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Land of the Free Roming

“Holes dot the landscape due to an endless war that raged through here. We lost our right to rule this land for those wars.” — An elder brodskul

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Dominant Residents: Arma
Other Residents: Brodskul

Fauna: Mutated fauna roam the landscape due to all the radiation that used to cover the land.
Weather: Very mild, but winters are fairly harsh.

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: Homeworld of the arma

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

Merciaa has red soil and grasslands, blue waters, and two bright white moons, but from space it can be seen that there's something off about the planet. Near perfect circle lakes dot the planet. Far too many of these lakes exists to be considered natural. These lakes are known as atomic lakes, and they were created when bombs were dropped on the planet. While most are safe to swim in, some contain radioactive materials at the bottom of them, as such one must be careful to check for signs that may indicate that the lake is unsafe for swimming, else one could instantly ruin their vacation.

Large patches of the land are dusty, hot, and where many armas move when the harsh winters come down on their towns. When it snows on Merciaa, it is nearly always a storm that aggressively covers the land. Armas with their thick hides and extra stored fats are able to survive the winters just fine, but the brodskuls who are much weaker suffer throughout the whole event. The winters are when many non queen and king brodskuls die out.

The fauna of Merciaa have been highly corrupted by an event known as "World Peace". Where bombs littered the world, and nearly everything that lived on it had been killed. What little fauna survived had become mutated, or quickly adapted in a strange fashion to counter what the world had become. Armas are careful to stay out of the way of what they call the "Peacemakers", or faunas who have lived through the horrifying events of World Peace.

Also due to World Peace, the planet is littered with destroyed towns, cities, and bunkers. If one is lucky, or unlucky, they may come upon an intact building filled with loot, and many traps.


The arma homeworld wasn't always ruled by the armas. Long ago there lived a species called the brodskul, large crow like birds whose head was a covered in a hard skull. From the very moment the brodskuls could pick up a stick and swing it around, they have been in an endless war. The brodskuls adopted the armas as holy animals, possibly one of the few things the brodskuls could agree on.

The planet of Merciaa was littered with abandon towns and cities before the event known as World Peace happened. World Peace was an event where a country on Merciaa decided it was done with the constant wars. For many years they built one of the most complex, and largest bunkers in the universe, and then proceeded to move many armas, other animals, and themselves into it. Once everyone was safe, they started plan World Peace. With one button, they caused bombs to rain down on the world, killing nearly everything on it.

The brodskuls in the bunker declared they would no longer be able to hold a right to the planet, and as such using selective breeding raised the armas to be the new holders of the planet. It would take a long time, but the brodskuls knew they had more than enough of it. The planet was covered now in deadly radiation, and they would be forever unsure of when it would be safe to exit.

When it was finally confirmed that the land above was finally safe, the brodskuls and armas poured out of the bunkers to reclaim the land above. Many years later the notails would land on the planet to bring the armas to the space age.


Mount Mer: Mount Mer is a mountain that armas live in, having dug carefully in to it. The tunnels are highly complex, and one should take care to bring a map to make sure that they do not get lost. The armas here do not need to move when the winter comes, but they must be careful to keep their entrances protected. One wrong move and snow could cover them up, trapping the armas in an icy prison.

Peacevilla: Before the war existed a town where the residents, fearing that the war would destroy the whole planet, decided to import their minds in to robots and build a great blast shield. When World Peace happened, the brodskuls of the town laughed their way to the bank, until they realized to their horror, that the radiation protection had failed. The living brodskuls of the town were killed within the month, leaving only those trapped in the heads of robots. The town was renamed in to Peacevilla in ironic taste by the residents, who were only able to see world peace after the world had blown itself up. After many years, many of the residents broke down, with little supplies to fix them, but if one goes to Peacevilla, they'll see some of the residents still active, bugged and barely fictional. The armas have vowed to leave the robots of Peacevilla to their "peace", or, more like suffering for their sins of the past.

The Underworld: When the armas were finally free to roam the land, they had found a large complex mine that contained an extremely huge amount of fuel and coal from pre-war end times. The armas harvested fuel and coal from this mine, until one day it was accidentally set on fire. Many lives were lost, and the armas had to move to escape the blaze. Many years later, it and the area around it are still endlessly burning. A town of arma who don't fit the social norms have huddled around the fire that protects them from the raging winters.


Peacekeepers: Peacekeepers are the mutated animals and beasts who live on Merciaa due to World Peace. Some peacekeepers have been alive for 1000s of years, and many armas who live in the wild honor the peacekeepers as gods, even though many are violent monsters who kill anything that even dares to breath in their direction.


• Though not overly harmful the planet is still quite radioactive in certain places. It's always suggested that one brings a geiger counter with them if they plan to walk into the wilds of Merciaa to avoid areas where there is higher radiation.

• Many peacekeepers on the planet are constantly hostile, no amount of attempting to tame them will ever make them willing to listen. Those that eat meat will always attack, and those who eat from the ground will always run away as soon as they spot a single soul.

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