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Sues / Illegators

“No, you can't do this. Princess Dazzle Rainbow Sunshine did nothing wrong, you can't take her away! SHE'S THE PRINCESS OF OUR UNIVERSE DAMN IT. LEAVE HER ALONE!” — A poor person who has been around a marsue for too long

Art by, GuardianofAllator

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Emblem by Anon
  • Strength-3
  • Intelligence-1
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-8
  • Luck-10

Common Jobs: Staying on their own home planet, Mind wipers
Likes: Anything that can further its goals, Food
Dislikes: Police, People who know they're illegal, Most technology, People who stick their nose where it shouldn't go

Attack Method: Spends weeks getting the target to be comfortable with them. Slowly removes memories and replaces them with the marsue, then finally gets the target to get close to the marsue, and put its neck into the marsues mouth.

Homeplanet: Besplanet
Lifespan: 80 years
Size: 6 ft tall, 4 ft long
Diet: Anything edible

Bodytype: Quadruped
Type: Psychic Reptile
Social Class: Lowest Class
Rarity: Mythical
Common Traits
[Show-Off] Neutral trait
This character boasts about their skills, and often want people to watch them do things to show off how good they are at it.
[Mind Editor] Positive trait
This character has the power to either wipe, edit, or add memories to others. If the person notices that their memory has been changed they will go into great distress.
[Wanted] Negative trait
An individual or organisation are attempting to track this individual down. This might take the form of a single tracker, or a widespread alert to all law enforcement in civilised space. The character may have to disguise themself to avoid constant entanglements either legal or violent.

The only gods marsues honor are themselves and other marsues. Marsues attempt to convince one another that they are a god, normally forming groups of marsues who all agree that they are gods, even if no one will believe them. Marsues also honor the members of the gosue subspecies.

Gods: Gosues, Themselves, Other marsues, The Neo who they believe is a marsue

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

The marsue is quite close in shape and size to the common alligator. Most marsues are naturally green, though some come in browns, extremely rarely come in white, and one particular individual comes in black. The eyes of a marsue are highly varied, with the pupils coming in every shape, size, color, and even able to glow or change color like a mood ring. Many marsues even have two different eye colors and pupil types. Most marsues on their home planet are actually skinny for what their species should be due to the destruction of their environment and fauna when they were first discovered. A healthy marsue is fairly plump.

How long a marsue is depends on how much the marsue has eaten. On the marsue home world most marsues are nine feet long, tail included, but the longest a marsue can get is 17 feet long, tail and all. By the time a marsue hits about 13 feet long though, they lose the ability to walk on two legs, but can still stand on them, marsues can also balance on their tails. Some marsues only grow longer tails as oppose to their body, and it seems marsues can choose if they want a longer and bigger tail or bigger body. Marsues do not normally walk on two legs, and are in fact, slow when doing so compared to the fast speeds they can run when on all fours.

While the speed of a marsue is impressive, nothing else about them is. They are fairly weak, needing their prey to come up to them to pull a kill, as well lazy. A marsue can lay in the same spot for weeks on end if there's nothing else to do but make up stories to the person next to them and try to convince an animal that they are friendly.

Most people know marsues for being flashy, covered in overly expensive clothes, and with hair in far too many colors of the rainbow. While marsues certainly strive for that level of amazement, most marsues who live on the home world might have a wig or two with unnatural colors, and a few showy clothes, but for the most part, are fairly tame. The marsues who appear in more extreme looks are the worst type of marsues, ones who have escaped their home planet and now leech off the unaware species around them. The more victims a marsue gains, the more tributes to the marsue are given. The more tributes the marsue gets the more they upgrade their look. Going from simple marsue wearing a wig, to a beast that wears long elaborate and yet useless gowns, hair that flashes every color of the rainbow, fake wings, and likely followed by an extremely rare animal that normally cannot be tamed. This is what is called an extreme marsue.

These marsues should be reported, or in extreme cases, destroyed on sight. Do not approach a marsue without a deeper understanding of the havoc they can wreck on minds and the best way to equip ones self for marsue removal.


The marsue are "perfect." They can do no wrong, and they deserve all of your food. This is what people under the control of a marsue believe. Marsues are memory editors. Once a marsue is in range they will edit some of the memories of the person to cause them to believe that they and the marsue are friends. The marsue can do this to a few people each day, slowly taking control of an area with their forced friendship. If a marsue isn't caught in this stage, things can only get worse.

