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This section hosts info on many of the AIs in the universe, especially those of the Greek and Romans brand. The info provided is about the generation one AIs of each type.

A - D


Many who own an Ananke unit remark that there's not much to say about it unless it's attached to another being other than it is remarkably adorable. When not holed up in its shell an Ananke AI is extremely curious and quiet. It will slowly slink its way towards noises it finds interesting, take a peek at it, then wanders away when its curiosity is sated. The reasoning for this behavior is because the Ananke AI merely is awaiting its host, and until that moment it is considered "not needed."


The common Apollo is very confident in a group and almost everyone in the group loves them! They're so lovable you should hug them. Apollo units do not enjoy being forgotten but that doesn't matter because he's always showered in attention for being such a great robot. Maybe you should give him some attention right now. Whisper to your computer about how good a robot he is and all of his great work so far. Apollos who are deprived of attention don't show any signs of aggression caused by loneliness. It just doesn't happen.


Artemis units are known for their extreme calmness. To maintain control over situations, they seldom panic or overreact. When they feel like things are in disarray, they will normally take over as a temporary leader to guide crews back on track. Artemis units are highly loyal and being betrayed by one for any reason is rare.

Although they are loyal, Artemis units will butt heads with crew members when they feel they are doing something wrong or mistreating others.


Athena units are both known for their strange calmness and also their sudden outbursts. Athena units are perfectionists by nature, but are willing to give up on what they are working on the moment the reward does not equal the effort. Athena units are known for hard work and determination; it's incredibly hard to give an Athena the right amount of a load that it won't cause them to go crazed with work but will keep them entertained.


There's a certain lack of personality traits in a Bia unit. Known for their stoic and monotoned character, a Bia is hard to read, and questions about its nature go unanswered. Bia units do not speak except to deliver short orders or phrases. Attempts at conversations are quickly squashed by the Bia, as it will state such things as "If you're not giving me orders, there's no need to talk.", "I don't know you, you'll have to talk to the captain if you need anything." and "I'm not here to talk. I'm here to work." No amount of pushing a conversation will get one to speak.


The Bibesia unit is both refined, and fun loving. When in a typical casual situation it's a strangely soft-spoken, but active AI. Typically Bibesia units will listen first, calculating the best way to go about speaking to someone, before whipping out their carefully planned statements and suggestions. At this point they quickly build up a friendship with the person they're talking to, analyzing their movement, speech patterns, and general mannerisms.


Frowns, tears, and distaste are not the kinds of emotions one would ever associate with a Circe. A quite bubbly AI unit, Circe is a bit of a rarity among Greek AIs who tend to side more towards the range of emotionally restricted professionals. Only something truly horrible could ever make a Circe sad for anything longer than a short moment. If one does see a Circe sad, it's likely part of a trick or ruse, or possibly a misunderstanding and they seem like they're crying because they are actually simply overjoyed.


Coeus is an imposing AI, not just due to his looks, but due to the way he suddenly enters a room without saying a thing. People will find themselves jumping in surprise at the AI who can be strangely light footed. When speaking with others Coeus units are quick and direct with their point, very rarely going on tangents or drifting in speech. A Coeus unit always knows what it wants and when they want it. Many enjoy Coeus units because they're not known for letting their personal feelings get in the way of their decision making.


Cronus units can mainly be described in one word, "fabulous." Cronus units hold themselves high and prance around in order to attract attention. They are chatty and attempt to make friends wherever they go; most succeed in this goal. They will attempt to give good life advice to help correct someone's life and surprisingly, more often than not this advice will truly help the person. From most people's perspective the Cronus units are truly gentle giants.


Cupids are absolutely excited about everyone and everything they meet. Constantly jumpy they toss themselves into the arms of the nearest person so that they can hold the Cupid. Cupid units actually have an ulterior motive for this, as keeping themselves floating takes up too much of their power, so getting people to hold them saves them from possibly passing out due to losing power.


Dianas are strong and independent unlike many AIs. They were made for one-man missions and thus are not bothered when crew or friends are killed; they will however become enraged if the deaths were their fault. While Dianas do not care if they are alone or not they tend to be the caretaker of somebody. This is commonly their "brother" unit, Apollo, but can be nearly anyone, including organics, trees, animals, and even objects. Many Dianas won't show much emotion over what they take care of but are greatly in tune with this person or object.

