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Alpeta / The Lonely

“El zapato siempre se adapta mejor al pie que ha peleado la mayoría de las guerras........en la costa este. -w+” — Y-35 reciting a motivational speech from "tourist legends" to a crowd of people. No one has any idea what he is saying, not even us, and we're tourists

Art by, RobbingRoses

  • Strength-10
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-10
  • Endurance-10
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-0

Age: 127 years
Size: 5.7 ft tall
Species: Notail

Job: Notail leader of the Y-class
Likes: Friendship, Teamwork, Attention, People who help him out, Helping others (He says he dislikes all of these)
Dislikes: Being alone, No one helping him out, Tending to his own wounds (He says he likes all of these)
Notable contributions: He is the leader of the Y-class and helps with setting up the regimes all troops are to follow before going to war. He also sets up training programs to keep the troops in top shape. He has a very high approval rating among notails despite his efforts to appear cold and aloof.

[Willpower] Positive trait
"Tsk, young pup, you believe I am weakened by all of these attacks? I only become stronger the bigger the challange. Now, lets see if you can keep up. -w+"
[Multilingual] Positive trait
"I have trained with tourists across the universe, studying the languages of the forgotten. Many will never under my inner being....that is for the best. -w+"
[Inspirational] Positive trait
"You are all fools to look up to me as a leader...heh....but I guess you are all my fools. Let us begin our training as fools together. -w+"
[Hero Complex] Negative trait
"Run, young pup....I said run! Run past the hills and run past forest. Do not stop running until you reach the others. Warn them of the danger coming their way.....me? Do not worry about me young pup, I will stay here and hold back the darkness until my last breath. -w+"
[Aloof] Negative trait
"There's nothing you need to know about me as a person, young pup. All you need to worry about is who I am as a leader. -w+"
[Helping Hand] Ability trait
"Tsk, need help again, young pup? Remember, one day I won't be around. Remember, one day you will need to be there to lift up others. -w+"
[We meet again] Ability trait
"Heh......so you came to help me, young pup? Tsk....what a fool you are to be helping an old wolf like me. -w+"
[Personality Mask] Mystery trait
"This is who I truly am, young pup. This is who matters. -w+"

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

A lone figure in the universe, his antennas point back, jagged with uncertainty. Dark brown hair sits on his head, barely groomed. A black wolf mask adorned with a single scar across one of its eyes and on that same side, an ear chipped away. His mask is a reflection of who he is. A hardened figure who has been damaged by existence itself. A person whose mask gives the slightest of smirks just to abide by society's rules.

He has a plain white or black shirt, which is then overlayed with a jacket of the opposite color. Fur adorns the neck and hand region, as he knows that he shouldn't expect anyone to be there to warm him up when the cold rolls in. On his arms are stripes, three total on each. When asked what they mean, he seemingly rotates through an array of reasons.

"Each stripe is for each member I lost in the woods. -w+"
"These stripes. These stripes are to spite the tiger of the tower. A monster I hope to defeat or be slain by. -w+"
"They are a representation of the wounds I must endure, even the emotional ones I must deal with when I lay unharmed. -w+"

While possible that the appearance of these stripes has multiple meanings, many find themself questioning if he's making up things off the top of his head as he is prone to do so to not seem foolish. The most important item to him, one he carries at all times, likewise has a hundred and one fables attached to it. His katana, his weapon of choice. Said to be forged by a dragon who lives upon an active volcano, using steel taken from an ancient robot who hasn't viewed the light of day in millenniums, and tied with fabric and leather handcrafted by one of the foul gods of above.

It oddly enough looks exactly like a typical katana that could be gained from a hobby store. The difference between those and it is a single fabric tied around the base. That is a reminder, a reminder to Y-35 that he could lose everything in an instant. A reminder that the things that exist today should be treasured before they are all lost to the ravaging monsters of the universe that lurk just outside everyone's door.


The lone wolf of the universe is a rare sight to behold. He is only spotted by those willing to trek into the deepest woods, darkest caves, or highest mountains. Most will only view him in the flesh during his speeches to the people. Only a few will follow his tracks and hunt down the wolf in his natural habitat. Despite his attempts at discouraging others from chasing after him, his accidental charm lures people in.

Passing himself off as cold and aloof, he pushes away those who draw near yet shows an odd sweet fondness for those who stick by him. Notably, he is close with F-911, declaring him as his rival even though they appear to go out bowling, getting drunk, and singing karaoke more than they spar on while overlooking waterfalls. Both parties are natural leaders and often attempt to lead the other, ending in amusing and tense discussions on which movie they can see. Y-35 wins the arguments more often than not, but only because he is quickest to pull out a sword.

