[Cosmosdex] The Universal Encyclopedia



More information than can be held.....

The loredex hosts many sections within it that pertain to the lore of the universe, such as its history, legendary characters, stories, and even maybe a few sections that get more indepth about certain species such as notails or clockworks. The lore section is the etc section of the Cosmosdex, hosting what cannot be hosted elsewhere.



There are certain characters who exist in every universe. Most of them tend to be brave, running head first in to tasks, some of them are strange ancient ones with links to the gods, some of them are famous yet always willing to give a helping hand, and some of them, are Nicko.

If you need info on some of the rare characters who my call this universe their home, the legendarydex is where you should be.


The godex is a complex section that details the main gods and ideas of worship that are spoken about in the [Fortuna] universe. This section mainly focuses and details the Limbo gods but also includes gods from some of the smaller places of worship in the universe.

While this section does contain info about the gods in the universe it does not contain any info about the robotic gods in said universe. To see info about AI gods check out the AI section in the main menu.


There is no question about it. There is no creature more fearsome, hungry, and murderous than the clockwork. These beings of flesh and metal are highly infectious and notoriously hard to kill. Only flames can match the hunger of the clockwork.

The element that many feared for its destructive power is now their only savior.


Notails are the top species of the universe. Looking down on everyone below them calmly, notails have a taste for knowledge and no one can get in their way. As notails have a complex social system it's only right to gather all the info into one spot, here.

After all, how can one ever hope to spite the enemy if they don't know the enemy?


The star Zodiaca is, in stellar terms, unremarkable. What makes it different to the teeming billions of other stars is that it is orbited by twelve habitable planets and on every single one, a native sentient species. Together, they are the Zodiac.


Sometimes people wish to make those who are not of one species, but two. Science has come far enough to allow this, but it’s not without its issues. Some species just aren’t meant to hybridize. In this section you can get the basic starter pack of info on hybrids, and how they work.