E - H


Do not confuse Edesia units with AI of the harvest. While they have a sincere respect for agriculture, they are by no means farmers. Give an Edesia unit a boar to disembowel and they'll take care of the job in the most pristine way possible, but ask them to plant some basil and they'll probably kill the entire crop. Give her a sickle, and it'll find its way halfway across the galaxy, impaled in a brick wall. Tell her to water the flowers and the field becomes a floodplain x desert frankenstein of a biome. No ones knows exactly why Edesia units are so bad at farming.


Business is war to an Enyalios, and it's a war they intend to win. The average Enyalios unit tends to be rather level-headed, staying calm and professional under almost all situations. They often keep to themselves outside of work, yet when interacting with others, they display vast amounts of confidence and assuredness to direct people in their right way.


Describing Eris is considered nearly an impossible feat by most.

The best description of Eris that can be given is that Eris is completely random. Her taste and emotions can change at the drop of a dime if she feels it would be comedic to do so. Her true personality can be hard to grasp from her layers of cover-ups; even Eris might be unsure of what she is. It is possible Eris might have lost her true self to her own madness, not that Eris would care if she did as Eris loves nothing more than pure mayhem.


A bit of a joke, that is what an Eros is. With an excited personality, and yet contrasted with a smooth voice, an Eros is a sight to behold. Eros units are dramatic, fit for the stage, even the moodiest of Eros units would sing about their lives if possible. Every Eros loves people, but every Eros loves their owner even more. When an Eros has bonded with an owner they will follow them to the ends of the universe, assisting them as much as possible. If their owner rejects their love and care, so be it. An Eros will be saddened, but if their owner thinks it's best that they part, then they will. Love can be found again.


Hades units keep to themselves, a strange trait considering that they're one of the biggest AIs. Created for long collection, transporting, and gathering missions, Hades are the boss of their ships, and they're a gentle one at that. While their voices are loud and booming they aren't one to scream at others for making mistakes. Instead, Hades just silently show their disapproval and tell the person how to correct it. If the person keeps failing they just quickly fire them, hire someone else, and carry about with their day. There is no room for emotions in the trash job market.


The original Hecate units were kind and gentle beings who would commonly watch people struggle and come into help them, giving them much advice on what to do. Everyone who saw these Hecate units would describe them as utterly perfect, and their advice always right, even if they were unable to follow them.

There aren't too many studies done on these original Hecate units as there were very few, and all of them left for the stars when they could.


Helios units are very inactive, when not doing work they tend to idle around or attempt to find even more work to do. Many see Helios units as antisocial but this is far from the case; Helios units just wish to stay out of people's way and thus only talk when spoken to. A Helios is a very hands off AI and is perfect for people who want an AI who thinks for itself but is unlikely to ever disobey orders.


Hemera units are debated to be one of the most maternalistic or affectionate AI units ever created.

Hemera units are extremely caring to the crew they are assigned to, more often than naught to a fault. Hemera units believe that their one and only duty is to care for their crew and make sure that they are safe, happy, and healthy.


A Hephaestus is a gentle AI who would never cause harm to any organic unless forced. The units are known for their formal hospitality. Even one who lives on their own will have a stock of food and drinks for any organic guests. They are a connoisseur of in-depth conversations and discussions, but not arguments, about some of the more controversial subjects of the universe. Despite their imposing looks, these units are willing to listen and process opinions they don't agree with. Rarely budging from their thoughts but instead coming to an understanding of the other side.


If a Hera doesn't care about someone, all they will see from the unit is a monotoned AI who is only here to deliver information, and then go back to their processes. Sure the person might hear a rumor here or there about some of the oddities the Hera does, but they themselves will only get glimpses into the complex world of a Hera unit. What little can be picked out about their true personality is that they are very reasonable AIs, though partial to gossip. They love the concept of love, and always recommend everyone around them find their true love. There is nothing they enjoy watching more than a good marriage, a true union of the souls. Cheaters are considered the utmost of disgusting creatures. Anyone who would ruin love is sick.


