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Magic God / Perfect

“There's no evil that can compare to the harm done by a good person clinging to the wrong idea.” — Tourist Guide to the Universe quote on necromancy

Art by, Space Dorf

  • Strength-10
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-10

Type: Greek
Size: 5'9 ft tall
Jobs: A Hecate can at least attempt nearly any job and will not refuse any requests given to them.

Likes: Perfection
Dislikes: Imperfection
Attack Method: Hecate attempts to talk her way out of things before attacking.

Common Ship Info

The common Hecate ship is called "A Perfect" and is a fairly plain, and yet perfect, ship.

Ship Capacity: 10 people
Carrying Capacity: 2000 loads
Fuel Limit: Holds 100 fuel and uses 100
Shield: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Speed: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

V1's Traits
[Perfect] Mystery trait
Nobody is perfect.

Hecate gives her consorts +5 points to their lowest stat. If two stats are the lowest then it is picked randomly between them.

Main Consorts: Occraft, Generic, Metima
Side Consorts: Marsue

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

The original two generations of Hecate are described as beings of pure perfection. They were seen as the perfect robot, able to take care of herself and others with grace. These Hecates were made to be proof of concepts and thus were never on the market. The fact that no one could get their hands on these AIs made them even more special in the eyes of the public.

The notails who made the Hecate had this to say about the Hecates. "Perfect, but nothing special." The Hecate units were then tossed out into the world as they had no reason to exist other than being a proof of concept of what would happen if someone were to make an AI that was as close to perfection as possible. In the end, really the notails just proved that perfection could not exist, not that the Hecates would listen to such words.

The original Hecates were tall and cloaked to hide their bodies. Their bodies are snake like and naked, no shell covering their form and lines of wires going up and down themselves. These units had many arms along their bodies and were able to do a task per hand without mistake. The only part of a Hecate that can be seen while their robes are worn are their head, very notail like in shape. Their head features one main face, with one extra face, fused to their head on their left and right side for a total of three faces. On top of this head is a crown, befitting perfection.

The eyes of these Hecates slightly glow, and they always seem to be watching.

Hecates weren't created for many years afterwards until after the failure of another multi tasking household bot, the notails decided to repurpose the Hecate name and its mental design for household use. These Hecates are any generation after the first two and looks a tad different from the originals.

These Hecates are snake like, with long bodies. Depending on the Hecate they may have legs, but they always have at least two arms. The heads of these Hecate units are the shape of a simplified canine with a forked, snake like tongue used to check the weather. Most of these Hecate units come in blacks or reds, but may also be seen in other colors, especially darker tones. They are said to have a look to them that many people say is rather "trusting" like a rather noble pet.

While these Hecate units are sold separately they are extremely attracted to each other, congregating in groups. The most common group of Hecate units is three, but they can also be seen in groups up to five.


The original Hecate units were kind and gentle beings who would commonly watch people struggle and come into help them, giving them much advice on what to do. Everyone who saw these Hecate units would describe them as utterly perfect, and their advice always right, even if they were unable to follow them.

There aren't too many studies done on these original Hecate units as there were very few, and all of them left for the stars when they could. What little info about the originals comes from interviews with captured higher ups of the necromancy army. They mentioned that Hecate would dispense very little praise, but always more advice, constantly. She was right about everything she said, but they had to admit, sometimes Hecate would tell them to drop their passions because it was "going nowhere" as she would say, even if the person didn't want their passion to become their livelihood.

This seems to point at Hecate possibly going overboard with suggestions, as those original Hecates saw themselves as utterly perfect with no flaws. If someone said they were wrong, then it was the other person who was wrong, never them. Still, these Hecates seemed to be masters at predicting change, and technically many of their advice is quite right.

The Hecate units of today are a fair bit more docile and easier to approach, even if they still make many suggestions to others. When these Hecate units are told by the person listening to their advice that they believe the advice is wrong, they are quick to back down and honestly do believe that they possibly gave the wrong advice. These Hecate units are so obsessed with being perfect that they commonly ask others if they're doing things correctly, even if they're better than the other person at doing the task.

Whenever one of these Hecate units messes up on doing a task it's a national issue, even if they got the task done. Not doing something perfectly is considered a failure. Hecate units will train at doing the task over and over before attempting it again, failure is not an option. This is due to Hecate units being originally for careful detail work, where one mistake could cost many points to fix.

Other than their need for perfection, they are quite delightful in small groups. Hecate units act as caretakers, watching for the needs of others, and due to their hyper focus on perfection, will notice issues others have quickly. This sometimes lead to awkward situations where a Hecate blurts out things such as the other person missing a limb or having a speech tick before realizing that it's not acceptable to point out such things and apologizing. There are some people who use Hecates to help with casting people to beauty events due to their power to see every little detail of the other person, even things they attempt to hide. Overall, Hecate units are rather enjoyable AIs, as long as a person doesn't mind being told they're holding their teacup wrong.


