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The Land of Floating Cities

“The land is filled with giant checkboards, chairs, and perfectly made, pyramids. You may think that is impressive, but let me tell you about the sky. Up there, there are dragons, and on their backs? Cities.” — Tourist guide to the universe

Art by, Atomic

Dominant Residents: Drakon

Fauna: Dragons and other large fauna can be found on the planet. Drakons are one of the smallest species on the planet, not counting insects and fish.
Weather: Fairly warm at all times.

Danger Level: High
Purpose: Homeworld of the drakon

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

The land below is filled with odd formations made by malevolent drakons. Odd cities, castles, even giant version of game boards are built by the malevolents. Nobody's quite sure what they're doing but what they do know is that touching the smallest item made by a Malevolent can send them into a rage. Many see it as a shame as due both to the landscaping of the malevolents and being untouched by true civilization, the landscape below is noted as being a paradise.

The skies are filled with cities that have been built on the back of the large titanic-sized enlightened drakons, whose bodies have transformed into a more snake-like form. These enlightened ones dip down into large bodies of water twice a day to drink. Other than this, they also fend off the many hungry dragons who swoop down upon the cities on their backs to eat unsuspecting drakons.


When drakons used to live on the ground they used to be live in peace with both malevolents and enlightened drakons, but as more malevolents were made the drakons were forced to take to the sky to avoid the wrath of their "stupider" family.

Worst yet, the "cousins" of drakons, the dragons, felt that drakons were invading their domain by taking to the skies and now attack any enlightened drakons and cities they see. Most dragons are tiny compared to enlightened ones, thus they are quickly dealt with.

When ambassadors from space were sent to first greet the drakons, the drakons responded by eating them and the next 50 ambassadors that were sent in. As such Lairus is commonly seen as a death trap even though the drakons have mostly stopped eating and gutting the visitors. Mostly.


Cruentus: The name of one of the oldest cities and also the name of the drakon holding it. Cruentus has stopped talking or showing any signs of sentience and simply follows a never-ending routine. Dragons are a huge problem on Cruentus due to the enlightened drakon being unable to protect herself from threats.

Amicus: A large hole made by a malevolent drakon. Said malevolent drakon has never been seen getting out of the hole.

Brutus: An enlightened drakon and the name of the city on his back. The city of Brutus suffered a horrible fate when Brutus became infected with a number of strange brain-eating parasites. These parasites were nothing like anything the drakons dealt with before and thus, with Brutus now uncontrollable, the drakons could do nothing but leave. The drakon government will pay a handsome sum to anyone who can finally put down Brutus.


Here be dragons: A close biological cousin of the drakons, dragons, live on this planet. The smallest are just slightly bigger than drakons, while some are bigger than buildings. While some have been tamed by the majority will waste no time tearing apart and eating anyone they find.


• The enlightened drakons do not seem to survive on anything but sunlight, water, and the occasional dragon.

• Drakons typically house themselves inside the bodies of the enlightened drakons they live on. They do this by simply digging in to the enlightened one.

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