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Feature Dex entry: Kratos

There are two types of Kratos units. The first 20 generations of Kratos units are kind AIs who while are commonly put on police and guard duties, showed a great amount of compassion for criminals, even though they hate them. This was unlike every other police bot on the market at the time, who were ruthless unfeeling machines. Unlike those AIs Kratos units cared about why people committed crimes and tried to figure out ways to fix the system that caused criminals in the first place, rather than trying to lock up as many people as possible.

These Kratos units fully believe in the system, for without the system, society would fall apart, but they were able to realize the system they worked within was flawed. Kratos units would never be negative about this though, believing that just because there is flaws in the system it doesn’t mean that one should dwell on them.

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