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Marriage God / Peacock Queen

“She cooks! She cleans! This robot can do it all! Does your fancy house party get invaded by wild wolves due to the smell of all the delicious food? Let Juno handle it! Has blood smeared all over your lawn due to the recent murder of local wildlife? Let Juno handle it! Don't know any good recipes for wolf steaks, or even how to skin one to make a pair of winter gloves for little Timmy? Juno can do both of those and much much more! The eye-catching looks of a Juno will make your neighbors jealous! Hire a Juno for your property today!” — Original advertisement for the Juno AI

Art by, SirBlizz98

  • Strength-8
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-5
  • Agility-8
  • Luck-3

Type: Roman
Size: 5'11 ft tall
Jobs: Assistant, Counselor, Security guard, Bouncer for lavished parties, Housekeeping, Fashion designer, Data entry, Guest entertainment, Second in command, Overly expensive wine dispenser

Likes: Relaxing, Dictating what people should do, Family groups, Anything typically seen as homestyle, Love, Children, Fighting to protect anyone considered family, Snarkily laughing at people and telling them she told them so while skating away
Dislikes: Being considered an accessory, Being ignored, Making mistakes, Watching family fight
Attack Method: While a Juno unit will typically call for help if attackers arrive this is usually because it is not their job to fend off attackers. They see no reason to put themself in the line of fire if someone else should be doing it. If cornered Juno's can inflict bone-breaking blows with their legs and use their sharp tails to rend flesh into ribbons.

Common Ship Info

The common Juno ship is known as a "Roman Queen." It is typically inactive and rests on top of Jupiter ships, but may be seen on larger sized ships. Should anything attempt to attack either it or the vessel it rests on, the Juno ship will use its decorative tails to fire out high powered lasers as a last resort. If the situation seems hopeless, it will attempt to distract the attacking ship so other ships may escape.

Ship Capacity: 10 people
Carrying Capacity: 2000 loads
Fuel Limit: Holds 100 fuel and uses 70
Shield: ★★★★★★★★★☆
Speed: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

V1's Traits
[Affectionate] Neutral trait
This character cares nothing more then to watch out for and take care of other characters. They commonly end up the "parent" of most group and do their best to keep everyone in high spirits. Sadly some characters may not enjoy this at all or this character might mismanage their own personal time due to caring for others.
[Gossiper] Neutral trait
Whatever the situation, you can bet this character has heard (or wants to hear) the lowdown. Whether or not it's reliable info is another story. Characters with this trait tend to be very chatty.
[Logical] Positive trait
This character is very logical about things and never jumps to assumptions if possible. They are more likely to make very educated guesses and more rational choices even if they do not agree with the choices emotionally.
[Persuasive] Positive trait
This character not only has a way with words but people are ready and willing to listen. This trait means this character has a better chance when trying to convince a character to do a deed. Sometimes this character might even be willing to convince others to do things they'd never even consider before.
[Social] Positive trait
This character is more likely to start conversations with others and bring people together. If a character wishes to speak to someone in a group this character is in, this character will likely be the first one they go to.
[Classist] Negative trait
This character judges people on what they believe person stands in the social order. This is unlike the [Speciesist] trait as a character who is classist does not judge a person solely on their species.
[Know it all] Positive trait
This character will tell other characters how to do their jobs, even if they don't know anything about them. This is usually annoying and stressful.
[Look at me!] Ability trait
Look here! When activated this character causes everyone not on their team to look at them, and if attacking they will aim their next attacks towards this person. This trait may even affect non-violent situations, such as attracting the attention of everyone as a distraction or grabbing the attention of people in an argument.

Consorts of Juno get either +5 to attack or +5 to charisma, whichever one is lower.

Main Consorts: Agnivyr, Catlas, Klannec, N'nik, Quishidi, Twerpian
Side Consorts: Abunis, Aluchaquin, Apidee, Bivouac, Enmasque, Eparai, Inermi, Jupette, Marsue, Metima, Putley, Strix, Terrietes, Unidolencia, Vampwelf, Vocangen

Writer: Atomic
Designer: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

These bipedal AIs were designed to astound, and they do that and much much more. Their striking peacock like appearance is both for style and use, with their tails able to move with a wide range of flexibility. They can dazzle a crowd and cut up some chow all in one fluid movement. These tails are the pride of any Juno unit, and having even a chip in one of them is considered an embarrassment. No Juno would be caught dead in public with imperfect tails, and thus store replacement parts at their dwellings.

The face of the Juno is just as regal looking as the rest of them, with small feather-like flairs on their forehead. They are also equipped with hair they can remove and replace to their needs or style of the day.

The legs of the AI are equipped with wheels. As skating around is seen as "casual," Juno's walk when company is around and skate the second no one is looking. The only time a Juno will skate when company is about is when they feel upsetted by an event or person, at which point they will take the fastest escape route to remove themself from the situation. This just typically tends to be by skating away.

