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“Ah fiddlesticks, that's the second arm this week!” — Phillip the exterminator

Art by, Atomic

Dominant Residents: Volkronn
Other Residents: Mafleeca, Kuppa, Generic

Fauna: Horrible mutants from the deep
Weather: Very hot, very dry, with a side of mutation

Danger Level: High
Purpose: One of the universe's lead producers of ships, weapons, and fuel. Bargains are easy to find here, and due to lax regulation, it is also a popular hub for black market trade.

Original Creator: Spish

Physical Description

Valkan is a sandy, red and black, mineral-rich planet with an extremely hot atmosphere compounded by pollution and radiation. There are two habitable regions at the north and south sides of the planet, separated by the expansive desert wasteland that lies between them. The resident species are the volkronn, who make their homes in cities built in the hollow insides of massive, iron-wrought superstructures on the planet's surface.

Inner-city conditions are more controlled, with smog pumped out through vents and temperature maintained to a semi-comfortable degree. Despite this, the air is still somewhat contaminated, and it is important to note that the volkronn standard of room temperature is much higher than average.


History is written by the winners, as such, Valkan history has been dramatized and embellished every which way, to the point where very little of it lines up with facts anymore. What is fairly obvious is that much of the volkronn's success is owed to them having sold out their planet's abundant resources. Large portions of the planetary crust have been mined out and shipped elsewhere, leaving much of the planet hollow and cavernous beneath the surface. Valkan wasn't always covered in desert, the owners saw to that through generations of polluting and exploiting the environment.

What little remains of the planet's wildlife was driven into the vast network of artificial tunnels below the planet's surface, and fed a steady diet of garbage and radioactive waste. Over the centuries these animals have evolved into ghastly things. They have a nasty habit of burrowing up through floors and lurking in basements, sewers, abandoned buildings, and alleyways. While the locals view these creatures as mere pests, they have been known to gobble up the unwary visitor.

Valkarian society is largely run by corporations. The north and south regions of the planet are bitter economic rivals, the latter being far less tolerant of outsiders, each with their own president. Volkronn presidents are generally chosen for their power and ferocity rather than their charisma, primarily serving the role of chief diplomat and commander, while their cabinet of corporate elites handles the actual governing. When they are unable to come to an agreement which, being fiercely competitive is rather often, the president is given the final say in most matters.


North Valkan: The planet's northern capital and largest metropolis can be found here. A massive building serves as the central column of the city, and it is from here that the volkronn elite pull the strings. While there are laws to protect visitors, locals are nonetheless keen to exploit them in any way they can. Employers pay well, and openly welcome anyone who is willing to work or entertain; though things can get messy as competing businesses battle, quite literally, for supremacy. Meatbags are advised to use caution when travelling through darker areas, as there is no natural sunlight and the city has a bit of a "pest problem."

Outskirts: The outdoor regions where the dregs and outcasts of Valkan society live. Mountains of unwanted junk line the roads. The area is buzzing with criminal activity, and inner city laws that would normally protect visitors do not apply out here. The hot, polluted air of Valkan's atmosphere can be draining on one's stamina.

Dead Zone: This is the land between the habitable zones of the planet. The air is filled with radiation, practically toxic and, at the height of day, the atmosphere is hot enough to cook a person inside of their skin. Broken-down factories, ships, and mineshafts have become hives for dangerous fauna. The area is littered with abandoned settlements free for the plundering, but only the most hardy of organics would have any chance of surviving here.


Something in the Air: Prolonged exposure to planet Valkan's atmosphere may result in mutation.

Fauna Example:

Valkarian Maggot: Large, grotesquely mutated, centipede-like creatures with bleach-white carapaces, three large serrated mandibles, and a myriad of red eyes that seem to glow under dim light. They are capable of moving very quickly through the ground, and have an annoying habit of burrowing through floors and streets. They're not picky eaters; their saliva is acidic, and their usual diet consists of trash, scrap, dead bodies, as well as the occasional hapless tourist. Their eyes are very sensitive, so they will avoid sun and bright lights.


• Anyone signing for an entertainment gig on Valkan would do well to know the risks before they waive their rights. Volkronn like their shows extra-violent, and their programming is especially unkind to outsider species. After all, a little burning and some maiming here and there is always good for a laugh.

• The only safe way from one side of the planet to the other by foot is via elevator; often cited as "the longest elevator ride of my life."

• Most meat on Valkan is artificially manufactured and rather bland to the taste. Consequentially, there is high demand for good old-fashioned organic meat. Volkronn will take whatever they can get.

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