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Not Lairus

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” — someone infected in the Muskegs

Art by, Atomic

Part of the Featured collection

Emblem by Anon

Dominant Residents: Itzel

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Tropical in the forests, arid in the deserts.

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Homeworld of the itzel

Original Creator: Starlit-drakon
Co-creator: Taylor

Physical Description

Jaron is a dense, colorful planet, with a unique diagonal divide in an even split.

The first half of the itzels' homeworld is covered in dense forest and vegetation, with ample, lush greenery. There are occasional clearings with wide ponds created only by nature, sometimes surrounded by earthen trinkets that itzels have chosen to leave at the edges for others, in an effort to remove some of the burden from their hoards, but hopefully pass it on to another traveler. Within this 'forest district' lie jobs of itzels more suited to work in dark, shaded, quiet climates. Important resources for living are gathered mainly from this part of the planet. Itzels that live here also tend to favor heights, and will build 'treehouses' to reside in. As a result of this, you will often see quite a lot of carvings in tree trunks, hastily covered and marked holes, and raw materials simply lying about.

The second half of Jaron is a wide, flat grassland, with many large boulders and a tried-and-true dirt path winding in odd directions. There are few trees, though the ones that do exist are massive and overhanging, providing plenty of shade for a dozen or more itzels to gather. Forest-dwelling itzels will travel all the way across the planet in order to participate in massive swap meet events that take place with high frequency in this part of Jaron, along the (otherwise seemingly random and pointless) dirt path. A large portion of itzels live in the 'flatland district' and have their own unique jobs, mostly centered in creativity and invention.

Each half of the planet depends on the other, as without resources, the flatlands itzels could not create things to trade, and without 'swap meets', more commonly referred to as hoard hauls, with the most festive and massive annual event named Hoard Holiday, the forest itzels would not have tools with which to farm these resources.


Jaron has had a relatively uneventful history, as the itzels themselves are an uneventful species. The biggest event in recent, relatively speaking, years is the advancement of itzels to the Space Age, and the subsequent influx of outside culture and religion.


Forest District(s): Itzels in the forest districts are by no means quiet. Their songs happen to be some of the most luxurious and beautiful, nearly intimate by nature.

Flatlands District: A wide, open expanse of tall, grassy plains dotted with trees, visitors to the flatlands district can very often find Itzels lounging in the shade alongside worn paths through the grass. Lucky visitors will stumble upon ponds, surrounded by trinkets free for the taking: some are incredibly valuable off-planet, as Itzels export very few of their goods. Lucky wanderers may stumble upon the Hoard Hauls held across the Flatlands, where Itzels will happily trade their items.

Muskegs: The muskeg lands are choked with the sheer amounts of plant and fungal life that lives here; most, if not all of these organisms are edible in some way, but this comes with great risk. The air in this area, and for quite a ways around it, is filled with the spores of several species of fungus. Many have wandered into these clouds on accident, and it is not uncommon to see a native of Jaron with clusters of mushrooms growing on them. These mushrooms root in the flesh and grow rapidly, making the area a place to be avoided for any crews without suitable protection.




• Some come to this planet just to pick special herbs.

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