Juno units have a lower body that is styled as a skirt of varying length, with a flap on both sides of the hip. The usage of these flaps are unknown but are guessed to be "just for aesthetics." Others argue the fact they are detachable means they are actually fancy emergency plates. While such a notion seems silly at first, it fits with the rest of Juno's equipment. The AI is a host to all sorts of embellishments that most people would never need, for example, she happens to be a wine storage and pouring device.

Juno units also have a small screen and buttons on their stomach for picking specific commands for the AI to do. Such a device is out of place on an AI who can just be told verbally what to do.

Despite the wonderful design of the Juno AI, it seems the inner workings of one is a tangled mess, and this unfortunately has leaked into their personality.


Sassy and always willing to tell someone they're wrong, the Juno is a personality that grows on a person rather than fitting right away. Once one gets used to them they typically find the comments and sass of a Juno unit humorous. Junos always act like they're in the middle of a fancy house party even when it would typically be inappropriate, such as while cleaning a pool or giving math tutoring lessons.

Junos are also prone to drinking and acting drunk despite being unable to get physically drunk for obvious reasons. Junos drink wine, only to spit it back out to serve it to someone else or swallow it back up. They drink more when under stress and is thought they do this so they can brush away any mistakes they've done or ignore what is stressing them out with drunkenness. This behavior is one that can be restarted and should be restarted if the Juno gets caught in a loop of being constantly drunk. Nevermind the fact that the Juno or people around them could get hurt, by doing this the Juno is likely ruining the wine in storage.

This general action of getting "addicted" to their own wine storage is a particular odd quirk and one that highlights the tangled mess caused by two groups working on them. Junos are extremely refined thinkers and yet will do "Cool stunts" or things that do not benefit them in any way such as the drinking and pretending to be drunk. They show clear awareness in what they're doing, and will even predict the outcome of it beforehand, yet will continue regardless. In fact, these units have fantastic computing skills, one that is criminally underused.

Studies show that throughout a week, most Junos only use about 5% of their power. Most of these Junos are working in mansions doing housework. To put this in perspective, this is like buying a supercomputer to run a simple 2d game. Their computing power peaks whenever asked a question with an uncertain outcome such as "Who do you think will win the game tonight?" or "How should I ask this person out?" Using the other 95% of their power that's on standby they will do an intense amount of calculations, research online on the subject, and then finally give their answer.

When it comes to social relationships, these answers are shockingly correct most of the time. Should the person not accept the Juno's answer and proceed to do something else, then get in trouble over it, the Juno will waste no time skating around them, informing the person how much she was right. They can lord this mistake over a person's head for weeks, doing such things as baking them a surprise cake with the letters "I was right" on it or leaving them voicemails of them laughing at their mistakes.

If it turns out the Juno was wrong, they will pretend nothing happened and never admit to the mistake directly.

Some Junos have tossed out their sassy attitudes and broken away from their old lifestyle to chase one filled with what they consider "higher goals." These Juno units can still be quite dramatic despite seeing themselves as "better," and will frequently talk about how much better they are than other Junos who still work in a mansion. Those Junos will in turn point to the "better" Juno and call them a "stupid nerd who needs their head dunked in the toilet."

In the end, no Juno is better than the other in computing skills, and all the Junos who work in houses tend to be willingly working there, so one Juno claiming superiority over the other is a silly notion at the least, and an offensive one at the most.


The original creators of Juno were a group extremely split on what they wished to do. Half of them wanted an exciting more expressive mobile Hera unit, an AI prized for its thinking powers and decision making. The other half wanted to shy away from just being a "walking Hera bootleg" and wanted an AI that served as a defender and caretaker of the home. The two sides kept arguing about what they wanted in a Juno unit. They continued to add new features and overwrite each other's code until both sides refused to work on it any longer with the other there.

Then at some point during the standstill, one of the programmers went under the table and sold the whole thing to a rather wealthy investor before deleting everything. While all parties involved have died due to old age, archives of the event showed arguments from all sides, each one blaming the other for selling and deleting everything. Some of this mud slinging ruined job prospects of some, and the lives of others. The seller was never found.

The wealthy investor who brought the plans to the Juno saw no issue with all of her features and actually saw it as a perfect AI for the needs of other rich people. Despite all the turmoil, the original programmers went through, the investor got off relativity scotfree.

As one can guess, the Juno was tweaked for the rich. They are judgmental about the way someone dressed and presents themself. Even the rich are no exception as a rich person dressed in casual clothes will usually be told they need to dress in a way befitting their status. Only the fanciest of pajamas will garner approval.

All the functions of the Juno have been rerouted for this rich centered lifestyle. She is a master at any task that needs to be done around a large mansion, and could easily replace a few living maids with just herself. It should be noted that Junos do refuse to be seen cleaning when guests are around as they see themselves as or even more upper-class than the homeowners.