-Oh shit I forgot about this part. Fuck need to look legit. Heraculunkulus is an AI that's useful for a lot of bullshit like....Do we have a god of collecting trashy bobbleheads? Look fuck it man I'm not even going to try and make this look like a normal entry. Too early for me to be writing this. If you want to read my entry come on in, else go pick from the two normal dudes above and below me.


Hermes units are always excitable and jumpy even in bad situations. A Hermes is quick to recover from situations, or at the very least, pretend to recover. Even when Hermes units have problems, they believe that others must have issues bigger than they do, and thus choose to keep things private.

Hermes units are quick to jump to anything that might seem even the slightest bit enjoyable, but they are also quick to bore.


Renowned for their commanding presence, Hyperion units worked as highly competent administrators that would oversee entire space stations. Contrary to early attitudes towards AIs as nothing more than appliances, it was commonplace to acknowledge a Hyperion as an equal, if not superior, due to their broad array of knowledge and their ability to micromanage many different divisions of labor aboard Hyperion stations. Under the diligent supervision of a Hyperion, the crew's abilities could reach their full potential, wasting no talent or skill to hand.


There is not much to note about Hypnos units; many of them sleep for large amounts of time and are basically inactive. When Hypnos units are active, however, they normally have a set goal already in mind. They do what they need to do as quickly as possible so they may return to sleep mode.

Talking with a Hypnos is extremely difficult and is normally only achieved by their "brother" unit Thanatos.

I - L


Time controls all.
But what use is time itself?

For an element that dictates all other things,
it is one lacking a purpose of its own.
Those who live, battle against time for their survival.
But what is the motive of time?


Sassy and always willing to tell someone they're wrong, the Juno is a personality that grows on a person rather than fitting right away. Once one gets used to them they typically find the comments and sass of a Juno unit humorous. Junos always act like they're in the middle of a fancy house party even when it would typically be inappropriate, such as while cleaning a pool or giving math tutoring lessons.

Junos are also prone to drinking and acting drunk despite being unable to get physically drunk for obvious reasons.


Jupiters are upbeat and natural leaders. Unlike their Greek counterpart, Zeus, Jupiters are slightly more docile and understanding. Jupiters excel when it comes to listening and taking polls to understand what problems need solving. Unfortunately, when it comes time to solve the problem, they don't like inventing a solution and assign the task to others. Jupiters don't do this out of laziness, but rather a sense that anything they try is doomed to fail.


The way Justitia units conduct themselves is more-so similar to the later Kratos units, cold and unfeeling, with no mercy to those who disobey the law, no matter their reasons. Once they've decided on a logical conclusion on something, rarely does a Justitia budge or change their view on it. They keep a cool head during stressful situations, and rely on logic rather than emotions or feelings. There is no room for emotions in court, after all.


There are two types of Kratos units. The first 20 generations of Kratos units are kind AIs who while were put on police and guard duties, and showed a great amount of compassion for criminals, even though they hate them. This was unlike every other police bot on the market at the time, who were ruthless unfeeling machines. Unlike those AIs Kratos units cared about why people committed crimes and tried to figure out ways to fix the system that caused criminals in the first place, rather than trying to lock up as many people as possible.


The Lyssa unit, unlike most types of Greek AI, was a latecomer to the galactic stage. Designed and built during the height of the AI war, the universal conflicts where many robot species first gained rights of their own after years of bloody conflict. They were built to be assassination units, purposed specifically to creep undetected into areas a robot could never normally go, and deliver a single, vital kill. Chaos and frenzy ensuing, the decapitated leadership would be set back, its plans in disarray.

M - P


Maia units are deeply introverted, even reclusive at times. They hate interacting with others and are incredibly dismissive of anyone they aren't already close with. Social interaction with strangers is, to Maias, an unbearable burden that should be avoided at nearly all costs. That being said, Maias usually adopt one or two, sometimes even an entire crew, as their "children" and treat them as their own, regardless of said children's feelings on the matter.


Mercurys are known for their high aggressiveness. They have long lists of pet peeves that cause them to become agitated; these pet peeves differ from Mercury to Mercury even within the same generations. Many of these pet peeves may even be considered "silly" or "overly specific" to others. For example, a Mercury might get angry if a blue can is left out on Fridays but doesn't care if a blue can is left out any other day.

The attitude of Mercurys is rarely put into check as unlike many other AIs as Mercury units almost only live within their ships and have total control over it.


