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Dog / The Loyal

“Animals don't deserve to suffer. People tell me what I'm doing is cruelty, but all I am doing is removing their pain and suffering before they're even born. Why is living a life in a small cage so you can have fresh eggs more preferable to the freedom from pain that I provide? X)” — O-3

Art by, frog

Part of the Notail collection

Emblem by Obedaiya
  • Strength-2
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-2
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-5

Age: 280 years
Size: 5.5 ft tall
Species: Notail

Job: Notail Leader of the V-class and Z-class
Likes: Positivity, Affection, Animals, Bio-machines, Free-range pets, Becoming obsessed with a topic or person, Quick deaths
Dislikes: Suffering, Accusations, Negativity, Social issues, Drama
Notable contributions: O-3 is the leader of the V-eterinarian and Z-oologist classes. O-3 takes care of all the O-classes capture creatures when they die or cannot take care of them at the moment. O-3 oversees most of the capture creature operations, ensuring that new capture creatures are correctly cataloged and sorted in usefulness. O-3 is also popularizing bio-machines in notail and alien society.

[Pacifist] Neutral trait
A character with this trait would prefer not to fight, and will almost always try to solve a situation in a nonviolent manner first and foremost. However, if that is what it comes down to, they will still battle to defend either themselves or others.
[Animal Communer] Positive trait
This character is more likely to be in tune with animals. While they cannot speak "animal" they are able to understand their emotions and the animal is likely able to understand them.
[Motivated] Positive trait
This character doesn't lose morale as fast and commonly is passionate about what is being done. They will find a way to figure things out in even the toughest of situations. They cannot hit lower than 0 morale.
[Photographic Memory] Positive trait
This character has been remembering everything since the very start of their memories. They can recall incredibly fine details from things that happened years ago and they can almost instantly memorize anything they see or witness.
[High Senses] Positive trait
This character has fantastic X senses or has high senses in general.
[Intrusive] Negative trait
This character has no sense of personal space and might do rude things like going through people's belongings, touching people and asking personal questions. This can be tiring for their fellow crew and could get them into deep trouble.
[Easily Stressed] Negative trait
This character is easily stressed and prone to panicking in situations that become too much for them. Depending on the type of character they may shut down, become aggressive, break down, act irrational, or become lost and flighty. It may get so bad that panicking becomes the norm for this character.
[Possessive] Negative trait
This character is CONSIDERABLY attached to an object, a person or something equivalent to those examples. If the target of this trait is removed, this character's morale will drop harshly and may react accordingly.

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

What can be said about O-3 that hasn't been lined out for every notail? He is, on the surface, typical in appearances. He wears a monochromatic outfit consisting of a plain shirt and coat. A giant "O" sits on his back, with a small "3" denoting his title. He is darkly skinned, with brown hair and antennas which are strangely emotional, and will droop and rise with his mood.

What isn't normal about this notail, is his face. It is a typical black mask of a blort on first inspection, though with a white fade at the snout. Looks are deceiving, though. O-3's "mask" is a fauna known as a shellage, a slug crab-like bio-machine created by O-3 himself. This creature is not only O-3's mask but has peeled off his entire face, including eyes, and has integrated with him so he may continue with his tasks as if normal. This false face can open up and even allow him to express himself in a shockingly wide range.

As his actual face has been devoured, pulling the fauna off him will reveal a bloody husk filled with holes.


For a notail, O-3's personality can be described as bizarre. He is always optimistic about the events around him and often brings gifts to anyone who can withstand conversing with him. This reward is often a "treat" that he has created "optimal for notail consumption." It's rumored that because animals adore him due to his hand-feeding of them, he thinks that the same will work with notails, who he calls "higher animals."

As O-3 spends much of his free time stalking others as if they were fauna, these rumors are not unfounded. Trail cameras and trackers will be placed to keep records of the movement and health of his subject. He never steals objects and is rather careful to not "disturb the environment" by touching objects unnecessarily. These perplexing actions are not improved after confrontation, especially as the reasoning for this all is "to observe and document the natural world." He insists that all living creatures, including the intelligent, such as the notails, are all animals in this universe, and thus failing to observe them in detail is criminal in nature.

