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Planet Z

Planet of the Dead

Planet Z
“Gee gang, I dunno what it is about this strange planet, but it's giving me the creeps.” — Ferdie, Aftik Captain

Art by, Atomic

Dominant Residents: Crawlerz
Other Residents: Plague Doctors, Spoopers

Fauna: Fungus based organisms, large insects
Weather: Humid, with frequent thunderstorms

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Crawler home planet, landfill

Original Creator: MaggotsBoy

Physical Description

Home planet of the crawlerz. A planet that receives little sunlight and is hidden behind a cover of space junk, Planet Z is located far off the beaten path and has spent years of being overlooked by travelers. It's surface is made up of swamps, marshes and jungles, dotted with villages and small cities. Most, if not all, of the fauna and landscape come in drab shades of grey and faded colors, giving the planet a somewhat dismal look. However the atmosphere of it's more populated areas, especially in cities, is far less muted and it's residents thrive under these damp conditions.


The discovery of Planet Z was a more recent event. As it is known, a small crew of four and their somnus unit had found their ship low on fuel, with the last planet too far off behind them, they only had the choice of the next planet ahead, which happened to be Planet Z. On completely unknown territory, the four had reportedly 'split up to cover more ground' in the search for locals and possibly a fuel stop. Easily mistaken as a species overtaken by rampant disease, the crew were initially very distrusting, and even fearful of the locals which had welcomed them with anxious open arms.

Misunderstandings were put aside, and word spread of the lonesome planet, and soon the crawlerz were integrated into the space age. In present time, the planet is now commonly used as a garbage dump for other species, which then is often processed as gourmet food for crawlerz to enjoy.


The Shimelig: Considered sacred ground, the Shimelig is actually the site of a wrecked ship of unknown origin, now entirely reclaimed by nature. While the shape of the ship and it's interior is mostly intact, it has taken years of weather damage and now has mushrooms, identical to the ones that grow within crawlerz, growing all through it. This site is also heavily populated by second death crawlerz, which for undetermined reasons are drawn to this ship. These crawlerz are highly aggressive, and any known explorers that had tried to enter the ship had been attacked and killed. Even robots are mercilessly attacked once inside the ship, as if they feel some sort of duty to protect what may lay inside the ship.

Several tapes and recordings have been recovered from those who have attempted to go deep into the abandoned ship and died as a result, and since then have been produced as movies by the crawler film industry.




• Originally the planet was thought to be a host to necromancers and was nearly bombed out of the universe, thankfully someone had the decency to check before shooting.

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