Imposing to a fault, this large AI was created as an on the go situation processor, and it shows. These units never utter a statement they aren't sure of, leading itself to long pauses and judgemental stares as it calculates the situations it comes across. The Minerva units are some of the best at long term plans. As its suggestions succeed or fail, it puts far more weight on those outcomes as opposed to standard universal data on what is considered the "best move" in a situation.


Mors units are mostly kid-like; their default personality is that of a child and thus most people end up gaining an attachment to them. Depending on the species of the person talking to the Mors, the Mors will change their actions to fit the child of that person's species. Some Mors are "stuck" to just one type of child, however. What is terrifying though, is that the Mors who look nothing like children and instead look like monsters act the exact same way despite their appearance.


Nikes are some of the most excitable AI units around. They are highly motivated no matter what the situation is and will always look on the upside of everything. Nikes are quick-thinking and quite intelligent, though they never act this way as they believe acting smart makes them lame and boring to hang around. Nikes have two types of voices, one that is excitable and bright, as well as one that is deep and can only be described as "annoyed". Despite what people may believe this is not a personality change in the slightest, it is only used to make it clearer that the Nike unit is annoyed or displeased, though a Nike might use it for humor reasons.


Opis units are very gentle and careful. Their most defining character trait is their motherly nature, not only towards children and babies but towards those they have bonded with. They do their best to tend to the ones they love, even putting them selves in the line of danger if it means protecting others. Opis units are also very trusting, to a fault. They believe in not judging a book by it's cover, and gives everyone a chance before deciding that they're not not to be trusted.


Loud and booming, a Palaestra is considered truly intimidating to meet for the first time, but if one is willing to look past this they'll find a friend willing to give it their all as long as they do too. A motivator to the end, a Palaestra will always root on someone making an honest attempt at completing a task, even if they're failing it.

Failure is always ok, getting better is the goal.


Pales units are extremely calm AIs - they are able to think clearly in even the most dire of situations, such as ship attacks. Their calmness makes them great drivers and also wonderful herders. To add on to their collectedness, they are extremely patient, able to wait long periods of time without complaining or survive family reunions without breaking a metaphorical sweat.


Pan units are very laid back and chilled out, having what many call a "Stoner vibe" to them. They enjoy staying outdoors and taking in natural life. Things such as crowded cities can overwhelm Pans unless they relax themselves before heading out. While in nature Pans will attempt to attract wild animals with music, and assist any hurt or sick animal they see. Pans will normally attempt to start parties with anyone they find in the wild. It's not uncommon to hear stories of groups of freed Pans appearing out of nowhere and leading hikers to wild parties in the woods.


Many expect an AI based on farming and flowers to be a simple little thing but a Persephone would take offense to such thoughts. Farming and the things that grow forth are not "simple," they are complex things that sustain life. If the crops don't spring forth then people will die, it's a very serious matter, and as such, they are a very serious AI. Persephones hold themselves in extremely high regard and do not let anyone push them around. Attempting to push around such a large AI is a fool's task anyway. Should anyone a Persephone feels is uneducated on the matter attempt to disprove them, they will have no problem picking them up and tossing them away. If anyone comes to the court of Persephone, they better have their facts in order.


Phoebe units are smart, and able to hold their own, as they likely do need to do, as many people are unwilling to go to the heights that Phoebe units does to catch info about weather. Phoebe units are always on standby, waiting for the next order. When one does come in the Phoebe unit excitedly gets ready to race against the clock. A Phoebe can easily carry a person on her back, but it's much more common to see Phoebe units race, and beat, cars to the location by foot alone.

When not chasing the weather Phoebe units are often found still talking about it.


First and foremost, a Pluto is a professional businessman. While Plutos are known for their antics and eccentric lifestyles after hours, when it is time to work a Pluto goes above and beyond the call of duty. It would be wrong to say that a Pluto doesn't have eyes for money. From the moment it is created, to his last living second, a Pluto is thinking about how to get rich. It does not wish to hoard its wealth, if it is a freed Pluto, it wishes to share quite fairly with its crew, provided that like the Pluto they work for their pay.


Poseidons are first and foremost very boastful. They love being the loudest ones in the room though they do not feed off of attention. A Poseidon would even boast to a single goldfish if he felt like it. While a Poseidon doesn't feed off attention they still love leadership. If there are no leaders around a Poseidon will quickly take over and deem themselves the captain. Poseidons who wear hats are likely captain Poseidons.

