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“This planet sucks....coffee sucks....” — An Oomn who hates coffee, to this date we have no idea why she decided to visit this planet

Art by, Atomic

Dominant Residents: Kuppa
Other Residents: Metaparxi

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Hot and cloudy

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Coffee

Original Creator: nonexistentPumpkin

Physical Description

Nearly completely covered in coffee factories and other coffee-based facilities, with only a few small nature preserves. What little green is on the planet shifts constantly, as most of the flora is mobile. The air and water appear brown, but this is just due to millennia of coffee steam, and not any pollution from factories.


Kuppas evolved a natural attractant and method of killing their prey, the many walking plants that live on the planet. Said prey never seemed to catch on to this, some practically jumped into their heads, so farming was never much of a concern. The real concern was what to do with the excess blood from this perfect lure/weapon, eventually leading to the "blood age" in which nearly everything they made involved coffee at some point in its production.

With their natural need to feel productive, industry had already taken over the planet by the time they made contact with other species. It was only a matter of converting existing facilities to put out coffee rather than use it in the production of other things.


The Coffee Factory: While there's plenty of coffee factories on the planet, this one is known for its fantastic tours, which often involve several musical numbers. It is also the only factory on the planet that allows tours.

The Tea Towers Hotel: Made for any visitors intending on an extended stay under the name "Milk and Sugar", but as quickly overrun with tea kuppas who did not have a place to live. They were allowed to stay as the actual staff of the hotel were not so good at making activities that fit most species' definitions of "fun" or "relaxing," and the tea kuppas were much better with guests. It is located near a large nature preserve, the owners thinking the sight of shifting plantlife would be calming for guests. More often guests find it creepy, but at least they don't have to worry about poachers as much as they thought they would.

The Museum of Caffinated Artifacts: A place filled with artifacts from the "blood age" before kuppas met other species. In this time, kuppas incorporated their blood into many products and processes in an attempt to make as much use of it as possible. An entire era tinged mocha.




• While the water might look like coffee it just tastes like a gross bitter salty mess.

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