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Tekla V

The Luxury Moon

Tekla V
“Come to our resort, we have everything you need, for the right price!” — Tekla V board of tourism

Art by, Atomic

Dominant Residents: Vaeri
Other Residents: Catlas, Tourists, Aftik

Fauna: Cats, Tropical birds, Nautical wonders
Weather: Bright and sunny, very tropical.

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: Resort planet, Pit stop, Catlas Homeworld

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

The largest moon of the gas giant Tekla, a fairly sizable tropical planetoid noted for being sunny and inviting, the perfect place to spend all sorts of time and money. The planet is mostly ocean, save for a singular fairly sizable continent, that is surrounded by all manner of uncountable islands of various shapes and sizes.The land is mostly tropical and covered in jungles, dense, secret concealing jungles that are filled with the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Much of the planetoid today is covered in a spider web of mono-rail lines connecting resorts and private vacation get-aways of all stripes and sizes. The gas giant Tekla looms ominously, yet beautifully in the sky at all times, sometimes it's largess consumes the sky entirely creating a beautifully strange sight that visitors insist one sees.


Ages ago the planetoid was dismissed as being 'an uninhabited eyesore orbiting a worthless fart ball'. At some point a passing ship on a "adventure of wonderment and merriment", experienced an obscure mechanical failure and crashed on the planet. The survivors of this crash quickly discovered, that the planet was not, in fact, uninhabited, as they were promptly captured by the local catlas. Among these survivors, was a young geckrecaun named Vancek Uchins, discovered a "really sweet hat", and then, in an entirely unrelated turn of events, managed to sway the "savage locals" to their side, and used them to establish the foundations of what would become 'Uchins Resort Co. LLC.'.

At some point thereafter, a group of enterprising vaeri approached the company, proposing an arrangement of mutual benefit to the company. The exact nature of this agreement is among the tightest lipped of company secrets, but those crazy coots established a lab forthwith afterwards, much to the quietly held suspicions of visitors and employees alike.


Uchins Royale Megacenter: The Crown jewel of Uchins Resort Co., and de-facto capital of the planet. A massive compound of hotels, casinos and assorted other things for a real high-class vacation experience, all centered around Uchins Towers, the tallest building on the planet, an ultra-ritzy Hotel/Casino that also serves as the headquarters of the Uchins Resort Company.

Combat Cube Coliseum: A massive coliseum appropriated by Uchins Resort Co. for use in gladiatorial/theatrical combat, not to the death. Officially not to the death anyway, sometimes people get bored and sometimes rich people pay a lot of money to see some blood.

Woopy World Tekla: The local Tekla V branch of the ever popular Woopy World established by the Woopy Corporation to profit off of Tekla V's inexplicable popularity. It's noted for being 'Not as good' as Woopy World prime, and for being way more cat themed.




• Aftiks are advised to be cautious on the planetoid, as there have been many reports of aftiks going missing. Uchins Resort Co. officially insists that the disappearances are greatly overblown and that aftiks shouldn't feel threatened, and in fact, should come here in droves, "We have our own Woopy World!" the official line goes.

• The moon, the local gas giant, and the majority of everything on either of those things, is owned by Uchins Resort Co. LLC. This includes the majority of the local catlas population, who, the company reminds, are 'non-profit employees' not slaves.

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