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Land of Resorts

“Por su propia seguridad, no abandone el área del centro vacacional designado.” — The Soloasta Group: Tourism division

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Dominant Residents: Tourist
Other Residents: Cortz, Spoopers, The Khraast, Pagepoh, Spiraji, Stomatopoid

Fauna: Mostly small animals, very little large fauna
Weather: Pleasant year-round sun, with a bit of clouds and scattered showers

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Resorts (and potential occult site)

Original Creator: DSPiron

Physical Description

A beautiful planet, with an even mixture of oceans, and land in archipelagos of small continents. In-land consists mostly of temperate forests, with more tropical locales being rare. Due to the planet's stunning views and calming sights, it is a popular location for resort-towns. Oceanic themes are popular along the coasts, like current leading resort, the port-themed town of Southport.

A common sight are lines, and/or fences, and/or walls around the perimeter of each resort, do not worry: they are not to keep anything out, but to ensure you, or anyone else, does not leave the designated resort area. For your own safety, do not leave the designated resort area. And if you, or your friend, accidentally go over a wall with a black-and-orange-striped top, please do not attempt to return, or help your friend return. For everyone else's sake: individuals who go over black-and-orange-striped topped walls are not allowed back in. It is advised for them to lie on the ground, head facing away from the wall, while park staff retrieve the Emergency Guest-Wall Interaction Resolution Specialist and their equipment, while other guests ignore the loud noise that will occur, and return to their business as best they can.


The planet known today as Soloasta was first colonized around 2950-3050 by a group seeking to start a place for them to practice their beliefs in peace. They settled down in nice, calm spot between a lake and a hill, and so their new home of Serene Hill.

It remained small and rustic for a couple centuries, until an enterprising young Molc Hani'ye arrived, and turned things around, making the town into a thriving lake-side vacation spot, and eventually growing it out into a small city in as little as two centuries. Excluding roughly 300 years of construction projects that ended up getting abandoned, an additional two centuries worth of looking for people willing to replace the disappeared workers, and the 200-ish years of a district starting up, only for it to vanish, or everyone in it...

Then, suddenly contact with Serene Hill stopped. A viedafo officer from an affiliated planet went to check up on the city, and came back with pagepoh writer, his adoptive child, and a report that the city was abandoned, and no longer safe to inhabit. Efforts to reclaim Serene Hill started immediately, with little, to no success, ultimately halted during the extinction era.

After the extinction event, the Solladellacoasta group was founded with the goal of starting a new Serene Hill. And so they entrusted one Lefkó Limáni with a prototype Instant Town craft, and a contract to start a new resort on the abandoned planet. Limáni never got in touch with the Solladellacoasta Group, leaving the group several decades later with no resort, no prototype Instant Town craft and plenty of competition with a headstart. With no other cards left, the Solladellacoasta Group had no choice to offer their services to one of the other resorts.

Fate struck, as Mulialand, the first place they tried to offer services to, had inexplicably become abandoned. From digging around, the group was able to understand the pattern of disappearances, giving themselves a major advantage. Instead of using this for their own resort, they sold what they knew to the competition, amassing enough to buy out one of the lesser resorts.

And thus, a cycle started: a town go missing, the Solladellacoasta Group braved it figure the difference, and exclusively sold it to other resorts. Eventually the group controlled all the major resorts on the planet, and was able to rechristen it to name we all know and love: Soloasta.


Southport: A bustling port-themed resort city, It's currently the most popular resort, with no funny business of the inexplicable kind at all, although it hasn't stopped speculation from tourists of all species, to managment's disdain. Among it's best features is the illustrious Seashell Hotel, the romantic caves of neighboring Amoda Beach, and docks, which comes complete with a complement of ships to ride around the ocean part of the resort. However, the city runs into occupancy issues more often, it's reached to point that there only certain days that anyone can even land without a reservation.

SplashSplashPark: A hybrid of a water park and a town, making both fun and terrifying for good and bad reasons, but no inexplicable reasons. Its sheer size requires it to have every water park attraction known to man. And several duplicates to cover the average size classes. While the SuperTubotel is the premier hotel/attraction, the overuse of water-slides has made the Waterslide Ranch "attraction" more popular for it's conventional hotel nature. As one of the top seven locations on Soloasta at the moment, it sees a large amount of traffic, forcing it also to stop accepting walk-in guests on heavier days, combined with parts of the park getting reserved around the same time, there are enough weeks were new guests are turned around at the airspace for them to be scheduled. SplashSplashPark officially accepts Soloasta's spooky nature, and will, on occasion, decorate up in a spooky manner for an event.

Cutler Point Lake: A town taking up the theme of ancient Post Era history, mostly of the naval and nautical variety. A signature attraction is 'sailing' replicas of older aquatic ships, redesigned with assisting motors replacing wind and oars as primary drive and control mechanisms, and artificial cannons that fire foam cannonballs instead of heavy and damaging metal. It is widely believed the ambitions of the resort have outstripped the relatively modest budget, resulting far more breaks, injuries and (very rare) deaths than a similar project on a more established world. The people that do attend however, are scared by this, either feeling that they can 'survive' the lake, or are less interested in the attractions, and more the possible occult connections of the place, and possibility of abominations or monsters. As strapped for visitors as it is, Cutler Point wholeheartedly embraces it's maybe-kinda-sorta haunted nature.


...Haunted?: Odd happening are frequently reported. While some locations it's clearly just a fraud like Southport, and Splashsplash, some instances are more disputable like Serene Hill, and literally anywhere that's not a major resort.


• Most resorts have minimal facilities for aquatic species, nothing really interesting, sadly.

• If you do choose to land at an abandoned location with an active landing beacon (do not), the Soloasta Group will pay a 50,000 point bounty for shutting off the landing beacon. They would like to point out it's not worth it. This is for any "while you are there for whatever reason" cases.

• The Soloasta Group would like to remind guests that there have been no human sightings, and doubt there ever will. Humans are serious matter, and claiming you saw one just round out your occult-trip or be 'edgy' is not cute. Humans are last thing this planet needs.

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