[Cosmosdex] The Universal Encyclopedia


Out into the wilds of the universe.....

The faunadex contains all the info you need to know about any fauna you might see out in the universe, including info about what they look like, where they tend to live, and how likely they are to eat all your crew members.



Aedelweard hounds are fairly docile, long since bred into this role by their drakon masters. Always born in a single pair, aedel hounds come in six different colours\: red, orange, blue, green, and the rarest colors of yellow and purple. Each litter is born in a set of complementary colors.

Red and green aedelweard hounds are commonly used by dragon-hunting drakons, and the blue and orange hounds are most often given to hatchlings. Yellow and purple aedel hounds are exalted as omens of an oncoming ascendance of an enlightened and malevolent drakon\: as such, the birth of these hounds are celebrated, and they are treated with utmost respect.


Agrivyrn are mostly known for spending most of their time lying in the sun, simultaneously warming themselves and giving their plants ample time to photosynthesize. These beasts have a symbiotic relationship with their plants, giving the plants a place to grow, and in return taking a portion of the plant's sugars to sustain itself. Domesticated agrivyrn are all female, though the few that still exist in the wild or in Z-class stocks can be male or female.

Alpha Porpoise

Alpha poirpose are incredibly excitable and "Type A" creatures. Ever eager to engage in extreme activity for seemingly no purpose at all. Left undisturbed alpha poirposes have been observed performing such "rad" stunts as backflipping, surfing, and coordinated acrobatic feats off of various sorts of handles.

Aside from that alpha poirposes deeply enjoy the thrill of the hunt. They hunt for all manner of reasons, aside from food, such as sport, brinkmanship, and for decidely less wholesome reasons. They are quite smart, for animals, capable of understanding and to a limited degree, engaging, with sapient peoples, who alpha poirposes reportedly consider "uncool hosers."

Arc Wasp

Like most creatures from Oerson, arc wasps derive sustenance from light, they supplement this with the ability to drain electrical energy via their stinger. While historically, utilized this by feeding off of living organisms bio-electricity, modern specimens content themselves by draining power generators, electronics, and sometimes robots, and are generally harmless, even in large groups, to organics, except of course if that organic is relying on some device for survival, or they're starved which is not uncommon when found on planets with long nights and short days.


Arises do not sleep. Their eyes are constantly open, and when they need to blink they will only blink one eye at a time as if scared to miss a single moment. Their behavior is often associated with people who have been up for days at a time because of how unusual it is. They slowly waddle their way around nearly any landscape they find themselves in groups of five to ten. Arises seem mindless in their travel, and sure enough, many tracking data confirm that other than their aversion to extreme cold their paths are random.


Tenacious, and single-minded, the azureclops is a stubborn, mildly intelligent brute with a certain of clever cunning. When an azureclops sights it's prey, it will stalk it until it has captured it, and there is little one can do to deter from it's course, save perhaps demonstrating oneself as an easier to acquire, but this is not advised.

While agreed to not be properly 'sapient' azureclops have displayed a burgeoning intelligence, such as by developing tools and weapons, and building traps.


Behaviors in baudettes are near nonexistent when someone is not directly interacting with one. If never touched, a baudette will spend its entire lifetime never moving, only filter feeding whatever happens to be in the air and blinking thoughtlessly. It's often argued by experts whether the baudette is even a living animal or anomalous object due to it's unnatural appearance.

It is currently unknown as to how baudettes reproduce, as they will often just manifest within places that can sustain them.


Bbizomi are pursuit and ambush predators. A bbizom will latch onto a target and stalk it tirelessly for days on end at a walking pace, appearing as nothing but a distant glow in the dark of night and the echo of a discordant horn. As their prey gradually tires, they will draw closer and closer each night until they can finally pounce and tear the poor creature limb from limb.

Beta Fish

Beta fish are consummate swarmers. Useless and indeed, rather cowardly when encountered on their own, when in a group of even dust a dozen or so of their kind, they become much bolder and more aggressive. Naturally, due to this, they have rather complex group mechanics that make one question how intelligent they actually are. They have a social hierarchy much akin to a prison gang, bullying and harassing the weaker members until they discover their place in the pecking order.