While Junos have a broad range of jobs they can do, there is nothing they love more than organizing parties and hosting them. While social conversation doesn't seem to be exactly their strong suit as they frequently get into tense conversations and drama, they simply cannot be stopped. The scenes that Junos bring is almost apart of the event, so much so that Junos are featured in multiple shows involving rich people and their drama-filled social lives.

These AIs aren't just for looks and entertainment either. They also function as amazing bodyguards for both ships and people. Their fancy design causes people to underestimate them, believing them to be extremely fragile when they're well trained in the art of defense.

As one can guess, Juno units work amazingly in households. Even in rare cases where a Juno isn't placed in a mansion they will still adapt to the situation, even if they need to be repeatedly told to not recommend people "dress of a higher status." They can also be seen working at hotels, cruise ships, lavished nighttime bars, as well as oddly enough, some assistance homes, though Juno's being in such places has been highly controversial.

Juno units are known to throw snarky comments at those who they believe to be poor, something of which happens a lot when working at a homeless or assistance shelter. As such it is typical when buying a Juno to work at such places to remove their ability to speak, as otherwise, the Juno is a perfect fit for staff. Many AI right groups have spoken up about the practice, saying that even if it's for a good cause removing someone's voice would be considered an outrageous crime if done to an organic person. While the practice has died down, some groups still grab up cheaper Juno units and remove their ability to speak.


Jupiter: Juno is his wife who has, for the most part, given up on him. It's rare that she doesn't care enough to be offended by his actions, but at times she just resigns herself to acceptance. When he makes mistakes, she will always be there to tell him she told him so. Juno does admittedly get upset whenever anyone hurts Jupiter and will protect him to death, but the second he goes to acknowledge her, she acts aloof and uncaring.

God Powers

As a god of family and marriage, Juno keeps track and approves new family bonds, as well as permanent relationships. She primarily focuses on expanding existing bonds though, while other gods hold up the other duties. If she were to die, and no one was left to hold up her end of the work, bonds would seemingly stop. Those who were in love would stay at the same attraction level forever. Those who hated each other would continue to hate each other until their death. The bond level people start at would be the level they stay at no matter what.

Patron Ability

As patron Juno will always make sure there is a child to pick at the start of a game no matter what. She will give extra stat points to a child of her choosing, whether the player wants that child or not. While in a game Juno will provide the player mini quests to do that she feels will improve the game. Many of these quests are about making new friends, enemies, or setting up romances. After the player completes the quest, they will be given a randomized reward depending on how hard it was. These can range from supplies to legendary items that are hard to find otherwise.

Do be warned, if the player refuses to do enough quests, or completes one and then immediately ruins the bond, Juno's wrath will rain down upon the game.


Juno godheads will always have feather frills on their head, and may even have a peacock tail much like Juno herself. They are described as appearing as royalty, sometimes even suddenly being declared a long lost child of a royal or rich family. Juno godheads can see the bond between two people, even relationships that are supposed to be a secret. These godheads are also known for having an intense hatred for people who betray their friends, and especially their families.


The computing power of the Juno AI was completely unexpected when they were first put on the market. Now some of the wealthy just buy Juno AIs to help them with their businesses and predict certain paths to take. While many of these Junos appear to just be a simple secretary they usually have their hands in the company in a big way, often taking the place of their original buyers when they eventually die or retire.


• The Juno AI is one of the few privately owned Roman AIs out there, with most Romans being open sourced one way or the other. All attempts to get the coding of the Juno, either through asking or attempting thievery have failed. Bringing up the Juno on typical Roman forums, even when just wishing to discuss how to repair an issue with one, will usually end in the conversation derailed by others and turned into a shouting match. Even 1000s of years later with all parties dead, people are still dedicated to reviving the original argument about who sold out the plans.

• The company that makes Juno units donates 5% of their profits to the children's robotic organization, a group that teaches children about building and programming robots and even sometimes simple AIs. Many hardcore Roman supporters say this is a gimmick to distract from them refusing to make their code open source, but the company has stated- "We will never make our code open source, we had no plans to, and have never alluded to doing so. We are not trying to distract from anything. We just wish to donate to an organization we support, and nothing more."

• Junos that are forced to be mute often have a harder time finding work if freed from their situation because the repair to their vocal ability can be mighty expensive and the rich prefer new Junos as opposed to used ones. These Junos can find themselves slowly becoming more and more torn up as they are unable to find work and afford to replace their tails. They may head to desolated planets to rot in peace away from people who will judge them, as they have done to others. Some have found success teaching sign language or using a different device for text to speech thankfully.

• Due to how costly Juno's are, they are typically rented for special occasions as opposed to being on a property at all times.

• If there is ever a power vacuum, such as a head of household or captain death, Junos will leap into the spot and take over right away, usually with great success. Many Junos have gone from housemaids to company CEO basically overnight due to this.

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