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The planetdex hosts all the info needed on not only planets, but also celestial bodies, important places, and other things such as space bases.


Acrisius Cloud

When the notails visited the cloud, the nebula was teeming with resources, which it still is, but they didn't bother to colonize. The first settlers were the angels, which established many temporary space stations in order to hide from the rest of the galaxy, failing. They were later followed by the many species interested in both earning money by offering shelter to incoming hunters, or by capturing and killing the beasts of the cloud.

One day a lucky aftik discovered that one could surf the dust disk near the clear trails of the planetesimals, bringing more popularity to the cloud.


Adjara was entirely abandoned for most of its history, and was thought to be an inhospitable, overgrown hellhole by almost every major species due to its red super-giant star. Doctor Cortz, self proclaimed mad scientist, bought the entire moon for only one million points, and quickly moved in to conduct experiments on the world. When the scientist died in a lab accident, it fell to the cortz that he created to care for the world.


Aftenia is a very old planet, in terms of the age of its components. It has gone through two incarnations, referred to as Before and Alternate by cosmic geologists. Before was originally coalesced from dust. After it had cooled down from its formation, a rogue planet collided with it directly, shattering both of them. These fragments then coalesced again into two planets, Alternate. Their erratic orbits eventually led them close together, where their gravity merged them and formed Aftenia.


Alinzona was once a planet known as Zona-5-59 that contained unintelligent lifeforms but was otherwise unremarkable. Located by the borders of lawless and Federation-run sectors, it was often used as a dumping ground by pirates who needed a place to discard their unwanted and occasionally illegal goods. The planet, once pleasant, became a small spot for pirate activity for a few decades before the surprise onset of the barren season on a planet that was thought to be permanently temperate.


Allringaque is a planet full of tropical rain forests that is dotted with cities of white and gold towers. For unknown reasons the canopies of the forests show a ring pattern when viewed from the sky. The forests themselves are dominated by the ringed frog, a large amphibian creature whose skin is extremely poisonous to the touch. The only other creature walking the floor is the ringeater rat whose body can break down this poison and lives off the corpses of the frogs. All other creatures mainly stay up in the trees where they're safe from the frogs.


The queolchrost's creators lived on Alphim-Queol. It is theorized that they may have provided some of the basic infrastructure, and possibly even some of the basic piping systems. The queolchrost easily overthrew their creators. After the quolchrost took over, they performed many infrastructure projects which transformed the landscape over many years. The exact timeframe is unknown. All fauna were removed, excluding some easily farmed aquatic specimen, and flora were limited to agricultural zones.


Most of the history of Amkear was lost with the rest of slarym history during the Gastric War. However, large areas of it were struck by biological weapons, rendering areas of the planet completely devoid of life. More recently, the star the planet orbits has neared the end of its life, and has turned into a Red Giant, raising temperatures on the planet drastically and killing most of the plant life on it.


Anatida is a place visited frequent for various things, conflicts, peace, love, friendship, but it is rarely noticed for the curious and peculiar culture of the beings that usually speak QUACK or other similarities of it. It is believed that at the beginning of time, there was a beautiful and unique duckarium in Anatida, without the pots to hide her feelings she wandered Anatida, on a search for a meaning in her life.


Ante-Heyl used to be a lush planet full of cities and towns, but it was refashioned into a research facility after the planet became a desert and most of its life died out. Once the ephemrma met the intergalactic community, the buildings were repurposed again to fit all of the local ephemyrma colony's used books as to try and make money off them. Ante-Heyl doesn't make a lot of profit, but the ephemyrma luckily don't need a lot of money.


Legend has it that long ago, before the apidee, a group of mysterious entities known as the 'Three Mother Bees' arrived on the world. It is said that they engineered a number of bees and bee-like creatures, and radically changed the environment, and that they ultimately created the original apidee from one of these bee species, before suddenly vanishing. Of course, another, arguably more popular legend, holds that a great beast up and died on the planet and that the apidee and all other bees crawled out it's rot, so who can really say whats likely amongst apidee legends.


Civilization on this planet started not when the first major tool was created, but the first time that the creator encountered another of their kind with it. A primitive forest-dweller, they had managed to create something that made survival more plausible, but another still struggling had seen it on display, and the sheer awe that eparai radiated from seeing the tool drove them to seek out others.

This resulted in society starting loose, but each time something new was created it was rapidly reproduced and shared across developing gatherings of clans, which had quickly realized they could begin to feed off one another.

Bountys Peak

Archaeological work has determined that the original purpose of Bounty's Peak was a grol scientific station, though at a later stage of occupation it was repurposed as a military hold-out. However, unlike many grol facilities it seems to have escaped any real damage, and was swiftly pounced upon by a roving gang of pirates, over fifty million years later.


Brimstonair is the site of an ongoing war that has lasted thousands of years. After a "god", most likely an average explorer, gave a king the secret of space travel, tribes began to develop. Then the war began. After hundreds of years, space travel became commonplace, but the tribes were so divided that they just kept fighting. Not much has changed on the planet besides more advanced technology and a few large fortresses, as no species is brave, or stupid, enough to try to end the war and colonize the planet.


Not important / Unknown.


Buckingfield was always a place of extreme, but consistent, temperature and large beasts of burden. When the meteor crashed into the planet, a radioactive substance accelerated the dominant beast's evolution, producing the waylends. These waylends would then populate the planet and begin fauna production after settling the era of "camelboys vs aliens". While the outward appearance of the land and the people change by the season, the heart of Buckingfield has been the same, simple place for eons, and it's on course to remain that way for eons more.


Dishonesty, deceit, hot air and flim flam. If anyone says they know the real history of the kouninis they're likely attempting to trick anyone willing to listen to their lies.


The speddari's history is closely aligned with the history of their homeplanet. Cashmoney was used as a garbage dump for money and it worked out great for everyone.


At some forgotten point in time, every inch of the planet was simply forest. Ordinary trees, nothing quite strange, the planet was just strictly forest, with no other sort of diversity. Through some sort of means the species that lived in the branches began discovering clearings of grass. Over time these clearings would become more common and more spacious, the trees giving way, growing farther upwards instead of outwards.


A long time ago, three gods were born. Arlaef, goddess of the earth, Kieme, god of the water, and Etramnael, god of the sky. The three siblings used their powers to create Collmoros, and with it the n'nik and everything they would need to survive. But Enmole, goddess of fire, was left out of the creation, and she grew furious with her siblings. In secret she plotted and planned, spending centuries and yet seconds on her creations before unleashing them on the world.


Originally the planet of Cth'Leoth was inhabited by a species known as the Cth'Leans. They were a people obsessed with the pursuit and sharing of all information, even from dangerous, seemingly anomalous sources. This acceptance of all information, even that steeped in dangerous energy, was so sure that it was even baked into their language. They seemed to be fairly happy with their situation overall, until the Fear Era, when the notails arrived, and sickness wiped out their entire species.