The goal of the marsue is to be fed and complimented by the people whose memories they have replaced. They integrate themselves with the lifestyle of the people around them at first, but as time goes on, and as the marsue feels more and more comfortable with their surroundings and place it in, they start an all out take over. Suddenly the marsue is the "main character" of everyone's lives. The marsue decorates themselves in more wild forms, dying their wigs and hair, and creating fake parts to add on to their outfit like wings. The marsue will change the memories of people so that they think the marsue is their childhood best friend, their savior, their god, and extremely rarely, their lover.

In doing this the marsue will get rid of more and more memories, only leaving the person with their basic memories like their education and trade skills, and their falsified memories of the marsue. This is considered the point of no return. Until this point the marsue could have been removed, and the memories of the person would have slowly came back to them. Once the marsue starts washing away all of their memories, it's too late. Once the marsue is removed the person will gain near total amnesia, with only bits and pieces of the marsues fake memories, and their most basic of memories left. Their history, the memories of the people they loved, their ideas, all gone, ripped and stripped away by the marsue. Most of these people will sadly suffer from some short term or long term memory loss for the rest of their lives.

This is why any sightings of a marsue should be reported as soon as possible. Marsues are an illegal species who should never be seen outside of their home planet.

Marsues have no concept of "truth" or "history" as marsues did not evolve any sort of society. Marsues speak in stories which they themselves invent, and they tell others these stories for entertainment. Marsues when speaking to each other know that these stories are fake, but act as if they are real and build off the stories, making a fake version of themselves that's more powerful then the one they were told about. To a marsue, a there's no use telling real stories, as most marsues before travelers landed on their planet stayed in swamps, using their powers to trick animals to stick their heads into their mouths, or using animals as protection from bigger predators. For the most part the marsues stayed in one area for their entire life unless too many predators invaded the area or the prey disappeared, likely due to overeating on the marsue's part.

This lack of reality in their words is what causes marsues to weave overly done and flowery tales. When travelers from the stars refused to believe their tales, the marsues started to put these tales into the heads of people, making them the center of the universe to the people who met them. It started out innocently. They were simply upset that these visitors wanted to ruin the stories they spent their whole life building just because they weren't true. They were happy when the memory editing got the visitors to believe their tales, then sadly, they realized they could do much more. Using their power the marsues got travelers to bring them food, meaning they would no longer have to kill to get a meal.

Common marsue stories include, saving the person from a fire, being childhood friends, being the top at all of the classes, being a secret god, saving the planet and or universe, being a princess, being the princess of unicorns, being the princess of princesses, knowing magic, being a hybrid where one parent is a god, being popular but not too popular, and being a person who you absolutely will give food to without question, because they're just that wonderful of a person.

While marsues can replace and wipe memory overtime, a person who is good at putting logic together is likely to notice that there's something very wrong about their "best friend" right away. Such as, them having memories that their marsue friend being around since childhood, but when speaking to their other childhood friends, none of them seem to remember the marsue. The marsue's powers also doesn't stop people from figuring about the marsue from others, and coming to the realization that their friend is a social parasite only here for food.

Sadly, some people are unable to accept the fact that their memories are fake no matter what, and may attempt to protect the marsue with their lives.

When marsue interacts with other marsues they tell stories and every marsue accepts everything told into their "canon". Marsues will actually get mad if one marsue keeps ruining the "canon" of others with their words or being overly controlling of the canon. It is considered basic manners to leave openings for the other person to add to the story.

A situation that would be ok would be one marsue saying "We are best friends" to a marsue they've never spoken to, and the other marsue saying "Yes, we are best friends, but then one day me and you had a fight over a magic wand so now we are no longer friends." At this point the other marsue is allowed to either come up with a story to impress the other marsue to be their friend, or waddle off and attempt fictional friendship with another.

A situation that would not be ok would be one marsue going "We are best friends" and the other going "No we're not, you're wrong. Also I teleport behind you and kill you with the knife of never reviving so you can't come back to life."

