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Pastor Love / The Painful

“I cannot forgive and love myself for the crime I committed. I am a fraud. </3” — N-30

Art by, Mel

Part of the following collections: Notail,Featured

Emblem by Obedaiya
  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-1
  • Luck-1

Age: 80 years
Size: 5'7 ft tall
Species: Notail

Job: Notail Leader of the N-class
Likes: Almost everything
Dislikes: Himself
Notable contributions: Ruined everything.

[Observant] Positive trait
It always seems he knows when someone is there. No one can sneak up to him.
[Inspirational] Positive trait
Don't listen to him.
[Broken] Negative trait
He thinks he's the beast, the Neo. He lacks the scales, the tail, and the eyes of the black beast, but he still believes it.
[I'm Helping] Negative trait
Killing people isn't helping.
[Philophobia] Negative trait
Love can turn you wild.
[Self-Loathing] Negative trait
A horrible fraud.
[Unforgivable] Negative trait
Not after that crime.
[Trick Room] Ability trait
Suddenly he changes. Suddenly he can't handle it anymore. He becomes the beast, the Neo. He needs to know if he can forgive such a monster. He can't.

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

N-30 has not changed the way he has looked in a long time, but once he looked more presentable. He wears a dark jacket with a darker shirt below that. His shirt collar is tabbed with a striking blood red, and in this same color is his letter and number on his jacket. The N sits upright, with the right side of it much lower than the rest. Below that is "-30" written tilted and vertically so that when looked at from afar it appears the N-30 on his shirt looks like <-30. His pants are simple and black as well, but it's clear that like his shirt that the material used is of extremely great quality. Once being the most striking piece, his red and black stole, a long cloth that goes behind the neck and is draped evenly on both sides of the chest, was marked by blessed Neo symbols at both ends and nothing more.

His skin is a dark brown, and his hair while slightly unkept even back then, was black. The mask upon his face was of a simplified alligator with a curled grin and sleepy eyes. This face was one of love, a "<3" so to speak. The antenna's of N-30 are overly long and droop down before they bend inwards, almost touching. This feature, while a malformation of the antennas that disallow him to ever fold them so that they may be protected, forms another heart.

It's as if his fate was sealed the moment he was born. As if he was doomed to follow this path.

Now he's no longer as clean cut as he was before. His mask has been slashed at, leaving a deep cut in it. His love, his heart, has turned into a symbol of heartbreak, a "</3." His clothes have small rips and tears in them. Attempts at his life wasted. Hands that once nearly always carried gifts and treats can now be seen with a weapon in them, most recently a long discarded metal pole that has been sharped to a deadly point. Lastly, his stole which he took so much care of before is now tattered and wrapped around his arm, trying to escape him even in the slightest of breezes.

But no one escapes the N-30.


The once highly admired pastor of love had become a symbol of hate to all who gazed at his image after a horrific event. One he cannot forgive himself for doing. While he currently resides on Prison planet, he is still the class leader until his death as he does inspire hate in all notails who know of his deeds.

N-30 loves all things, even everyone who hates him. He believes that all things should be loved, as it is his duty, but he held a dark secret for many years, he could not learn to love himself. He will gladly praise others for anything they do. Harming others would earn them a speech about how they were so wonderful for having the power to do so. Even others harming him would earn them nothing but praise. While admittedly he could become angry about a situation, he would always calm himself down as soon as possible and attempt to find the positives of the situation, no matter how deep he had to dig to get it.

Where before N-30 attempted to surround himself with as many people as possible, now N-30 avoids people after being sent to Prison planet. He loves everything, and while once that brought him joy, now it only brings him horror. He believes himself to be a monster who cannot be loved by anyone, not even himself who loves all other things, and this self-hatred brings about a rage in him. He dearly wants to be able to forgive himself and to do so he must test himself, and to him, that involves removing people from this life. He doesn't believe that anyone should exist in the same universe with him anyway, but even if he feels he is doing the person a favor he still cannot justify his own actions.

He cannot forgive himself for hurting an innocent.

Even after all of this, many who meet N-30 today remark that from afar he acts as he did before. Praising others, preaching about love, but now he begs for people to stay away from him. But people still keep approaching, hoping to either kill or help this monster. The same fate always befalls them. Death.