His unconventional friendships do not end with F-911. Y-35 is famous for his studies on other alien cultures, often adopting them and recommending them to other notails. His firm devotion to notails is only overshadowed by his love of the tourist species. Known for their migrations to far-off planets, aimless travel, and their lifelong journey to find a location or event so amazing that they die viewing it, the tourists have struck a chord with Y-35.

He believes that tourists are some of the purest elements in the universe and is quick to praise them. This infatuation causes him to attempt speaking the tourist language, wear their fashion, and even travel with them in hopes of reaching the state of blissful death that tourists yearn for.

Reports on Y-35's mannerisms, while often joked about due to stated overly broody nature, state that these are no acts. Y-35 truly believes that his existence is a disturbance to those around him. He asserts that this isn't true and that "My presence makes the world shudder, it fears me, and I leave for its sake."

This is just a cooler way to say, "I believe my existence is a disturbance around me," but he doesn't seem to be aware of this.

Despite all of his attempts to push people away, the Y-class join under the banner of the lone wolf Y-35, often declaring that they are "part of his pack." In a strange roundabout way, he has provided a single person for which the people can relate to, a joint goal to make the lone wolf not so lonesome anymore.

Y-35 is the howl of a pack that is not his own. The call of an army formed instantaneously to fight a common enemy.


A pack of seven Y-classes went on a recon mission.

A lone injured wolf is all that emerged. Barely able to recall the event that transpired, he could only say that he failed everyone. That he wished he held his ground and died with his pack like a true Y-class.

Instead, he ran and hid like a coward. When he finally got the guts to go back, his pack laid dead. He could not say what the assailants were, just that he saw a swarm of eyes looking on him and a disfigured flat-faced creature surging towards him.

While he escaped, he says that the monster haunts him in his dreams and that his war with it shall never end.

He took a piece of cloth from his six dead packmates and sewed it together to make the black fabric tied around his sword. Powerless to face his failures, he ventured into the far reaches of the universe alone. Reports of the lone notail spread where he went as an urban legend. He fought against great evil creatures of the universe and never asked for repayment from those he saved.

It is during this time that he started to believe that the spirits of his pack lived in the cloth he created. That they would speak to him and possess any weapon he tied it to.

Hearing the stories of this mythical notail, the current Y-class leader pack set out to challenge him. He was not an easy notail to track, but his challengers were the best Y-classes in the system. They found their prey, and though Y-35 was not ecstatic to do battle, he humored them.

And he won.

The Y-class pack leaders became disciples of Y-35, following and learning from him and his adventures out into the universe. More Y-class packs joined. Seeing the impact he had, the class leaders bowed from their position and resigned, giving it over to Y-35. He denied the position on the grounds that a group always held the Y-class leader position, and he had none. The hoards of Y-classes praised his name and chanted that all of them were a part of his pack.

"Tsk, guess you all give me no choice, huh? -w+" was all he had to say.

When congratulated on his ascension to class leader status, Y-35 shakes his head and points to his sword, stating that the spirits of his original pack should take all credit. They are the ones that guide his blade to protect himself and others, not him.

In private, Y-35 speaks to his sword as if it were a real person. Attempts to remove the cloth are met by hostility by both him and the Y-classes that surround him.


Power of the Union: Y-35 is at his peak power when no one is on his side in a fight. The more people who join him in battle, the less willing he becomes to fight himself, and instead, he opts to command his impromptu swarm. Many mention that his voice and praise make them feel like they can do anything.


• While Y-35 voice is described as "deep and rough," he momentary speaks in a high-pitched tone when he is surprised, negatively or positively. Crowds are on the fence if this means he is faking his natural voice or if he just has an "adorable" one when shocked.

• Y-35 wished to kill O-6 due to his cruelty. He has even trained under O-6 in an attempt to learn his strengths and weaknesses, though after this event, Y-35 has seemed less motivated, stating, "Un tigre muerto es un tigre hecho. Estos zapatos son un mal ajuste para manos como estas......I do not want to be a reincarnation of such a monster. -w+"

• Y-35 has a two-eye scarred mask for when he's feeling extra "against the universe." Whatever that means. His signoff does not change with his mask.

He rarely fights when a crowd is around and is believed to have performance anxiety. When questioned about how he can make grand speeches to giant groups, he stated that he "transcends his own body and watches himself give the speech." Upon being informed that "transcending one's body and viewing themselves as if a stranger" was a possible sign of extreme anxiety, he ended the interview with an "I'm done, I am scarred in many ways, but I am not an anxious little pup."

During a spar with an alien, Y-35's sword cloth was accidentally burned to ashes. He left immediately, and when spotted again, had a new cloth around his sword. He denies that he has ever lost it.

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