While he often uses the information he gains professionally, as professional as stalking can be, he may also use what he has learned to bring forward better gifts and topics to talk about. Many are unsure if his creepy attempts at friendship or having full-length documentaries made of them, more on that in a later section, is more unsettling.

O-3 is infamous for his "self-care." He constantly alludes to his attempts to "love himself once again," noting that he was told to do so by an N-class. He has taken this suggestion to the extreme, becoming annoyingly sensitive and unwilling to speak of "troublesome topics." It is stressed by other O-classes that he is exceptionally politically avoidant, which makes him "utterly useless in meetings." During moments where animals are mentioned, he will spring into action to give great insight into the topic, but he shuts down against anything else. He is known to be more interested in fiddling with his tools or writing future plans for the week than paying attention to any stressful conversation.

Oddly, it seems that in the end, his avoidance of stress only succeeds in causing more problems than it solves for him. Any pushing the issue is worthless, as it induces more pressure and, thus, more destructive self-care.

The only time he becomes upset is when lower animals are physically tortured. His empathy for them is so strong that he cannot bear to consider eating animals he believes to have lived a life of abuse, such as most farm animals. Due to this, he has dedicated his life to creating animals that cannot be tortured.

He has changed endless rows of fowl stuck in tiny cages to lay eggs for the rest of their life into thoughtless, painless tubes of feathers. Known as bio-machines, these animals, if they can be called that, are his solution to the abuse that he often relates to his own struggle in life.


"I waited for them like a loyal dog out in the rain waits for their owner to let them in.....but they never came for me. Like a true hound, they were my world, my life, and there was no reason for me to seek shade out of the rain now that they were gone. X)"

As a typical notail child, once he hit a certain age, he was to be sent into the woods, the final test before adulthood. He waited patiently for his friends to join him on this trip, but once the sun fell, he learned that they all ditched him. Each went their own way in the woods, and none of those directions involved him. He shut down upon learning of this and had to be forced into the woods by his caretaker.

This rejection by people he trusted caused him to spiral into a pit of loneliness. When he saw notails from afar, he refused to approach them out of fear of rejection. Fear of becoming a burden. He found comfort in the animals he could tame with his skills as a Z-class.

"Like a free chicken placed in a cage, I called for help every day. The animals in their own binds looked at me with soulless eyes. Why didn't they beg for escape? As the days went on, I begged less and less, until I stopped. Like the fowls who no longer remembered the sun, the cage had become my universe, and there was no reason to wish for anything outside of it. X)"

During his adventures, he found a group of cages with animals trapped within. While he investigated it, a child pushed him into an open cage and locked it as a joke. This joke became cruel though, as the group of notail kept him within it for at least a week, taunting him and the animals within.

He was only saved from this emotional torment when another team of notails discovered the event, released him, and punished the trappers for their behavior. He had lost most of his pets by the time he was released, but he was utterly grateful for his freedom. He accompanied those who freed him and showed utter dedication to the leader.

This creeped out the others so much that they all left without warning in the middle of the night. When he awoke, he realized he was once more abandoned.

In this time of stress, he came to a rationalization to protect himself. If others didn't know he was following them, they could not abandon him. His training for tracking animals was soon used to pursue the most intelligent prey of all. Notails. He listens for what others need and finds those supplies, trading them for items he needed. The notails he followed remarked that it was strange that he always appeared when they needed a trade, but the plan worked.

He could not be rejected if no one could stop him.

Semi normalcy returned after the woods. His interest in preventing the suffering of animals landed him a job as a gene editor. He became friends with a fellow worker at his job, his first friendship in a long time, when he was suddenly transferred to a better facility to work with bio-machines.

He did not take this well.

"On a dairy farm, a calf is unaware that he is unwanted. Not by the mother that loves him very much, but by the farmer. I was stolen away, "transferred" and would never be able to see the one I loved ever again. Like the calf, I was placed in a room with others, with a chain to my foot. Being prepared for some high animal's need for tender flesh. X)"

During one of his emotional shutdowns, he was sent to an N-class for an evaluation. Here, he is informed he cannot keep centering his life around others, that he must learn to love and support himself first. Originally slow to accept this advice, when he did, those around him say it made him worse. He returned to old habits, watching others like animals, filming them, even speaking as if him and other notails were different species.

