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The Next Meme

Your Angel / Or your Neo

The Next Meme
“Hey now, Someone once told me, You're an all-star, I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, So get your game on, get paid!” — The Next Meme

Art by Gimeurcookie

  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1*
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-10

Age: Unknown
Size: 4 ft tall
Species: Anomaly / Soledade? / Tockhau? / Boog? / A manifestation of a shit post???

Job: Being a meme
Likes: Fun jokes, The internet, Cats, So bad they're good movies
Dislikes: Angry shouting, No snacks, Darkness, Being alone, People hurting each other
Notable contributions: What the heck did you even contribute????????

[Dirty Memer] Neutral trait
This character makes references to memes and will mention them constantly. This character is very big on inside jokes as well which are similar to memes.
[The Worst Trait] Neutral trait
This character makes references to memes and will mention them constantly. This character is very big on inside jokes as well which are similar to memes.
[Memes] Neutral trait
This character makes references to memes and will mention them constantly. This character is very big on inside jokes as well which are similar to memes.
[Mem-mems] Neutral trait
This character makes references to memes and will mention them constantly. This character is very big on inside jokes as well which are similar to memes.
[Everything] Negative trait
This character has next to no redeeming qualities. They either know this and don't care, or they're unable to understand what a horrible person they are no matter how much it is explained to them. They heavily drain the moral and sanity of anyone around them and when it's time to attack everyone is looking to kill this character, or "accidentally" shoot their own teammate.

Original Creator: Gimeurcookie
A Gift For: Myeth [Robocoon]

Physical Description

The next meme is a manifestation of the concept of a meme. For those who don't know a meme is an idea that gets passed around from person to person.

The first part of the next meme's manifestation is a simple image featuring the next meme. We have the original image of the next meme on this page. If at any moment the image changes, close this entry as soon as possible, send it in a private message to someone you barely know or care about, and then block them. It's their problem now. Make sure to constantly check the image on this page to make sure you're not the new owner of the next meme. Some decide to simply accept the next meme into their life though. If they do this the next manifestations shall occur.

The next meme will start to be animated, normally with "bling" attached to it. After a few more moments, the person will hear music coming closer and closer to them. Normally a song they relate to a funny event. Just a few short moments after this the next meme will start typing words into the web page of the user. This is the last chance to save ones self from the next meme.

If nothing is done, the next meme will manifest in the nearest trashcan or pile of trash.

The next meme is always a raccoon like creature with a shell backpack, but how they looks exactly depends on the edits made to the next meme. Personal touches to the meme will change the next meme to another form, but the next meme must keep their raccoon form or else the next meme that is posted will not work, disallowing the person from using it to get rid of the next meme. The next meme also tends to have rune-like writing over their shell but both the shell and writing do not always manifest.

All videos and pictures taken of the next meme will have the words "The Next Meme!" or "The New Meme!" in them, commonly in the font comic sans or impact.

Personality & Traits

We're going to be blunt, you're either going to love the next meme or you're going to be confused, scared, and possibly rather angry that you're unable to understand the next meme.

The next meme is excitable and friendly, some even say too friendly. The next meme loves to lounge around, eating and talking about pop culture. Seemingly bad at understanding social norms, the next meme will fry up some chicken without asking if it's ok and then offer it when the owner of the chicken gets angry over this. Even though the next meme jumps all over people the next meme is actually easily scared when yelled or screamed at, fleeing under objects or jumping into the air to cling to fans.

When the next meme goes into hiding the only thing one can do to get them out is to place food near their hiding spot. Tiny raccoon hands will grab the food and the next meme will feast. Once the next meme is finished they will peer out and check if the person is still angry at them with their puppy dog eyes. Even though the next meme is upsetting to some, not many can remain upset by it for too long.

The new meme loves bouncing around the room, excitedly questioning objects they find, and loves making jokes. The next meme also holds art in high regards, though admittedly the next meme art style can only be described as "crude" and "look we can't put this into professional words, it's a shit post." Many love the next meme for a few days, but as the next meme pops up over and over wherever the person goes it becomes a horrible mental drag for many. This is about the time the current holder attempts to toss the next meme on someone else. The next meme seems rather ok with being tossed around like this, as they feel that they should be shared with as many people as possible.

All in all, the next meme isn't a bad person at all. They're friendly, love to cook absurd recipes, watch bad shows with their current holder, draw, and follow their holder around as a companion to anywhere they go. The real problem with the next meme is that, they simply get, well, stale.


Where the next meme came from is hard to pin point. Many people claim that the next meme was their creation. Tracing the next meme as far as possible back shows that the earliest known home of the next meme was an account of a soledade who suddenly never came back to their blog after posting the next meme.

The next meme got a mere four likes, and one reblog. This one reblog came three days after the first person liked the next meme, and this simple action would trigger the release of the next meme to the public. For the first few days the next meme was reblogged back and forth, with many people talking of a "cryptid meme" until one person who didn't have an account viewed the next meme and chuckled about it. For the next few days there were no reports of the "cryptid meme" and many people called those who saw or heard it liars.

That is until a person reported that the next meme had manifested in their trash and wouldn't leave them alone. While this person liked memes, the next meme was just too much for them. The anomaly researchers started looking into the next meme when the person who had the next meme posted a picture of them on the internet and talked about their issues dealing with the next meme. The next meme disappeared soon after. That's how it was discovered that the next meme spreads by images of them being posted.

It took a long time for the anomaly team to re-contain the next meme. The next meme was with a person who genuinely enjoyed the next meme and begged for the team to not hurt the next meme. After being checked over it was determined that the next meme was "slightly annoying, but not harmful" and thus the next meme lived happily with the person for the next few months.

After this time the next meme asked to be unleashed into the masses again, and not wanting to hold their friend down, they opened their blog and unleashed the next meme into the internet. The next meme still roams to this day, being tossed from person to person until it lands in the trashcan of someone who can truly appreciate it. To this date no one has ever attempted to keep the next meme past them asking to be released once again. The next meme is wild and free.


Meme: As a meme the next meme spreads like one. There is only one next meme at a time. When someone gets the next meme, to get rid of it they must grab a photo of the next meme, edit it if they wish to change the next meme, and then put it on a blog or message. Anyone who likes or finds humor in the next meme first, even if they do not comment on it, will be blessed as the new holder of the next meme. This causes people to attempt to disguise the next meme, such as making a picture of the next meme into a "warning post informing people to attempt to not feel joy if they see the next meme." The person viewing it will feel glad for being informed, and then become the owner of the next meme.

Only the person who is currently "infested" by the next meme is able to transfer it to another person, all other pictures do nothing, still it's better to play it safe than sorry.


• When something scares or attacks the next meme, the next meme opens the shell backpack and hides in it.

• The next meme sometimes talks in a language that only some people can understand. Everything it says in this language causes people to erupt in laughter, but anyone who doesn't understand may feel upset and left out. Luckily people who do know how to understand the next meme can explain the joke to those who don't.

• As soledade can change into rather strange things, it is guessed that the next meme is a soledade, but the behavior of the next meme is nothing like how a soledade would act.

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