N-30 was born a bit of a worrying looking N-class with his drooping antennas. Many of the M-classes refused to spend much time with him as an infant, fully expecting that when he reached childhood his antennas would be confirmed as non-working and he would be hauled off to the nearest lab as a D-class. This wasn't what happened at all, but for the rest of his childhood, he would get the odd looks before being countlessly and annoyingly asked if his antennas were broken. He notes that early on he used to explode in a rage about these questions, even if the person was asking in an honest, but horribly worded manner. He remembers vividly about a time he punched, and punched, and punched at another kid until their mask broke.

They were just a kid, they didn't know any better, but the bullying by the few had caused him to become an embittered person who didn't trust anyone. Early life and his readings of the book of the Limbo had made him believe that life was a deep and senseless punishment, as a perfect N-class should. As such, truly there was nothing remarkable to note about his life, until one day as he traveled The Woods he reached a forest center with an N-class who preached that taking a deep breath in, a deep breath out, and learning to drop all hate was a valid, if rare, existence for an N-class. The Neo could be killed with utter hatred or utter love. He humored the idea of dropping all the hate he had gathered up as part of his lifestyle up to that point and decided to give it a try.

He remarked that for the first time in his life he felt free. Being able to not have his thoughts clouded at all times by hateful negativity, thinking about minor things that happened years ago, it was bliss.

He would go on through the rest of his childhood and his adulthood like this. He was one of the extremely rare N-classes that was totally about love. While most would preach about love and hate, most would also have a moderate leaning towards hate. Many N-classes found this strange, and they told him this. While he admits to feeling anger at first, he was able to take a step back, gather his thoughts, and explain to them why he did what he did. He taught himself to accept other people's thoughts even if he did not agree, and later on, taught himself to love the mere fact that people could have thoughts that were not his own.

Life was so beautiful to him and he felt that while life deserved better, that life as it is now is its own special wonder. N-30 would bring gifts to everyone, and no matter how much someone hated him, he found a reason to love their existence itself, tending to note "No matter how much you hate me, I am overtaken by the fact that all of time, all of space, it was all leading up to this moment where you yell at me for taking too long to order in this line. Just that alone is so wonderful if you think about it. <3" Many took N-30 as being sarcastic, or even mocking them, but just a little digging into N-30's thought process showed that he was very much legitimate in his ideas.

The class leader of the N-classes were always doomed to die. The N-30s would either pick to love all things, or hate all things, and almost all of them picked to hate. The issue with hate is that as they hate more and more things, they start to lash out at the same people they were working for. The issue with becoming the hateful creature that is needed to kill the Neo is the fact that such hate causes them to break laws and for the very society that made the N-30 go against them. The banishment and death of the N-30 was at this point an expected event, turned to something symbolic even. So when the current N-30 was banished and then killed by the same people that encouraged their hate, it was not a surprise to anyone.

Job applications for being the next N-30 opened up. O-4, also known as Princess, interviewed those who signed up to be the next N-30 when she noticed one person had opted to be one of love, not hate. A first for her. She interviewed this notail, telling him that being an N-30 of love wasn't easy pickings. That if one stubs their toe, they cannot have such a petty hate for the table they bashed into or any kind of pettiness else they would be fired. This notail agreed to all the challenges before him, he knew that he could overcome hate. He thought he could overcome hate. Princess told this notail she fully expected him to fail his job and that she would never hire someone like him. He accepted this idea and said it was fine, and in fact that he totally respected her thoughts on the matter.

He was hired then and there, and so the new N-30 rose.

He was tested to see what his limits were, and yet he seemed to have none. Tossed to Prison planet with no supplies, met O-6 face to face, watched notails meet and destroy a new species, one that had yet to know of the horrors past their planet, first hand. Even when he felt slight hate over the event, he was quick to correct his attitude and find love and new life even in the bleakest of moments. Notails who once mocked the new N-30 for his ideals slowly started to fall in love with the notail.

The aggression of many notails would go down as they watched N-30 preach. Year after year, the rates of notails ripping apart planets or kicking up interuniversal drama had visibly decreased. N-30 self-torture to learn to love everything was inspiring to the notails. No one thought anything could go wrong. Notails were starting to believe that killing the Neo was within their grasp. Their hopes and dreams for a better universe started to look possible.

How could such a good person turn into a monster so suddenly?