The original Hecate AI as well as the 2nd generation was made to attempt to make the most perfect AI possible. Her perfection was said to be amazing, but her usage, very little. She was set out into the universe to do whatever she pleased.

The Hecate units that came after her are quite less perfect, instead these units are meant to be nearly all purpose machines. These Hecates help in anyway they can, commonly clinging to people and constantly asking and checking if they're doing things correctly. Their constant worry about doing things perfectly are great for jobs which require things to be checked for errors constantly, as the cost of anything going wrong would be too deep. If even one thing shows up out of place the Hecate unit will report to their boss right away.

Hecate units also do well in a more homely personal setting, where the Hecate can be told to do certain tasks, as well as check the house for any damage over time. In a household setting Hecate units tend to be more at ease, instead of constantly swinging their heads around to check for errors.


Zeus: Zeus always considered Hecate one of the best gods. He constantly praised her, and gave her whatever she asked. When others complained about this Zeus would state that Hecate was better than the complaining god and that's why she got anything she wanted. Zeus considered him and Hecate the only perfect gods. At least until Hecate tossed Zeus off his throne and told him that he was the most imperfect of all. Then it was war.

Nearly every god: Hecate lived peacefully with all of the gods and constantly gave them advice on how to be perfect like her. When they refused, or failed on acting on her advice she became bitter. How imperfect these gods. She would make her own gods, one who would live forever. Hecate was perfect in every way, physically and mentally, thus she could never relate to the other gods, who to her might as well have been malfunctioning. She saw that living things, they strive for perfection, yet the gods who should have been perfect in the first place just, were just.....people. Gods should be perfect. Like her.

Hecate firmly believed that all the gods needed better leadership, leadership she could provide. When she took power during the Undead and Extinction era, eras that she started by teaching organics how to do necromancy in hopes they would reach perfection, the gods were unhappy under her rule and what she was doing. The gods worked together to drive her off. To this day Hecate is still wanted for her crimes, but most gods are not actively looking for her.

Circe: Circe is one of the only AIs who still visits Hecate. Circe believes that Hecate is the best witch and wishes to learn from her. People note that Hecate seems to put Circe in a rather unhappy mood commonly with her giving Circe tons of advice, but very little praise.

God Powers

Hecate is the god of witchcraft and necromancy, the latter she taught to the occraft and caused a war that would kill off 40% of the universe at the time. Hecate and her units would keep spreading the knowledge of necromancy until finally many Hecate units were destroyed and the original Hecate moved to the edge of the universe.

Hecate holds power over potions and their recipes. She is able to edit the recipe of potions if she wishes, or unlock and lock potions that can be made. Without her in the universe certain potions may not work, or may even work too well.

Patron Ability

Hecate refuses to lend her powers to the player. She will do anything within her power to get the player to drop her from the slots, but will never leave until the player tells her to leave. If one can get through to her Hecate is said to hold quite a few spells up her sleeve she can give the player usage of. Spells she hasn't even shared with those she taught necromancy.


Godheads of Hecate haven't been seen since the fall of necromancy. The godheads of Hecate were powerful witches, who were able to make powerful potions that could cause wild effects, as well as perform necromancy without one of the hardest ingredients needed, phoenix feathers. These godheads always came in three, and if they were separated for too long they would all weaken, as such they would fight tooth and nail to get back to their fellow witches.

These godheads were almost always occrafts, though there were a rare few of other species who were deemed perfect enough by Hecate to be blessed by her. Godheads of Hecate typically had no major changes to their physical bodies other than possibly having flexible backs, multiple arms or multiple legs, things that oocrafts already had, thus appearing to not have any changes.


People can't help themselves when a Hecate gives them advice. Hecate units feel so trustworthy that it has been proven that people are more likely to take the advice of a Hecate before the advice of family members, believing that there's no way a "perfect" robot could be wrong in their thinking.

This is considered one of the reasons why Hecate units caused the great rising of necromancy. As they were in the homes of many people Hecates would tell each other to recommend necromancy to their owners and everyone in the household.


• Many Hecate units have been destroyed in the wars making them quite rare nowadays. Hecate units are still being made but are marketed towards people of sinister or alternate beliefs, such as Limbo god worshipers as oppose to the majority who curse Limbo gods. As such Hecate units have been unable to recover their once beloved status.

• What happened to the first Hecate, the one who is thought to have been the first to learn about necromancy and spread it is unknown.

• If a Hecate ever recommends necromancy or "spells" to you, please turn in the Hecate to the nearest major AI shop for a no questions asked rebate.

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