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β€œMe and my friend, we don't get along, but out in this universe, where every fucker in sight has to power to step on you or eat you alive, it's not about getting along, it's about having someone you can trust.” β€” Wastelander

Art by, CosmicClaxon

  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-7
  • Luck-5

Common Jobs: Scavengers, Builders, Pets
Likes: Teammates, Traveling, Stable work, Falouts of the same sex, The vaeri
Dislikes: Competition, Anyone not on their team, Falouts of the opposite sex, The vaeri

Attack Method: Sneak up on prey and coordinate a hit and run style attack.

Homeplanet: Unknown/Not Important
Lifespan: 20 years
Size: 2 ft tall, 2'5 ft long
Diet: Meat, Insects, Each other

Bodytype: Taur

Type: Arthropod
Social Class: Lowest Class
Rarity: Uncommon
Common Traits
[Buddy-Cop] Neutral trait
This character and another character are linked by having this trait. The two likely work or live together, and likely have little to nothing in common. They may or may not like each other, but they can operate with each other.
[Adaptive] Positive trait
This character is more able to survive in an unfavorable environment, given time. This character is able to handle radical changes without folding under pressure.
[Distrusting] Negative trait
This character is slow to trust others and may not understand sincerity or integrity, believing that people must be motivated by self-interest. They may disobey orders or go against their own crew because they believe they are trying to trick them.

Some falouts believe that the vaeri are their gods, but most believe in no gods at all, and if they do believe in a god they're sure that god must be a horrible being.

Gods: Vaeris, An angry god

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

The falouts are a species that has branched out from mantises due to experimentation. The falouts are bigger than normal mantises, but only by a slight bit. Male falouts are one to two feet tall, while females are two to three feet tall once they hit adulthood. Other than size, male and female falouts have no major differences in personalty or looks.

All falouts are pink range in color. Most are a rather soft pink in color, which many has noted as a really calming color. The blood of a falout is also shockingly pink. While efforts to breed another color of falout has been attempted, the best anyone has gotten is an extremely bright redish pink falout.

The falouts have wings which are neatly tucked away. When surprised they open these wings to show off a large range of bright colors which has been described as hypnotic looking. Every falout has a different pattern on their wings, and no two are identical. Falouts can also use these wings to assist with jumping, but only the small adult males and children can actually fly.

Falout male and females both lay fertile eggs even when completely alone, as long as they have enough food. Falouts lay only about five eggs in this case, but with a mate a falout can lay about 30. Falouts do not mate for life and frankly find the idea of sticking around the person you mate with heavily strange.


The way falouts act depends on which of the two subspecies they are, but all falouts share a few common factors. Falouts tend to pay hyper attention to people and details around them. Most falouts who have no job to do will commonly climb their way out to the tallest thing nearby and stand at watch, making a warning noise if they spot any danger. In an area with a lot of falouts it isn't uncommon to see falouts piled up in the same spot, each keeping a look out.

Falouts were invented to be smart pets that could do it all, and falouts are smart, compared to most animals. What falouts lack in general smarts, they make up for in their amazing teamwork and power to follow instructions to a T. Falouts need to have utter trust in the people they work with, but can be fairly distrusting of people who aren't on their team, even if they have known them for years.

A clan of falout are constantly looking out for each other, willing to jump in the middle of danger and help the other no matter what. A falout who just sits and watches another of their clan get killed is given a cruel punishment. Some falouts will get attacked by the other members, and when near death will be exalted from the clan. Forced to roam the land alone, as other falouts will refuse to accept them, as they have been clearly branded as a traitor. Other falout on the other hand will be cannibalized as punishment. Most falouts consider the latter a better punishment, as the former punishment almost always leads to a long drawn out death.

Falouts almost always let their leader speak for them, believing that the leader is the only one that can speak to others and not be swayed by people who may want to hatch plans to hurt the group. A person can spot a group of falouts hanging out and chatting away, the moment the person draws near the other falouts will quickly quiet down and get into defensive positions as they let their leader do the talking.

Almost every falout has a single person they call their partner. This partner is not normally a love interest, but a person they have utter trust in. These two will follow each other everywhere they go on and tend to have very conflicting personalities. Partners may "break up" if they do not trust each other anymore. One partner dying while the other watches is grounds for extreme punishment. Falout believe that if your partner gets attacked then you should be the first one to put your life on the line for your partner.

