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Horse / The Radical

“Sup. :)” — O-4 (Princess)

Art by, frog

Part of the Notail collection

Emblem by Obedaiya
  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-8
  • Luck-3

Age: 850 years
Size: 5'8 ft tall
Species: Notail

Job: Notail Leader of the N-class and R-class
Likes: Breaking shit, Things that notails hate, Making notails mad, Looking cool, Phones, Unicorns, Watching drama, Hanging the jury in a vote just to annoy people, Salt
Dislikes: Things notails like, Most of the O-Class, Paperwork, Dragons, Possibly some alien species, The Gods
Notable contributions: Killed the other O-4 after getting arrested. Currently leads the N-eo and R-anger classes. Runs the notail prison planet and is also the notail pope.

[Artist] Neutral trait
This character is skilled at some sort of visual art. This could mean painting, drawing, digital art, or just about anything.
[Impatient] Neutral trait
This character gets annoyed easily by things taking too long. They're willing to wait if they have to, but they won't like it, and they'll try to rush things as much as they deem is reasonable.
[Street Smart] Positive trait
This character knows the streets very well and knows when things are going wrong. This character is also the opposite of gullible and knows all the tricks in the book, and they'll be happy to call it out.
[Persuasive] Positive trait
This character not only has a way with words but people are ready and willing to listen. This trait means this character has a better chance when trying to convince a character to do a deed. Sometimes this character might even be willing to convince others to do things they'd never even consider before.
[Inspirational] Positive trait
This character inspires those around them to do their best! Characters will do tasks better with this character around. An inspirational speech done by this character will cause morale to go way up for a whole group.
[Cunning] Positive trait
This character is crafty when it comes to lying and deception, able to more easily trick others to get what they want. They may also have a knack for illusions.
[Unforgiving] Negative trait
This character very easily holds a grudge and almost never forgives. If this character feels that they have been wronged, they will seek out revenge. It's very difficult for others to work with this character once they have a grudge.
[Provocative] Negative trait
This character may not be aggressive themselves, but they will often taunt and provoke other characters. While they may have fun doing so, they're prone to angering the wrong person and getting into trouble.
[Radicalist] Negative trait
This character is very aggressive about their faith, whatever it may be. Having it questioned may lead them to become violent, verbally and/or physically.

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

O-4 is known as "Princess" and she requires she always be called by this name as she dislikes the normal naming system. She has also demanded that she be called she. As such for the rest of this article she shall be noted as such. We had no intentions of noting her down as anything else, but she made it clear after killing the original O-4, that if the entry that replaced his simplified her into just a letter and a number that she would make sure the writer of the entry would feel her wrath first hand. As a word of warning, if Princess corrects you, she expects you to follow through, or else.

Princess is a fairly pale-skinned notail, originally born to be an N-class notail working on a planet with shorter days than normal. She was born with no antennas and to this day lacks them, meaning that to numerous notails she is considered nothing but a defect. Scars from fights adorn her body and arms but she thinks they're a wonderful reminder of fights won, and make delightful, if morbid, conversation starters.

Princess mask is that of a unicorn, the horn of it spiraling into a different color by the time it gets to the tip. While it usually is white in coloration, she occasionally changes to a black one to fit her outfit. The eyes of the masks have a five-pointed star design on it. For unknown reasons the star may be flipped right side up, or upside down.

Bright colors attract her. As an ex D-class, her life was filled with bright colors on her clothes, as it was the best indicator of who was a D-class in case of escape. Anyone would notice a bright pink shirt in the sea of usual grays. It seemed that instead of rejecting bright colors due to their meaning, she has instead embraced them and gained a rather deep affection for clothes. Their negative symbolism gives her the attention, and thus the power, she desires. Princess is known for traveling around and commissioning new outfits and on the downtime has started to dabble in making her own clothes.

