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The speciesdex hosts info about the many intelligent species in the universe. A species is a group who can reasonably perform, or at least comprehend, higher action skills, such as driving a ship, building shelter, or farming. Almost all of the species here have entered the universal society one way or the other.



Aalors are apathetic creatures that have a great regard of work. They are humorless and artless with only a handful entering the creative sector. They are very diligent and persevering, would rather jump into a volcano than fail an order. They are often uncaring of what is around them, unless it's in their job description to do so. Aalors also have an obsessive tendency to make their products exceedingly durable than they're needed, sometimes at the expense of effectiveness.


Abunis are a calm, highly intelligent, but highly traditional species, taking their worship, ceremonies, and idols very seriously. They can usually find a reasonable solution to any problem, and find the normalization of violence barbaric and infantile. They are highly emotionally and mentally dependent on their parasite, taking its word above all else lest they are psychically punished.


Ackolids have a very interesting development process wherein they 'evolve' through six stages. Each stage is slightly more intelligent than the previous. Strangely, the "stage" is not a measure of maturity and they evolve to the next stage on their own accord. They are, as a whole, an unambitious race, and thus many never even develop past stage one. Stages one through three never leave the breeding lakes, and later stages instinctively live nearby such lakes. They must be at least stage four to reproduce and only those of stage five or six are more intelligent than a wild animal.


The aftik is a bipedal raptor like creature, with most of them being around 5-5'6 feet in height. Aftiks are covered in sturdy feathers including its iconic "crown" on its head. They have a "guiding light" on their chest; this is just an oval that most aftiks are spiritually attached to. They have a very long and thick tail which they use to balance themself while hopping. While aftiks do walk normally, once they pick up speed they begin to use their extremely powerful legs to hop along the landscape.


The ageinolus are a race built on change and variety. Doing the same task over and over again is near-impossible for them, even if in an occupation that covers a wide array of tasks. To cope with their constant need for change, ageinolus society is constantly shifting, both politically, domestically, economically, and in the workforce. Leaders of various cities in the poles are switched out every week with ageinolus citizens who signed up on a queue, and ageinolus children are often traded between adults as they grow up, leading to many considering a very large group of people to each be their foster parents.


Aglaeca are far more like animals than most sentients. Stronger aglaeca often have pseudo-packs of smaller, weaker aglaeca following them around and scavenging off of them. Aglaeca commonly drive off other aglaeca, or even vayarasa, and take over their homes, staking out a "territory" around the home where they will reside for as long as possible, until they are driven off or have consumed all of the resources in the area.


Most agnivyr are extremely social in any given situation, especially when it comes to communals within dinners. They also are rather good in a community in general, keeping tabs on every neighbor they have and making sure to get out and talk to them once they see them. Agnivyrs usually stick around each other and if you see one, another one is nearby. It's very rare for one to be alone because they lean on communication and without it, they will become depressed and pessimistic.


Aluchaquin as a species have built their entire culture around the sport of competitive fighting, as it is not only their main form of entertainment but is thought of as a way of living. In aluchaquin society, all disagreements can be solved by taking it to the ring. Disagreements can range from petty arguments to heavy political debate. The winner of the fight is also the winner of the argument, a system that has surprisingly worked very well for this species for thousands upon thousands of years.


Amphos are empathetic and considerate beings that try and achieve a sense of understanding with all beings they came across believing it to be their purpose in life. To this goal they are dedicated, patient, and passionate, displaying a cool enthusiasm comparable to an elementary school teacher during the initial phases of their careers. In this capacity they strive encourage the personal betterment of people, for the end goal of achieving a union of superbly spiritually healthy individuals.


Angels are solitary creatures and are distrusting of most species, as they think other species only try to use them for their abilities. They will refuse to talk to anyone who even mentions their abilities or any skills they have. Angels, when they choose to interact with galactic society, are often found taking an easy "lookout" post as their natural ability makes it practically effortless, despite that they will respond harshly if anyone acknowledges why it is or directly seeks them out for such.


Aoeyoi'ie are fairly emotional creatures, being easy to anger, please or scare, though their natural personality variance also accounts for more phlegmatic individuals. They are relatively intelligent, but are more likely to be found doing jobs related to maintenance or with a certain element of repetition than in positions that require leadership or creativity.


Apidees are chipper and saccharine, sometimes to an excessive degree. In fact, no one has ever seen an apidee that was sincerely sad, and even when they're angry they still maintain a bubbly disposition. This behavior has earned them a reputation as being insensitive and annoying, particularly since they don't typically pay much mind to other people's feelings. This is likely due to the fact that apidees are attuned to feelings of other apidee on an instinctive level, and thus have difficulty empathizing with non-apidee.


If one should ask an aptropoise, with their horn intact, to describe their species' personality traits and demeanor, they would go on to explain that aptropoises are the most intelligent, high esteemed species that ever crawled up onto dry land, as well as the most handsome of marine mammals across all of the galaxy. However this only clues into the true nature of the aptropoise, as the majority are highly egotistical, selfish creatures that care not for anyone but themselves and the preservation of their ever growing knowledge.


They are insecure and shy creatures whose true forms are the "inside-out" versions of themselves. However, ever since they've seen another sentient species that didn't like how they looked, they have hidden this form underneath their more family-friendly interior in fear that others would think the same way. This interior was meant to be used for only a small time and while the aqualisces are able to be in it indefinitely, it causes uncharacteristic extremism.


The ariesa have two semi separate societies due to their temporal dimorphism, Sun ariesa live in large cities with a focus on a life of peace and quiet, while moon ariesa live in smaller nomadic tribes with a focus on combat and trial by fire. Though the personalities of the two ariesa are quite different, and would normally lead to constant conflict between the two societies, the ariesa have actually come to a peace agreement between one another.


Armas are kind, sociable, and generous. On their own planet. When not on their homeworld, they're ruthless and follow a strict social ladder system. They're absolutely racist and will put down any other "lower" species without a second thought. If a higher species puts down an arma and insults them, the arma will think nothing of it. They believe people higher on the social ladder are almost always right.


The artcunas have a reputation for being cold and practical. This is not entirely unearned, as the artcuna are indeed very practical minded, wasting little, little of what they gather from the land. They have a tremendous distaste for wastefulness and frivolity and will, at best, react to such things with disgust, and at the worst, with aggression and rage. This influences their stance on technology as well, as they're very backward compared to most species, even their peers on Naturis. They follow the philosophy of "Enough is Enough" and are content to use the proven and the reliable over trying anything new.


The behaviour of ASHADI is interesting, considering their origins. While some uneducated people imagine them to be stale or dull, they are in fact very enthusiastic and cheerful in person despite their totally monotone electronic voices. While working hard is vital to them, they allocate plenty of time to recreation and play as well, as it is part of their fragile cultural identity.


Ashenrocks are quiet and tend to stick around peaceful areas. Most who meet them describe them as "anxious" and "extremely strange". Ashenrocks have an affection for abstract creativity and steer away from straightforward depictions of reality, which can make it frustrating to get information from them if one isn't patient or doesn't understand their "flow".


Ashlaiz tend to be very silent and invisible unless they have good reason to do otherwise. They are extremely good with teamwork and rarely turn on anybody. They are almost invariably extremely intelligent and unbelievably good learners.