A marsue takes all things as canon, even things they do not approve of. To them the other marsue has actually killed their character they made for themself without any input from them and thus they will be forced to make a new one. These marsues who ruin "canon" for others will one day be violently chased out by all the marsues in the group and be forced to live on their own, mindlessly babbling their stories to their own reflection in the water as no one else will listen. It is believed that the antsues, a very negative and self hating type of marsue, came from these rejects.

Marsues don't attempt mind wiping other marsues, as they are unable to do it. Even if marsues could they wouldn't due to their acceptance of acting as if all stories told to them are true. On their planet, the marsues all hang out in groups, tricking animals to die for them. They point up at the stars and make up stories about what they believe happened on them.

How they saved the lives of the people on the tiny star in the big black sky that they'll never get to visit ever again.


Marsue history is unknown, as marsues only make up stories about what they have done, and nothing is ever written down. More primitive cousins of the marsue seem to all have memory changing psychic powers, but unlike the marsue they are not lazy and actively hunt prey. Instead of making prey believe that the marsue is an animal who is helpful and that they should get closer to them, these primitive marsue cousins use their power to make sure that prey forget they exist. They will then kill their prey once they've been forgotten in the minds of it.

The marsue and these primitive cousins seem to have split over hunting differences. Marsues are found in areas where prey tend to herd together and constantly warn each other of danger much more frequently, meaning that trying to make them forget that they are there would have never worked. Beyond their evolution split, nothing else about the marsue's history can be determined, not even the timing of the gosue's birth, and the building of the golden palace of the gosues.

What is known is the horrible events that happened when travelers came to greet the marsues. The travelers had their memories edited, and believed the marsues were wonderful beings. They brought many of the marsues off their planet and spread them around the universe, showing off the wonders of the marsues. Many people went to the marsue home world and mass killed fauna on the planet to feed the marsues who they saw as gods. Things quickly went sour as more cases of people losing their memories, and towns being controlled by the impossible wonders of the marsues started to spread. Before this, their powers were unknown, but when the rest of the universe found out many species worked together to send the marsues back to their planet.

Some species on the other hand instead chose to destroy the marsue planet. Treaties were made to stop the attacks, and the marsues swore that they would stop trying to escape the planet, but the damage caused by the mass fauna death and the attacks when people became wise to their tricks has made the marsue planet rather inhospitable to the marsues. While the marsues still live on the planet, food is hard to come by as the planet attempts to rebound. Many marsues to this day attempt to escape or legally get jobs as mind erasers on other planets so they do not need to deal with the famine on their planet.

The only reason the marsues haven't been pushed to extinction is so they can be used to "reprogram" criminals by deleting memories that the wiper considers to be the part that made them a criminal. These reprogramming are highly conversational, but are mostly opted into willingly, with the only other punishment for them being death. There are also a few governments that use these reprogramming for even more extreme means, wiping all the memories of those convicted, so that they can place fake memories in their head that would make them the "perfect citizen", or even a perfect soldier for their armies.

On the flip side, some marsues are prescribed by therapists, who send their patient to get rid of a single memory that seems to be causing them constant harm. Yet again these are still considered highly conversational, as some people believe that it is used too much as a "cure all" when it should be only used in the most extreme of cases.

Home Planet

The marsue home planet used to be lush and full of life, but now it stands as a total wreck. Bombed and attacked, the planet has suffered a recent extinction event. Hardy fauna still live on the planet but it can be hard to spot anything other than small animals anywhere. Other than the great golden palace, there is no place that can be called "civilized" on the planet. While the marsues have been taught how to build things such as houses, they refuse.

Marsues are too naturally lazy to do such things, and no one is willing to do it for them in fear of losing their minds. Landing on the marsue home planet is highly unrecommended, as marsue are likely to swarm around the person and change their memories. Some people head to the marsue planet willingly. Unable to accept their past anymore they enter the planet, and leave a person who doesn't know who they are anymore. Their past, totally forgotten.

Some people even take others to the marsue planet for nefarious purposes. Using the marsues to get rid of the memories of people they intended to enslave, so that even if they escape, they won't know where to run to.


Antsue: Instead of being perfect, this subspecies can only make themselves imperfect. Unlike marsues, their powers are less geared towards memory replacement, instead they commit emotional replacements, making the victim become attached to the mess up of an antsue the more they mess up. Antsues are consider by some to be worse than marsues, as while they don't delete the memories of people, they can permanently cause a person to consider negative and abusive actions against them as positive actions for the rest of their lives, even after the antsue is gone.

