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“So what do you want today?" "Oh I'm thinking sandwiches, what about you?" "Ugh, sandwiches again FloopMeep? What's wrong with good old grass?!” — A gemimi talking to themselves using their puppets

Art by, Atomic

Part of the Zodiac collection

Emblem by Artem1s
  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-2
  • Charisma-9
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-7
  • Luck-4

Common Jobs: A gemimi talking to themselves using their puppets.
Likes: Dead bodies, Sheets, Magazines, Talking with people
Dislikes: Repetition, Loneliness

Attack Method: Uses puppets to scare away foe. If it fails they will run away, commonly using the puppets as a distraction.

Homeplanet: Unknown/Not Important
Lifespan: 75 years
Size: 5 ft tall
Diet: Plants

Bodytype: Quadruped
Type: Mollusk
Social Class: Low Class
Rarity: Uncommon
Common Traits
[Security Blanket] Neutral trait
This character has an item on their possession that they interact with daily, or even during conversation. This provides light morale and sanity bonuses while they have it, but without it they will seek a replacement and can take light morale and sanity damage. The item can be anything, not just a blanket.
[Cooperative] Positive trait
This character does wonderfully in team situations and is always willing to follow plans. This character is almost always ready and willing to help and others rarely feel this character is dragging their feet in a team related operation.
[Yes-Man] Negative trait
This character finds it hard to refuse orders or requests from others, and is easily persuaded to perform tasks.

The gemimi can never agree on what god(s) to honor. Their puppets tend to argue about which god they rather honor, until finally deciding to honor whatever they feel like. They will commonly argue months later about each others choice.

Gods: Any

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

The gemimi at first glance appears to be a person hiding behind a poorly constructed bed sheet that commonly has a type of face cut out of it and replaced with a black fabric. A quick attempt at pulling off the sheet will reveal the true form under the sheet, a mass of black, white, or red tentacles that once they notice that their disguise has been ruined, will writhe around and grab whoever possible to cover their eyes.

When a gemimi is wearing a sheet they will take their tentacles and tie them loosely in such a way that someone may confuse them for just being a simple person under it. This is an evolutionary trait they have gained from when they used to carry large bushes on their back in a disguise attempt. The bottom has 4 legs with flat bottoms, and in between them all is the main mouth of the gemimi, though the gemimi may have 1 - 3 more mouths on their body. The tentacles that make up the body of the gemimi tend to be thinner than their much stronger back tentacles that serve as a tail.

Most gemimi have two back tails other than a subspecies. At the tip of the gemimi's tails will either be a dead body or a puppet, though puppets are becoming more of the norm as other species find carrying a dead body disgusting. The dead bodies are commonly the largest dead body the gemimi could find, as it uses the dead body to scare away would be eaters by pretending the animal is still alive. When using a puppet gemimis just pick one that is aesthetically pleasing or speaks to them on an emotional level, and as such these puppets can range from hand puppets to complex life-sized puppets.

All gemimi start out as being able to be held in the palm of one's hand but get bigger as they consume food. The more excess food they consume the bigger they get. A gemimi could be handheld sized for their whole life, or be as big as a two storied house.


The gemimi is an affectionate and peaceful herbivore. Their love of travel keeps them on the move, they never feel like they have truly found their place in the world, and while for some gemimis this makes them nervous and uncertain, others enjoy the excitement of meeting new people. Gemimi are social creatures, normally they carefully build a friend group that understands them and their needs.

To make sure they never are without a "friend" the gemimi has two bodies, or puppets it carries on its tails. The gemimi itself never speaks, and in fact only speaks through its puppets. When a gemimi finds a dead body or a puppet it likes when it has an empty puppet slot, it will look it over for a few minutes, quickly forming a character in its head and then equipping it. The two puppets the gemimi wear commonly tend to be opposites of each other, bickering and never being able to come to a decisive thought on a matter.

The gemimi's strange puppetry comes from a survival method in which gemimis would take dead bodies and copy the sounds the animal used to make when living. These sounds, and the body, would draw away predators who would assume there was a much bigger predator in the area, or if they noticed the gemimi dragging it around, thought the gemimi was a killer. Gemimis are pacifists and never actively attempt to kill other animals or species, but instead scavenge from corpses.

Gemimi seem to have a strange relationship with their puppets. They appear to be fully aware that their puppets are just that, but absolutely believe that no one else can see them puppeting their puppets. They believe that everyone is easily fooled by their fake selves, and if someone points out that the puppets are just that the gemimi gets angry at the person and refuses to speak with them. If someone steals or destroys a puppet the gemimi will also attack the person, and then proceed to mourn their fallen "family member."

While originally thought to be a useless throwaway species, many people recognized that the gemimis unique ability to mimic someone's character was useful in things such as plays, therapy, and consoling. As long as the gemimi felt safe the gemimi would be willing to drop their puppets and pick up 2 other ones, commonly ones of the people in the situation they were mocking, and could serve as an active look into what the two people would do in a situation. The gemimi must of course know about both of the people, and usually if they cannot meet the people in person, opting to watch hours of videos on them also works.