It's unknown if her affection for colorful outfits is purely out of love, or if it has been tainted with the intent to spite notails who dread over-complicated and bright outfits. All things considered, it's fairly likely that it started out of spite, to rub in the shame of an O-class being defeated by a D-class, and has evolved into genuine affection for clothes. Common clothes for princess includes things in pink, pastel colors, black with neon colors, rainbows, things that may or may not have been made from a bowling ally carpet, and anything that's black with short gold "tiger stripes" on them. The latter outfits are to spite O-6, a notail who wears black with gold stripes on his clothes. O-6 either believes that Princess is doing this out of admiration for him, or he knows her true goal and refuses to play Princess' game.

Princess' clothes almost never carry her class letter and number on them, as she utterly detests being called by that. She also wants to be judged as a regular notail by her peers, feeling that declaring herself as higher than others in a casual environment breeds too many fake friendships. Many notails will be quick to judge her lack of antennas and her rather abnormal way of dressing though. The poor fools not knowing that they're speaking to an O-class. An O-class that never forgives.


Unforgiving, eccentric, and spiteful, those are the three words that sum up Princess. The hard end of the notail's boot has been delivered to her early life due to lacking antennas. Being born without them is considered a disability that gets one promoted to D-class immediately. Having to live in such conditions has caused Princess to have a unique outlook on notail society, and how they should approach situations that other O-classes find both interesting, but mostly annoying to deal with. Apparently, she is a huge fan of hanging the jury, that is, voting in such a way that delays or cancels the current vote and thus wasting everyone's time. This either causes the O-class to slave away to convince someone to go against their current vote. She reportedly started doing this to get the O-class to actually think about the decisions they were making and the impact they would have, but nowadays, like many of the things Princess does, it seems to be more about spite.

While what causes Princess to be so spiteful is unknown it can be guessed that due to her initial oppression, and then her later disappointment in being blocked in her attempts at bringing change, she has become extremely disgruntled. While she seems to have a positive attitude and a high self-esteem most of the time, she can suddenly make a comment that alludes to feeling depressed or even nihilistic about her or other's situations. She's quick to catch herself in these moments and correct her attitude, causing worry that she might be insecure about her points of views instead of having a moment of hopelessness.

When angered or excited Princess will accidentally repeat "close parentheses" a few times at the end of her statements, causing her to say "colon close parentheses close parentheses close parentheses" also known as :))) instead of "colon close parentheses," also known as :). She is noted as mumbling under her breath that she needs to stop doing that, showing that it is an unintentional quirk.

Princess works at Prison planet, where she has deemed herself the Princess of, thus her name. Even though many of the notails there resent their imprisonment, many love Princess, who is a symbol of improvement and order in the order-less wasteland of the prison planet. Most of the big groups of notails on the planet are under her thumb, and since she's been in power there hasn't been a single large-scale riot on Prison planet. When not working there she is sometimes sent to improve relations with other species and being sent on missions to impress leaders of non-notails. It's a job she does extremely well at due to her charisma and intelligence, and due to the fact she appears very non-notail like in her speech and mannerism.

Rumors have it that she has gained a very specific distaste for quite a few species. She is rather disgusted by the way some species leaders will talk about how they will fight as hard as possible again the notails in a discussion, only to roll over immediately and toss their people under the nearest bus. The fact that her beloved prisoners are frequently killed by disgruntled notail hating aliens, and that she tends to only interact with notails due to her job is why people think she has a dark view on aliens. After all many of the aliens, she meets tend to be the lowest of the low. If these rumors are true, she at least seems to not outwardly project her hate of aliens, which is why many people refuse to believe it to be true.

On her time off she enjoys many hobbies that are rare for other notails, such as the arts, or fashion. She makes clothes for her fellow O-classes, though no one humors her hobbies other than O-5, who admittedly sometimes only wears what she makes because it'll make her happy, not because he likes it.

