or to check out tutorials on something they need to know. These tweeps are very much loners and it is extremely rare for people to approach them without them flying off. Many people confuse fisher's tweeps with a feral tweep.

Deep blue tweep: A tweep so dark blue that it appears to be black. This tweep is considered an urban legend to most people. The few that have met a deep blue tweep in person have called the experience strange and unusual. Deep blue tweeps always seem to know too much and normally come out of nowhere, land near a person, and then tell them info they didn't even ask for, or give them strange items that feel just a little too illegal. No one knows where deep blue tweeps come from or what they're trying to accomplish and many websites are dedicated to keeping track of their appearance and items.


Mimic: Tweeps are extremely good at mimicry. Not only can they mimic any sound they hear, but they can also analyze typing styles and mimic them perfectly in minutes. Due to this tweeps are very in tune with people's typing style and can tell when someone is having an off day, or if someone is trying to fake being another person just from the way they type.


• Tweeps have almost completely abandoned their home planet of Mypace as all of space just has so much gossip and news to see. As a result, they have become highly widespread. They tend to be couriers, reporters and other news-related jobs, while some become professional bloggers. The only tweeps on Mypace are ironically a part of the "Spacer" clan. The buildings of Tweepkind have been overtaken by nature and many confuse the planet for being abandoned; the only indications of tweeps still being on the planet are their songs.

• Tweeps commonly lie about their ages so that they are not labeled as old close-minded hags by their own kind.

• Tweeps almost never eat meat and most tweeps even think meat eating is extremely harmful. There are some tweeps who declare themselves vegan, but because of a tweep's needs, it is almost impossible for a vegan tweep to exist; any tweeps who are vegan are likely eating purely generic food. This is made of an unknown mix of items - some of which might even be made of meat.

• It is tradition for no two living tweeps to have the same name, leading to tweeps having to name themselves such things as @XOBestTweep5OX. Tweeps will change their names when the tweep who has their wanted name dies. Getting a perfect name is so big in the tweep world that when a tweep with a name like "Jack" is on their deathbed, livestreams will be trained on this tweep, waiting for the moment they are declared dead and their name is opened.

• Tweeps speaking in strange voices or code is a tweep trend that seems to refuse to die. It is in fact not natural and is completely done on purpose.

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