Bimbledee are very similar to apidee in most fundamental ways. They are gleeful, saccharine and friendly to an extent that if often considered "annoying" to non-apidee or bimbledee. Unlike apidee though bimbledee have in fact been reported displaying emotions beyond a "chipper disposition" though this is a rare occurrence as bimbledees are a firm example of the phrase "ignorance is bliss" as in spite of their capacity to feel negative emotions, they're usually stubbornly happy anyway.


The most well-known variety of blarks, being the domesticated kind, are first and foremost search-and-rescue animals. Picked specifically for their hardiness and generally pleasant demeanor, they're trained to keep those rescued calm and cared for until professional help can be called.

Blood Mantis

The blood mantis is an animal of pure rage. In the wild once they feel even a tang of hunger they become extremely violent. Many foolish people have mistaken mantises they've seen as guards and in circuses as an example that blood mantises are highly tame, and docile animals. The blood mantises at circuses are fed large amounts of food before every show to hopefully stop any outbreaks of anger. This normally works but there have been many incidents where blood mantises suddenly lash out and begin killing for no other reason then they had the power to.

Blood Moth

Blood moths are very territorial, tending not to leave an area once they've settled in one. They can be selective with their choice of prey, using their wing patterns to scare away any fauna or sapient species they do not hold up to par. If a blood moth finds a creature satisfactory, they will launch themselves at the victim with a powerful flap of their wings and start tearing into their new meal.


No one can ever hope to fully understand the behavior of the blort. Their movements are clumsy and haphazard, often tripping over their own feet. Some decide to forgo classical walking by slithering on their bellies. As dictated by their all-knowing yet all-stupid nature, they roam with an intentional aimlessness, rarely trekking through the same path twice. Their quest for knowledge leads them to rummage through belongings, and their hunger leads them to trash to consume.


Due to being originally intended for lab usage, blugs are incredibly docile and trusting. While they will raise their spikes when they feel threatened, there's very few cases of a blug ever becoming violent. The vast majority of injuries from blugs comes from careless handling. Their typical attitude towards other species typically falls somewhere between bored indifference or an amiable curiosity.


Blutgoats are largely sedate and thoroughly domesticated animals that nonetheless have a profound sense of pride for an animal, especially one as sluggish and large as they are. With their often lackadaisical and lazy natures they are often misunderstood as being easily handled, which is far from the case as they are rather stubborn and averse to obeying instruction when not given in a manner that appeals to their sense of pride.


Bombats are, quite simply, "tweaked out powder junkies." Unlike most creatures, and indeed, most rats, bombats display a startling lack of self-preservation instinct. Good for the bombats, who gleefully and unflinchingly charge to blow up anyone and anything that they happen to see, but far less so for the unfortunates who were counting on a concern for its own life to render them harmless.


Intelligent and curious crabs designed to be starter capture creatures for notails. They are sturdy and resolute creatures capable of enduring much in their task of "caring" for young notails. Braiab's strictly speaking, have very few skills that are actually useful for helping a fledgling notail survive in the woods. This is of course precisely the point, as braiabs are given to K and E-classes to help encourage their inherent curiosity by meandering in situations and forcing their notail to do something about it.


Butterflies are solitary creatures, only searching for another butterfly when trying to mate. Butterflies are raised from eggs, which typically take about 6 months to hatch. These eggs are guarded fiercely by the female, and anything that even gets close to the butterflies nest is attacked. When the young hatch, they are left to fend for themselves, and of the hundred or so hatchlings, only a handful ever manage to make it the 5 years needed to become fully independent.


Caborhunds are excitable and exuberant creatures that are easily driven into a fluster of energy and excitement. When presented with something that catches their ear they pursue it with a impressive zeal and determination, not resting for hours until they find what they're after or they get tired and wander off.

The animals are consumate hunters, using their highly attuned senses to pinpoint the exact location of just about anything.