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Animal Planet

“God abandoned the notails on this planet. God had hoped they would die, but instead they thrived” — Tourist Guide to the Universe

Art by, Atomic

Part of the Notail collection

Emblem by Atomic

Dominant Residents: Notail

Fauna: The fauna of eukaryote evolve at an extremely accelerated rate and are thus highly varied.
Weather: Highly unpredictable and horrible.

Danger Level: High
Purpose: Notail Homeworld

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

There's not much mercy to see on the notail's home world. The weather is unpredictable, a ring of rocks orbit the planet, raining down flaming debris whenever it's in the mood, animals evolve at an extremely accelerated rate, to the point that a parent and their grandchild can look very different from each other, the sky is an aggressive red, the seas are tinted a dirty looking black, and worst of all, the notails live here.

The planet is constantly undergoing shifts, but the notails have worked hard to normalize things as much as they can, because unlike their environment they do not evolve as fast. The soil has a red tint to it, but the trees and grass grow a, if slightly sickly looking, green. Forests pad the planet, while countless rivers snake throughout the whole thing and out to the two seas that are on the planet. Compared to a lot of planets, Eukaryote is strange in that there are very few mountains, and the mountains that are around are fairly small in comparison to the average mountain.

The planet is covered in deadly sicknesses, and as such it's highly recommend one is up to date on their shots before heading to the planet. Getting sick, and going to a notail doctor on this planet may be worse than letting the sickness consume one's self.


Little is known about the planet itself, other then before the notails appeared, a species known as the tailed ones lived on it. They were wiped out, as legends go, by the notails. Fossil records show that there does not appear to be any sort of ancestor to the notail, but due to how quickly and strangely things evolve on the planet, many species have missing links.

The notails quickly took claim to the planet, and were able to set up many safe spots, including a forest filled with deadly creatures for their young to test their skills in. The notail version of safe is, of course, not the same version of safe other species use. When they set themselves up for the stars their planet kept being their home base, and still is to this day.


Archaeplastida: Being allowed to visit Archaeplastida is rare, but sometimes visitors are allowed. Archaeplastida is where young notails are raised, protected by the M-Class, and watched over by metaparxi who are being trained for their life ahead of them along with the young notails. In comparison to the rest of the planet, it is fairly peaceful, but still, beasts roam the outskrits, ready to snatch a metaparxi or notail who aren't on guard.

Base Animalia: Base Animalia is the most important notail animal collection, training, and mutating labs on the whole planet. While there are many deadly animals roaming around, the brave can manage to grab good deals on "dud" animals from the notails. Trained and ready to fight.

Chordata: Chordata is abandoned, the notails will note. No one in the right mind goes to Chordata. Chordata is where we dump people we want to die, the notails will say. There is no law in Chordata, none at all. Anyone can do whatever they wish in Chordata. The notails of Chordata are either in Chordata as a punishment, or because they're sick enough to ask to be transferred to Chordata. The notails accept this, both ways are good for culling the pack as they say. One thing is for sure though. No notail, even those who wish harm on many others will tell anyone that going to Chordata is ok.


Hyper Evolution: The animals on the planet have a very fast evolution cycle. As such they are ever changing. Notails have figured out the genes for this hyper evolution and figured out how to activate it on living beings. Doing so has a chance to kill the being, but notails figure it's worth killing a few animals to get one that's much better.


• The place smells, there's no way around it. Notails are fairly unclean as a defense against animals, and anyone with a sensitive nose should avoid the planet, while not overwhelmingly smelly, it can take an hour or two to get used to it. Most assume the smell comes from the notails themselves, but it rather comes from their cities.

• One should never agree to take part of any experiments while visiting. Notails are more than happy to go too far with their experiments, but a simple no to any offer for being experimented on is enough for them. Notails are looking for those who are stupid or weak, and simply one knowing better than to agree to such a thing shows that they're worth not killing.

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