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Ship: Circe
Crew: 4/7 (+10 pets)
Crew Health: Good


Power: Excellent
Water: Excellent
Oxygen: Excellent
Food: 23 Rations

CC: 471/1000 | HP: 70/100 | Fuel: 100/100 | Fuel Use: 70

Crew info

Ship Info and Inventory

The notails do a final inspection of the ship, making sure nothing illegal was being ferried off the planet. They do notice an inconsistency with the ship's weight and demand to know what is unaccounted for, but no one can find what it is.

Clay notices that the extra weight missing is roughly the size of a person but does not voice his concerns. He is sure that if he were even to imply that something, or someone might be hiding away on the ship the notails would rip the place to pieces to locate the missing person.

The notails still angry over the uncounted material snatch away all but 3 evofluid the crew had left, noting that many other planets have a ban on it. They state they're just doing Clay a favor by taking some of it now and making him aware of the law. Clay holds his tongue and just let the notails take it. Sbat opts to sit on Clay's shoulder and sign obesities to them, which the notails take as a joke rather than an actual threat.

Finally left alone, Clay quickly checks the food stocks, only to learn that while nearly all of the plant rations have been eaten away at, a hefty haul of generic and other rations has been placed in storage. Meg apples and eggs crowd a few boxes. Xorithe, being the only one on the ship for the past few days, is the first person Clay goes to question over the sudden stock of rations.

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