Not much of a big talker Princess speaks in short statements, and yet it appears that every word she says is piercing. If a person walks up to and greets her, she will give a simple "Sup. :)" with no added comment or addition. Unless she's highly interested in something or someone, she will never attempt to start a conversation and seems to rather just observe people from the sidelines. While doing this she fakes being distracted, such as by appearing to text on her phone, read a book, or just gaze in another direction. She feels this causes people to judge her as rather simple-minded, and thus underestimate her. This is what she wants. People who don't think she is a threat are more likely to gossip and talk about info she can then use against the person later. She highly enjoys information collection and is said to share much of the info she gains with her best friend, O-5.

When she does get in a conversation with people, she keeps her words to an absolute minimum. Yet somehow she can trick people to do whatever she wants, or set them into a rage. To her it's almost a game, how little can she say and yet change the opinions of the other party, or infect their mind with anger that'll follow them for weeks to come. If she can't win she at least wants the other party's mind to become clouded, thinking about what they could have said to shoot back Princess' insults. She is rarely outsmarted or outmaneuvered except by other O-classes who have been around her for so long that they understand her tricks.

Despite the fact that Princess seems much more approachable than other O-classes, she randomly remarks that she only has two friends in the universe before admitting that she is just being stupidly dramatic and quickly getting over it. It can be noted that she doesn't have many people she hangs out with, and sometimes when she does hang out with someone it's one who would very much wish she was out of their space because they feel she is just here to annoy them. Which admittedly she very much as well be. Attempts to insult her enough to get her to leave rarely work. When insulted she has a tendency to laugh it off as if it were the best joke in the world, or mockingly imitate the other person. In fact, she may imitate other people's speech and mannerisms as a joke with no objective.

Princess may sometimes go on longer spiels but that is fairly rare unless she is talking about the gods or the book. Princess is absolutely obsessed with the gods and her hate for them is overwhelming. She can drone on and on about the book, its stories, and the deep complex symbolism. She holds a special interest in anomalies, blessed objects or creatures who are made by the gods to torment a person or group. She keeps a journal of notes on anomalies, where they appeared, what they do, and hypothesizes why the gods summoned the anomaly to the area. She happily follows O-5 around when he has to do anomaly removal based missions and assists with figuring out what god the anomaly likely came from, and thus its weaknesses. This is one of the original reasons they became such close friends.

Princess' extreme religious views can cause whiplash in one who is not expecting it. For instance, Princess firmly believes that Prison Planet's whole system is unfair and cruel. She believes that such a deep punishment for anything but mass murderers and only those who commit the vilest of crimes is never ok. After all, it tends to be society that forces people into situations where doing evil deeds to survive is the only option. With therapy and help, anyone can be reformed and be released back into the public. She also happens to believe that those who summon the attention of the gods and end up blessed by them deserve instant death with little to no chance at redemption. Those who were blessed with no input are poor souls, but those who wanted their blessing, even if they now reject what they have done to the highest degree, earn no pity from her.

Even when they say that society caused them to look to the gods for help she still sees nothing to save. They are now agents of the gods and never to be forgiven ever again. Any hypocrisy anyone feels over this is tossed aside by her. When it comes to the gods all of her morals will simply have to step aside.

She would destroy the universe if it would spite the gods.


Princess was born an N-eo class notail, but without antennas, she was doomed to enter the Dud-class lifestyle and thus quickly transported to a lab where she would grow up being experimented on. Being a natural N-class she had great speechcraft, made many friends with the other people being experimented on, and a few notails working there. At some point in her containment there, a worker must have taken pity on her and given her a book of the Limbos. The main religious text that has been dictating the notail lifestyle. She was careful to hide the book, at which point she began to obsess over it despite her inability to read much of it.

Why she had such an obsessing over it is simple. It was either that, or possibly spend hours looking at a wall, sleeping, or doing what meager activities counted as enrichment at the labs. While her speech was quite stunted due D-classes obtaining very little in ways of education, she would ask the few D-classes who could read to explain the book to her. The book was a form of escapism for her as she attempted to decode the meanings and also picture what sort of settings the stories took place in. After all, D-classes were not told of the world outside, and even if they were they rarely knew what it truly looked like. She gained an intense hate of the gods and her situation so she channeled it all into an escape plan.