His career in amateur documentaries began. His first films being of notail classes and their behaviors, before moving onto aliens when he was allowed short vacations. These films were not meant to be artistic in nature, but the absurdity of filming people with the same tone as a wildlife documentary became a cult classic.

Back at work, he refused to listen to many orders given due to "self-care." As the facility was already failing to meet its quota, instead of firing him, they promoted him to head scientist, hoping that he could be used as a scapegoat for the failure of the most recent bio-machine project.

Unfortunately for all of them, he thrived as a leader. Being in control meant that there would be no surprises, and the project prospered. Contracts were gained with many important notails at the time, including the then-current O-7. A friendship grew between the two, until as always, he began displaying unsettling behaviors towards O-7. It became so bad that O-6 stepped in to scare away "the bloody mutt."

This final rejection would begin a series of events no one could have expected.

"A dog loves their owner no matter what. They are loyal to the end, but when that owner no longer shows that dog any love, it turns feral, and no one should be surprised when it bites the hands that no longer feed it. X)"

For over five years, he stalked O-7, waiting for the perfect moment. Every moment not working was spent compiling information on his ex-friend, following his trail during any free moment he had. Then it happened. O-7 and O-6 had a rare disagreement, and O-7 stormed off to collect his thoughts. Jumping into action, O-7 became cornered by his stalker. Instead of fighting, O-7 politely requested for him to back off, which he did.

O-7 proceeded to die minutes later after this event. Someone had poisoned his drink in the short moment he was distracted.

This was not the intended ending of his newest film, "Life and Death of an O-class." During his five years of following various O-classes, he had hoped that he would film a murder, but when no one committed the act, he was contacted by O-9. Known for his own stalking methods, O-9 urged him to kill O-7 and gave him all the tools he needed.

He became the new O-7 and swapped jobs with the O-3, to allow him the job he truly wanted, control over how the notails processed their fauna.

A new age of advanced bio-machines dawned upon the notail union. Starting with the replacement of egg and meat production and growing organic factory level machines, the advancement into this new age was sudden and frightening. While bio-machines have been a part of notail society since they started tinkering with genes, due to the new O-3, more attention is being poured into this study. Other species are taking notice, especially those who rely on large factory farms to supplement their diet.

O-3 argues his bio-machines cannot suffer, unlike animals placed within cages for their whole life, and thus should be legal on all plants. Others argue that bio-machines are a mutilation of life itself, and will lead to a slippery slope of animals that will suffer endlessly.

The conversation is slowly growing as species take sides, but no agreement has been, or is likely to be, decided. With new bio-machines coming out and heavy adoption by some species, O-3's new reign is as controversial as the person himself.


Feral Senses: Due to O-3's shellage, his senses are greatly heightened, allowing him to see, hear, and smell better than other notails. Due to this, he is a frighteningly fantastic tracker.


O-3's movies, once a cult classic, have entered the mainstream. His films are known for their unique view on intelligent life and their habits. His first documentary was about following a swarm of E-classes, remarking on them as if they were akin to ants traveling the landscape in search of supplies.

Below is a list of the names of some of his most famous movies, including their rating, as well as a small excerpt from the film.

-An Invasive Union-
[8.7 out of 10]

"Notails are not native to this planet, and the current inhabitants know this."
[An unknown species looks at a notail swarm in the distance consisting of at least 2000 notails, most of them E-classes.]
"But they can only watch as the notails investigate their land. Attacks against a swarm of this size is suicide, especially when your best weapon is a rock."
[The E-classes swarm around a resource they find extremely interesting within the village of the aliens. Antennas sway softly to attract others to help investigate.]
"At first, it seems like they found something they want...."
[An E-class tests the large object, and suddenly the swarm breaks off, uninterested.]
"Bah, just pyrite. They have more tests to do, but it looks like this is another planet that isn't worth investing in. The current residents couldn't be happier."

