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[The Singer start to realize that maybe pretending to be a dead friend wasn't the best move and apologizes to- wait, sorry, ugh I'm bad at this.]
I'm sorry, Clay. I'm starting to realize pretending to be Belladonna was a horrible idea....Belladonna just wanted you to be safe and cared for, Clay. I wanted to fulfill that wish. I don't want to hurt anyone. I just want to talk.

Be careful with this creature, it is the limbo god, the Singer. Judging by the color change in the textboxes it is attempting to take control.

Helios, it's best we don't talk too much. If we draw attention to ourselves it might... Well let me preface this with I do not want to judge it so hastily but to stay safe-

Kratos if you keep talking the Singer is going to roomtrap and destroy us.

Yes that....

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