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Welcome to the Cosmosdex
Welcome to the Cosmosdex

The Cosmosdex hosts a fictional space themed encyclopedia by the same name that contains pages upon pages of lore, aliens, planets, and just about anything you could ever want to know about this expansive universe. It also hosts the webcomic [Fortuna], a fourth wall breaking comic that remembers your name, and the choices you make.

While the Cosmosdex and [Fortuna] are closely related, both of them are self contained products that are enjoyable on their own. If you're looking to start reading entries head to the Cosmosdex. If you're looking to read an adventure check out [Fortuna].

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Feature Dex entry: Circe

Frowns, tears, and distaste are not the kinds of emotions one would ever associate with a Circe. A quite bubbly AI unit, Circe is a bit of a rarity among Greek AIs who tend to side more towards the range of emotionally restricted professionals. Only something truly horrible could ever make a Circe sad for anything longer than a short moment. If one does see a Circe sad, it’s likely part of a trick or ruse, or possibly a misunderstanding and they seem like they’re crying because they are actually simply overjoyed.

Circes work so hard at attempting to wow their audience that they end up knowing little else. Asking a Circe common facts that everyone knows about such as who is the current leader of the planet, and one is likely to get a Circe tapping a wand against their head and coming up with whimsical and joke answers.

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