When the two subspecies of falout were reunited, nearly every partnership since then has been made of one from each subspecies.

Falouts born outside their home world and in mixed species groups seem a lot more relaxed and calm. This is likely because the rules of falout society, as well as the stress of living on their home planet Old Vega is no longer baring down on them, forcing them to watch their every move.


The falouts were one of the many species brought to Old Vega by the vaeri. The falouts and other animals were tested and transformed over time to fit the need of the vaeris working on the planet. The falouts were kept in poor conditions where they constantly found themselves hungry. Males and females would devour each other when kept in the same tank, causing the vaeri to keep the two sexes apart, setting the stage for later segregation. One day an incident on the planet occurred that made the one continent planet toxic for the vaeri and most species. The vaeri let out all the animals that they couldn't take with them, which included most of the falouts.

The falouts set out in their new toxic environment, and while many of them died early on, those who survived were mostly immune to the toxins. At this point, the history of the falouts splits into two.

The falouts who stayed on old vega are known as the wasteland falouts. These falouts had to deal with scavenging for food and materials for shelter and tools, as well as having to deal with tribes of other intelligent pets who were still less intelligent than the falouts. Due to the lack of food around male and female falouts would eat the opposite sex, leading all wasteland falouts to have segregation via their sex. Males group with males, and females group with females. The lines were rarely crossed, and if they were there was almost always cannibalism involved regardless if both members weren't hungry at the moment. It had become ingrained into their social order. Males and females to this day spread lies and slander about each other and absolutely refuse to be near the other.

The falouts taken off the planet were then taken to the n'nik planet of Collmoros, where they were given to the n'nik. These falouts, known as paradise falouts, had less stress over food thus the issues between the sexes quickly became non existent. The paradise falouts worked along side with the n'niks, helping them build and hunt.

When someone discovered that the paradise and wasteland falouts were from the same species they were reunited. The two types got along wonderfully, to the point that now the two subspecies nearly always pair up as partners. Falouts in space actually consider a pair of same type falouts to be slightly strange. Sadly wasteland have brought their awful segregation with them and in areas where wasteland falouts are paradise falouts are also segregated unless the number of paradise falouts greatly outnumbers wastelands.


Wasteland: Wasteland falouts are highly varied in their looks, with some of them being thin and long, with others having spikes, and others looking like they're made of certain decaying things like leaves. Wasteland falouts are more prone to mutations in general, and are more skittish then other falouts. Wasteland falouts form tighter groups and stick closer to social rules, sometimes considering them laws.

Paradise: Paradise falouts are more tamed and while they still form tight groups, they're willing to interact with others. Paradise falouts are more skittish around animals though, and even a cat can have them checking for their nearest backup. Paradise falouts love working for others more than wasteland falouts and will do it with almost too much enthusiasm. Also unlike the wasteland falouts, paradise falouts are more uniformed in looks, with mutations being highly rare.

Wasteland paradise: A wasteland paradise falout is what happens in the extremely rare case that a wasteland and paradise falout have children. This falout is bigger than both parents, at about four feet. The wasteland paradise falout is varied in looks like the wasteland parent and is highly enthusiastic like the paradise falout. Unfortunately nearly every wasteland paradise falout is born in captivity and is nothing more than a rare pet to most.




• Many people compare falouts to robots. Such as, if you give a group of falout instructions to build a wall, but do not tell them when to stop building it, they will endless work for weeks, months, and sometimes years, until told to stop.

• Falouts are bad at understanding when people wish for things, vs them asking for something. Saying "Man I wish I had a wall around my house" next to a group of falouts may end up with the person waking up to a wall being built around their house.

• While some planets outlaw buying falouts as pets, many still allow it, and other planets have a loophole of falouts being declared "servants." If buying a falout as a pet please buy a small group, not just a single one, and only get falouts of the same sex if the majority are going to be wasteland falouts. This is to prevent waking up to a bloodbath.

• Wasteland falouts only assume the opposite sex in their own species are evil cannibals as they see members of fauna flock together in harmony all the time. Some wasteland falouts may curiously ask if members of other species are aggressive like the wasteland falouts are with their own. Some falouts may tell a friend that if their date rips off their head and starts eating them alive they have no intention of saving them as they "Told you so."

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