It is not known if gemimis truly have thoughts of their own, or even a complete sense of being. Many seem to agree that gemimis only live through the characters they create and mimic, but rarely one might hear a puppet speak about things the gemimi itself likes. Such as a puppet might comment that the gemimi likes a certain band that's on. These seem to be small breaks in the gemimi's mind, a tiny look into what the creature behind the curtains is like.


Gemimis have very little history. The gemimis were peaceful grazers who while they had ambition, weren't quite looking to the stars. The gemimis had gotten as far as building a few small towns and traveling between them every season, and were heavily united as a species, but they never advanced passed brick homes and basic farming as a species.

When the gemimis were found by the Leo, they were quick to listen to the new species, being the type of people who were glad that finally someone could settle their internal arguments.


Many tailed gemimi: The many tailed gemimi has many bodies which they carry around instead of one or two bodies. The largest group of bodies carried around is recorded at over 30. The many tailed gemimi has longer, but thinner tails and thus can only pick up lightweight bodies and puppets.

One tailed gemimi: One-tailed gemimis are not truly a subspecies but a two-tailed gemimi, also known as the common gemimi, who has ended up with a "dominant" personality in one of their puppets. This puppet will destroy the other one, and commonly destroy anymore the gemimi grabs. One-tailed gemimi do not wear sheets and only cover themselves in weapons. In the old days these weapons would be sharpened sticks, but now they commonly hold swords and guns. Other gemimi escape danger and run to one-tailed gemimis, who are quick to kill the attacker. If the dominant puppet is removed, it is likely the gemimi will return to a more normal mode, holding two puppets.




Ariesa: The ariesa and the gemimi walk a fine line with each other. While the gemimis love the sun ariesa, they do not trust the moon ariesa, and the moon ariesa are happy to say they share the same feelings. Whenever gemimis work with the ariesa the sun side of the ariesa ends up either having to mediate their moon half and the gemimis or ask that the moons stay out of the situation.

Due to this all the gemimi and ariesa do not commonly work together, as the ariesa are frankly unwilling to ruin the tight inner species relationship to deal with the gemimi.

BVo9: They love to talk about grass together. BVo9 believe that the puppets on the back of a gemimi are real people hitching a ride on that gemimi. They will have a conversation with the gemimi using the puppets as a go-between, asking the puppets how the gemimi is doing in order to talk about grass, the easy life, how their gemimi is treating them, and the like. Young BVo9 who do not have their chassis yet, or older ones who prefer to wear the traditional clay-rubber shell, love to ask gemimi for a race. BVo9 are one of the rare species that prefer gemimi's traditional practice of hauling around carcasses instead of puppets because it's choice.

While on a personal scale a gemimi and BVo9 get along, gemimis and BVo9s are historically poor with working with each other. They both will be happy to work with each other on major scale projects, only for it to go horribly wrong and for another species from the limbo system having to come in and clean up the mess. It has been agreed that if the gemimis and BVo9s ever agree to a big project, that someone should either oversee it before both of their imaginations get in the way, or that the project should be voted to be declined.

Carcili: The carcili aren't fond of the gemimi, with their play-acting and duality of the mind. The carefreeness often comes off to these colossal beings as foolishness or stupidity, leading to much derision by the solitary snakefish. The time between dreams. The gemimi in turn have a special hatred for being dreamed by the carcili as it imposes a one-ness of mind during the dream, which is so greatly against their normal duality that it can cause great stress and mental issues for the gemimi.

This is exacerbated by the fact that the head of a gemimi is a strange place for other species, and many carcili dislike dealing with the mental apparitions of the gemimi almost as much as the gemimi hate being bodyjacked to begin with as a result. The carcili also dislike the close relationship between the gemimi and libraille, and often oppose them out of spite.

Leo: The leos and the gemimi have been friends the moment the leos landed on the gemimi planet. While some species are off put by how confident the leos hold themselves, the gemimi rather like this confidence, it appealing to their follower ways. The gemimis, who love to travel were a shoe in for the leos, who happily accepted the gemimis help.

When one sees a leo traveling among the stars it isn't all too uncommon to spot a gemimi traveling with them, carrying what they need, and overall just being a lackey to the leos. The leos aspect the whole puppetry business of the gemimi, but admittedly they just agree with whatever puppet works better in their favor at the moment, rather then take both puppets in to account. This also applies on a larger social scale.

Virgora: The gemimis and the virgoras always had a hard time getting along. Virgoras can't understand what gemimis are attempting to pull with their puppet act, while gemimis are frankly insulted by the virgoras calling them out, never mind the fact that the gemimi find it hard to understand what they feel are just emotionless plants. Dispite this, the moment the gemimis stepped on the virgora's homeworld, they were in love, and the virgora's realized they had a perfect opportunity on their hands. The virgoras allowed the gemimi to move to their homeworld, and the gemimis pay handsomely for this. With the money the virgoras are finally able to leave their homeworld and finally be with anyone but their own species.