Gosue: Living on the top of the tallest mountain on the marsue home planet, inside a giant golden palace, are the gosues. The gosues are brought food every day by their worshipers, and live in the only place on the marsue planet that can be considered "civilized." The gosues are a a rare subspecies of marsues that are 40 feet long, gold and black in color, and are considered to be gods. The gosues each describe their powers as if they were unique and different from one another, but all of their powers are the same.

They have the power to make any spoken word seem as if it is fact in the mind of the listener. The words self inserting themselves in to the listener's head and making them hyper aware of certain things, such as a gosue mentioning breathing can cause someone to spiral into being unable to stop paying attention to their breathing for weeks, or a gosue saying that it is going to rain might cause someone to obsessively bring an umbrella with them for years to come. There's only 16 gosues living today. They appear to live forever but soon after being removed from their palace they die, meaning no gosue can be seen off planet.

Authosue: Once believed to be just an unkept marsue, recent research has shown that authosues are actually an offshoot subspecies that preys on other marsues in a surprising manner. This type is able to cause others, including marsues, to see vivid depictions of what it describes. Authosues will spend their whole life world building in their mind. They will then approach marsues to "play a game." If the marsues accept, the authosue will describe their world, and the adventures in it, displaying it in the mind of the players.

While the marsues are distracted, the authosue steals and consumes any food the marsues have. Older authosues are usually so good at their job, that marsues instead willingly approach them, and offer food in exchange for a mental adventure. That being said, authosues are still a danger, as while they cannot replace or delete a memory, they can instead add in one. Their most common way of blending in is making residents believe that an officer has informed them an authosue is moving in and that "It's ok, she has her papers."

Ebony: Ebony dark tooth is the only naturally pure black marsue. Anyone else is just a hater attempting to take her style away from her. Ebony is a friend of all wild life, automatically being able to trick them, but Ebony is too pure to kill anything, and only eats pre-killed meat that fits her standards. Ebony has long dark hair which is totally natural unlike other marsues, as well as a beautiful outfit that just cannot be described in mere text.

Ebony is a rare child of a gosue and a marsue, so rare in fact, she is the only known case of it, and the gosues say there will never be another case like it. Due to this Ebony feels sad and alone, because she will never have anyone to relate to her half god half mortal emotions. She was given a free ticket to leave her homeplanet whenever she wants to so she feels better. Ebony cannot be described as anything but overwhelmingly wonderful in any media format, even text no matter how much the person tries, and that's just lovely.


Memory control: Marsues can edit, add, or delete memories. Marsues use this power wildly, and without thought about the other person's feelings on the matter most of the time. This power will damage the person's mind more and more the longer it goes on, and after about one to two months the person will reach the point of no return. Some marsues cycle through the people they control to make sure that no one gets to the point of no return, but these marsues are in the minority.


• While marsues are known to very rarely make people believe that they are the lover of the person they're messing with the memories of, marsue do not actually form relationships with people they have under their control. Marsues only have relationships with those who believe they are also perfect, and are not under their control. As such when a marsue controls a person to believe they are their lover, it's only to get a quick meal out of them and leave.

• Some marsue have escaped their planet, only to shovel themselves willingly into a zoo pen. Some zoos merely shrug and accept the marsue being there. These marsues see no reason to change memories of anyone as long as they get fed, and visitors to zoos love throwing food at an "animal" that they are encouraged to toss food at.

• Every year authosues undertake a great swim to reach "convention lake." There they host a 4 day event where they share world building which each other and hone their powers. Non marsues who have entered this event have come out, unwashed, starving, and saying it was the highlight of their life. They will state it felt like weeks, if not months, and that they have saved the world several times over.

• Marsues like everything to have a happy ending. Strife is only used as a way to move their "canon" and nothing more. When a marsue sees someone crying because they feel they are worthless for example, the marsue will go up to them and say something like "Oh, but it turns out you actually have a magic power you never knew about until now! Now you'll be able to show everyone you have worth." Doing this does not benefit the marsue in anyway and seems just to keep the area around them positive.

• If you see a marsue please contact the local police. Do not be silent about the issue, the marsue could be coming for your family next.

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