-Tiny Lives-
[10 out of 10]

[A team of five wozzees are carrying a pencil.]
"Stolen from the desk of their large host, these five believe it will be a fantastic centerpiece for their growing town of hundreds."
[A shadow looms over before a hand plucks the pencil away.]
"Unfortunately, the host is back, and she's having none of that. Over five hours of work gone in an instant. When you're this small, there's no arguing on the matter, but it still hurts."
[The wozzees begin to look sad and complain to each other before suddenly the hand comes down once more and places a black glitter pen on the floor.]
"-But this time, the host is giving mercy to her beloved pests. A pen with ink that looks like a star-filled sky. More than a fair trade. The team rushes onward with their spoils of war."
[The camera cuts to the owner writing a paper on their desk while a pen on the floor moves towards a fake plastic town.]
"If they hurry, they should make it home before nightfall."

-Against odds: Krell-
[9 out of 10]

"But the unexpected happens."
[The hero of the krells falls as the giant robot's power core is ripped out by the beast.]
"In this moment, all is lost, and after a moment of confusion, the krells know what to do."
[Somber music begins to play as the city of krells run to a cliff and dive off it into an ocean.]
"No krell wants to retreat, but life is better than death."
[A wide shot of 1000s upon 1000s of krells swimming in the sea.]
"While the fight has been lost, hope never dies. They will be back with bigger robots to reclaim what is theirs."

-Life and Death of an O-class-
[9.5 out of 10]

"The O-class feel like the untouchables. A creature beyond any other notail."
[The shot shows O-10, sitting at his desk. The lighting makes him look domineering and powerful as the image slowly pans out.]
"But they eat like us."
[A shot of O-10 looking through his fridge to pick his meal.]
"They work like us."
[A shot of O-10 filling out paperwork.]
"They sleep like us."
[A shot of O-10 sleeping in a standard bed.]
"And.....they even die like us."
[A shot of the old O-7 realizing there's a camera aimed at him, and jumping up in a small panic.]

-Misunderstood: The Sue-
[7.5 out of 10]

"As soon as the marsues found the trail camera… they flocked in mass."
[Nine marsues swim over. They start making noises at the camera and paddling around.]
"Often described as lazy, our footage shows these large creatures are in fact-"
[The marsues start jumping out of the water to try and grab the camera. Giggles and splashes meet every failure as they dare each other to reattempt.]

-Perfected: Synthii-
[8.6 out of 10]

"-And right now at At'Rann, it's time to work."
[A few shots of totally empty streets are shown, before a door opens, then another. Then there is a wide shot of synthii pouring out all at once, becoming a beautiful swirl of pinks, blues, and yellows due to their robes.]
"There are no awkward shoulder bumps or traffic jams in this crowd. A city planner's dream. Everyone knows where they are going."
[The shot zooms out, as it shows just how seemingly endless their megacities are, all perfectly maintained.]
"Many of the current era are in awe of their perfected society. Some are so inspired that they hope to mimic them with their own work-"
[The shot suddenly cuts to a lizard being used as a tape recorder.]
"-on bio-machines."


• If tasked to endanger himself for the masses, he will refuse, stating that he must not interact with "the natural events that unfold in the universe." Even in his documentaries, he refuses to involve himself with the events unfolding.

• Before the invention of the chicken tubes he was strictly vegan. Now he happily enjoys cruelty-free meat. Due to many planets lacking such types of meat he reverts to veganism often.

• When O-9 was asked why he helped with the plot to kill O-7 he said it was to "Give that genocidal O-6 less power" as the old O-7 would always agree with his vote. O-9 mentions it feels like a mistake now on a personal level. While O-6 has lost power with the death of O-7, having O-3 following him around feels "highly unsettling." The irony of the situation is not lost on O-9.

• G-440156, the notail who saved him from being caged up, is not only still alive today, but notes that he is "still contacted weekly by his ""friend"" to watch his movies. =)" O-3 has made a movie featuring G-440156, without his knowledge, called "Unsung Heroes: G-classes." G-440156 has commented that "this was going to happen sooner or later. =)"

• His friend at his first job said in an interview, "He always seemed so dedicated to his work. I wouldn't have recommended for him to be moved to a more important position if I knew about his history. He told me his time in the woods was perfect. Guess it makes sense why he never contacted me or answered my calls after the move. Here I thought he used me as a stepping stone for years....."

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