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Welcome to the application section. In this area you will be able to see which applications are currently open, what are their rules, and how to submit them. Please be reminded that any application may be rejected for any reason.

It is highly recommended that you have your own personal copy of your application on a word pad, google drive, or use any other way to save a personal copy in the unlikely case that your application is rejected and deleted before you have time to save it.

To submit an application, please read the main rules, writing tips, and then the section you wish to submit to carefully before you submit anything to the cosmosdex. It is absolutely important that you read the main rules no matter what application you submit, as when you submit any application you are saying you not only read, but agree to its rules. If it is found that any application you submitted is stolen, or submitted without the permission of the original creator it will be removed. If you spot any stolen species/fauna/etc feel free to submit a contact us form so it may be investigated.

Main Rules

Writing Tips

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