Everything quickly went sour though. The virgoras who refused, or could not leave their homeworld frequently find themselves in great argument with the gemimis who live there. This causes a great issue with the virgoras who have left the homeplanet and wish to do nothing more with it, as now the homeworld virgoras wish to either kick out the gemimis or take most of the money that's funding the move in to space. Due to the gemimi's unwillingness to change their habits, the virgoras frequently find themselves between a rock and a hard place, and still don't understand why the gemimis can't make the changes needed to make the homeworld virgoras happy.

Libraille: The relations between the libraille and the gemimi has always been a smooth one, though may appear strange to any onlookers. Librailles are known for commonly acting as mediators between gemimi puppets. Gemimis are happy to take this assistance as they know without a "3rd" party their personal debates can go for hours before they come to an agreement. Due to the librailles assistance in manners gemimis commonly tag along with librailles, agreeing with what they say, even if sometimes the gemimi doesn't actually pay attention to what is being said. Librailles will sometimes inform people about which puppet not to listen to in certain situations, such as "Do not talk to the left puppet about what toppings belong on pizza."

Politically the librailles and gemimi share nearly the same arrangement. Gemimis frequently are unable to pick between sides and so nearly always default their vote to "Whatever the librailles are voting for", even in situations where picking what the librailles are voting for. The librailles not being malicious may inform the gemimis about this, at which point the gemimis will either continue voting for what the librailles voted for, or delay the vote for days as they attempt to figure out what to vote for.

Skokakrio: In short, the gemimi and the skokakrio do not like each other very much. Their strained relationship began when the gemimis decided to throw a surprise welcome party for the recently arrived skokakrios by waltzing over to their homeworld and greeting them, which is what they did frequently to other homeplanets in the zodiac system. To the unknowing skokakrio, this looked like an invasion, and reacted "appropriately" with death threats and aggressive warnings. The gemimi retreated from the homeworld, but they left a bad, bad impression on the skokakrios. Since then, the gemimi government has tried to improve relations with the skokakrios by pranking them and throwing more surprise parties (a thing that has worked before in other situations), but the skokakrios simply are not having it with their happy-go-lucky attitude. They believe that the gemimis are a waste of time, a nuisance, and the whole puppet shtick is annoying. The cycle of gemimi parties and skokakrios lashing out aggressively at those parties continues to this day.

Sagittari: While the sagittari and the gemimi may have not cared about the other in the communication era, they clicked right away when they finally met up. Gemimis and sagittaris are natural travelers, not only that but by a gemimi using a sagittari as a puppet, the gemimi would gain protection and the sagittari would gain a steed to use in hunts. Not only that but gemimis that used a sagittari as a puppet would become a one tailed gemimi, which normally meant that the gemimi could protect a small herd of gemimis. The sagittari could use this to their advantage, having the gemimis attract, and take down big prey.

The gemimi's and the sagittari's governments assist with each other's issues all the time. They work together to make sure both of them are happy, and are rarely seen bickering about any issues. Many areas where one of them can be found, the other will be found near.

Kapricanus: Gemimi dislike and stay away from the kapricanus, feeling their thoughts on matters is an attempt at annoying others. Even when a gemimi has many puppets, all of them will seem to agree that kapricanus are not to be listened to. A rare moment where a gemimi actively agrees with themselves.

Duckarium: When the duckariums first met the gemimi, they were appalled by their corpse puppets, but were delighted to see how friendly and gentle they were with children. Duckariums, being famously known for their crafting skills gave puppets to gemimi, and the gemimi would replace decaying flesh puppets with the new ones fashioned out of wood or cloth. This started a rather big trade network between the two, with gemimis babysitting for duckariums or being entertainers for the puppets they needed.

Aqualisces: Before both the gemimi and aqualisces got into space, both of them would commonly contact each other for help with their daily lives. Many aqualisces and gemimi would chatter over the waves, helping their friends who they couldn't see. Once space travel got into the mix the aqualisces and gemimi were excited to meet their friends, but the whole event was considered lackluster. The two species didn't click as well as they did before, and the differences in their society made getting along difficult.

While both species' governments still work together with each other, on an individual and social level the two species seem to be nothing more than awkward friends. Their relationships would sometimes even devolve into unhealthy banter with one of them tossing the occasional offensive comment and the other attempting their very best to act like they didn't hear it.


• Young gemimi naturally toss away puppets to pick up dead carcasses to carry around. Usage of puppets is a taught skill, not a natural one.

• Each gemimi have a special number. If one sees this number it is best to back out of the area and never look back. This special number is associated with tricks and even if one assumes that there's no way a gemimi could be in the area, they end up surprised by a trick anyway.

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