N-30 felt like there was something wrong, one barrier in the way, so N-30 asked Princess for an object that he could love, gather all of his love in this one thing. Then he would perform a final test. If he could pass it he would surely be able to finally be able to see and speak to the Neo. While Princess didn't know what the test was, she would agree. N-30 helped a bit with the creation of the gift, but Princess spent much more time creating and perfecting it. She would deliver the gift one day to N-30, and N-30 set off with his final test.

Notail news for the next seven years was abuzz with updates about what N-30 was doing and where he was taking the object of love. Notails clamored to see such hope. Such a symbol of a possible ending to the punishment caused by life. Finally, it was the day, N-30 said the final part of his test would end. Billions watched on their TVs, and a lucky million clamored to see N-30 on stage. He preached to the crowd to much applause before asking everyone to quiet down, for the final moment was upon them all. He walked behind the stage and picked up the object of love. He calmly placed it center stage, and then he took out a weapon and smashed it in front of the crowd.

The crowd and Princess became too shocked to do anything. For 30 long seconds nothing happened as N-30 looked at the destroyed object before the crowd burst into yells and screams all aimed at N-30. One notail even threw a sharp knife that cut into his mask. It was apparently the final test. N-30 listened to all the insults, all the aggressive comments, all the wishes for death aimed at him. It was hard to hear over the crowd, but those closest to him heard his chilling words.

"I have failed my final test. As I looked at what I had done I attempted to forgive myself for destroying such an object of love, but I didn't see the Neo appear before me. I cannot forgive and love myself for the crime I committed. I am a fraud. </3"

And so the short 40-year era known as the great notail peace came to an end. The event after this could have been described as someone kicking over an ant hill and everyone else having to pay for it. After so much peace the notail's aggression in their actions and movements rose above what it had been before the event. N-30, Princess, and just about every notail felt destroyed, and they would be taking it out on anyone and anything they could get their hands on. They had undone all those years of peace and then added some interest.

N-30 was taken to Prison planet for his crime and left there. For two years nothing about N-30 was heard and everyone assumed he was dead until he showed up at the messy and barely standing settlement of prisoners near the castle on Prison planet. He killed people. It is said that when he felt no change, no love for himself come back, he turned around nonchalantly and walked away, crying.

The area N-30 lives in now is a crater known to everyone as "The Neo's domain" due to its new prominent resident. Every day N-30 loudly preaches and some notails, with nothing left to look forward to in their life than death, gather around believing in the tainted hope that N-30 preaches. N-30 and his followers are now a menace to all who live on Prison planet, and N-30 is a menace to his own followers, sometimes killing them suddenly. To be perfectly honest, even calling them his followers is misleading. N-30 doesn't want anyone to follow him, but to these people, N-30 is the last thing they have left. When he walks out to commit his horrible crimes, to test if he can finally find forgiveness again, they follow behind him.

Princess has put a bounty, and a high one at that, on N-30's head. So far everyone who has tried has ended up in one of N-30's makeshift graves, mourned over by N-30 for being taken away unjustly by a horrible monster.



The power of Love: Those who attempt to attack N-30 and those who are attacked by N-30 report that before the event they could feel a distinct shift in how they perceived both N-30 and themselves. Those who felt strong and confident in their skills to kill N-30 would suddenly feel weak and meek. Those who felt weak and unsure of their skills would suddenly feel they had a fighting chance against their opponent. As for how N-30 was perceived, where initially they could feel a bit of pity in their hearts as they looked at a weak and frail notail whose life was ruined in an instant, once the attack began they could only feel fear and hate. N-30 really did seem to turn into the creature known as the Neo in that moment.


• The current bounty for N-30 is 100,000,000 points.

• All the O-classes, but Princess especially seem to highly fear N-30 after O-5 was sent on a mission to kill N-30 and was nearly killed himself. Many think that N-30 would have the power to convince people if he kills an O-class that he should be the new O-class. Especially with how he gathers followers without effort, he'd be a perfect O-4. The numbers on his head keeps rising. Princess can't rest easy until he's dead, and she currently avoids Prison planet when she knows N-30 is active, for the punishment that would be inflicted on the universe if N-30 ever came into power would be too horrifying.

• Day after day and year after year, people swear that N-30's pleads for people to stay away get quieter and quieter. Some whispers say that N-30 can no longer contain his hate.

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