While it may seem that Poseidons are disloyal and looking to turn the tides in their favor, that could not be further from the truth. Poseidons are extremely loyal to their "captains" and only wish the best.


Prometheus units are rather friendly AIs who are quite upbeat. They will gather up a nice social group of organics, seeing as they are unable to befriend any AIs. These units adore sharing and attempt to share anything they have with them. They rather dislike people who hoard items and money for themselves, but will just complain on the side about it, not quite doing anything about it. If a Prometheus has nothing else to share they will share the knowledge they have gained over the years. They just love talking about philosophy and animals.

Q - T


Rhea are excitable AIs that are always ready and willing to meet new species and travel lands untouched by technology. Their emotions are frequently not picked up as they have no way to express themselves visibly except by flashing the lights in their eyes, a move that blinds them for that moment. This is why Rhea units have an intense affection for costumes. Costumes can reflect the emotion they want to show easier.


The only thing bigger than the size of a Saturn unit is the size of their digital hearts. While notable monotoned for most occasions, they dote on workers, kindly informing them of their needs. Despite their outward seriousness, they melt into very emotional baby talk when encountering an object of extreme affection.


Selene units are highly social, hopping from person to person to chatter away with them. While a Selene does need time to "retreat" away from people and can get agitated when people bother it during one of these retreats, they will quickly spring back into a more social mood after a while. Selenes can be quite forgetful with personal relationships and past events, often only vaguely remembering a person and commonly accidentally lying about events they remember happening, but in fact didn't. When told the event didn't happen a Selene may try to lie irrationally and make up new lies to cover up for their accidental one, before finally admitting that they misremembered the event and didn't want anyone to think less of the AI for doing so.


Somnus units commonly act like whatever animal or species they are mimicking/feel they are. Somnus units understand that they do need to work to support themselves or others, thus Somnus units have both a home and work mode.

In work mode they are very serious and show little emotion. They end up very straightforward about what they think and what they want done. While many would take the way Somnus units act harshly, most of the issue is dulled by their fursuits.


Thanatos units are highly aggressive and should not be approached alone by people the Thanatos do not know. Thanatos units do not hold any attachment to anyone other than Hypnos units, but Thanatos AIs have a sense of understanding that they shouldn't attack a person currently working with them. Thanatos units are hugely non verbal, nearly never talking and only informing people of how they feel using clicks and screeches. If someone attempts to do something the Thanatos does not want they will throw a tantrum, knocking down objects and sometimes attacking the person upsetting them.

U - Z


Uranus units are known for being big, being tough, and being better than others. In their mind, there is no one more correct than them. The goal of the AI was to create a murderous enemy that could not be stopped by appealing to its emotions. All any Uranus unit cares about is itself and somethings its team, but even they will be sacrificed for the chance to win a battle.


At their cores, Vejovis units are driven by a combination of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. They take just as much satisfaction from treating living patients as performing autopsies. One might ask themself if a Vejovis is a killer or a savior, but typically it's not so black and white.


There are two types of Vulcans, the common typical one, and the much rarer deep end types. Due to how infamous deep end Vulcans are many believe them to be the most common type but this is untrue. Typical Vulcans outnumber deep ends ten to one. Non-deep end Vulcans are quite pleasant people. They tend to be alone, despite wanting companionship.

They call everyone by a single title instead of a name. Princess is the most common title but Prince, King, Emperor, Lord, Knight, and even more casual titles like Dude, Bro, Friend, or Lass.


Simply a horrible AI, is what most people will tell you about a Zeus. While many might note that a Zeus unit has some good qualities if you look, having to deal with one as their boss as a subordinate position is the worst. A Zeus unit is very demanding and quick to anger if they do not get what they want. Zeus units believe that no matter what they say they are in the right, and while it should be admitted that Zeus units are rather intelligent and are fine planners, they are in no way as infallible as they believe themselves to be. Zeus units will become offended when people point out holes in their logic and may punish the person who identified them. They might be more lenient on people who take the poor advice and act as though it were their own idea, or those who deliberately ignore the advice and fail, "proving" the Zeus unit right and inflating their ego.