After ages of planning and preparation, Princess staged a breakout after 24 whole years of containment. She and the other notails being experimented on attacked any of the notails who worked there and refused to let them out. It wasn't easy and there were losses, but they had escaped.

Unfortunately, she didn't have much of a plan for what would happen once she got outside, as info about the outside world was scarce or outright distorted with the intent of confusing escaping D-classes. She and the others were caught, and, deciding that their escape warranted some sort of reward instead of death, the notails put Princess and the others on Prison planet. To anyone else, this would have been seen as an extreme punishment, but even Prison planet was better than what they all faced at the labs.

While most of the notails who escaped the labs saw this as much better and basically a good goal to stop at, Princess wanted more. She didn't care if she had to claw her way to the top, she was pissed and wanted to know why her life had to be one of suffering. She worked for a few years, uniting many of the people of prison planet for the better good, and then she caused a riot, broke into the castle of the O-4 at the time and killed him. Now as the new O-4, Princess rule was the new rule and she thanked the hate she gained from her book for her accomplishments.

The other O-classes didn't seem very excited to have Princess on board. They did not like that she had what they considered a disability, nevermind that at that point she was both stunted in speech and reading. Princess didn't care, and in fact she advocated that being born without antennas shouldn't even be considered a disability anymore. She noted that even if it was, it was one easily fixed with basic and quick surgery in most cases. While many notail's views on the antennaless haven't changed, some have changed their views, or at least taken a middle road on the issue, considering that Princess, even as an O-class, has refused to get antennas and yet still can do her job just fine.

Nowadays she spends her time regulating Prison planet, attempting to make it as bearable as possible to live on, as well as performing religious duties, including helping O-5 castaway and disable anomalies. She also takes care of a few of the children born on Prison planet, knowing that those she cannot find homes for or take care of herself will be sent to the labs to suffer the same fate she once dealt with.

One day, Princess hopes that all notails born without antennas will no longer be forced into horrible conditions. In a way, she knows it's a bit of a fool's dream, as the notails need some type of notail to experiment on, but she still refuses to let it go. Maybe one-day notails will have no reason to experiment on people ever again.

Until then she refuses to let go of her spot so that she may complain about every step the notails take. Sometimes, when she complains just loud enough, just annoyingly enough to truly get on the nerves of the others they give her what she wants. It may be manipulative but she takes whatever she can get her hands on.


A cell phone: Whenever someone mocks Princess for being disabled she pulls out a cell phone and acts like she's calling someone from across the planet. She doesn't consider herself as having a disability as technology allows her to communicate with people across the planet instantly, anytime, anywhere. Most notail antennas aren't able to communicate with people farther than 30 feet away, so she thinks it's stupid that in the day and age of cell phones and internet that not having antennas somehow makes her less of a person.


• Princess' one and only capture monster is a large black unicorn named King. King is quite large and tramples over anyone in his way.

• One thing that Princess can agree with other O-classes about, is her religious points of view. She hates the limbo gods like the N-class she was born to be. She can't find one reason to like them, not even out of spite.

• Princess has a six foot block of solid salt in the entrance to her home. When asked why she owns it, she states. "Mood. :)"

• It is thought that the reason for Princess' short speech patterns is because of her life in the labs. Test subjects are trained to speak directly and with very short sentences as to not annoy the lab workers.

• Other than when she is going on a religious spiel, one of the only other moments she can be seen speaking quite a lot is when she is speaking with O-5. It's no secret that the two often spread gossip and annoyances with one another about every little minor event that comes their way.

Princess has an extreme aversion to being in a room with only one other person in it or even talking to people one on one in a private chatroom unless it's O-5. It is currently unknown what causes said aversion.

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