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The FIve Star Planet

“Universal class hospitality for the universe's wide-ranging preferences” — One of Ubertopia's many trademarked slogans

Art by, Atomic

Dominant Residents: Unidolencian
Other Residents: ANy

Fauna: Designer breeds and exotics
Weather: Usually sunny, unless you'd rather something else

Danger Level: Safe
Purpose: The universal dream vacation, the model utopian planet

Original Creator: LoverIan

Physical Description

The planet that looks to be made from a thousand others. A planet transformed to appeal to every person's ideal vacation no matter what it may be. All of them were hand-curated for a guest with such a refined taste as your own.

The hauntingly creepy, safe, deadly, or even truly neutral forest. Sunset and a good cocktail. The sense of dread on your shoulder as you feel the water pressure change. A quirky small town with a to die for bed and breakfast. Feeling like a god and saying where the lightning will strike. Happy birthday sung by your favorite anime characters.

We have everything you've ever dreamed of and more, so feel free to peruse all of the distant destinations as you learn that there really isn't anymore you could want.

Want to call the cradle of utopia your home? Do you want to bask in the daily gift that is the result of our Preme Benevliarch and out Body, Mind, and Soul's aeons of guidance and masterful design? Applications for immigration are perennially open, and we invite anyone with a true light in their soul to join us.

Give us your tired, your poor, your sick, for everyone has an equally important place within utopia!


Once upon a time the unidolencians crawled from tidepools onto the shores of an edenic tropical world. They learned, laughed, loved, and most of all lost. This led them to search for the best way to live their lives, and through their enduring hope they created utopia. As the desires of their guests changed so too did the planet. From where there were hundred-millions miles of tropical beach came arcologies and megastructure projects to retrofit and terraform the planet from the inside out. Flora, fauna, and even dirt were purchased and transported for the sake of creating the destinations we've come to know as our home, and love sharing with citizens of the universe like yourself.

Soon after the beginning of this period ubertopia was blessed with the birth of Nirosatl's own children. The body, mind, and soul of unidolencia grew among all walks of life and grew to embrace their respective destinies as representing utopia's splendor.

During the transitional periods the pride of our society was invented, and even now is used for birthday parties and everyday climate control. When you visit ask about the planetary weather controls, and if you have the right vacation package feel free to adjust the climate of your place of stay to your preference. The price paid by patrons, and the historic reputation of Ubertopia has allowed us to see the melting of a glacial resort as an opportunity to reinvent and reimagine what a dream vacation for that region means.

No utopia can remain without problems forever, and so preme benevliarch Nirosatl herself decreed that a nearby system would be colonized for usage as a rehabilitative facility for those who have committed wrongdoings, or those who willingly recognize they need assistance to be their better self. Over a century that planet was made into the one known as ReHab. Due to increased transit a stable wormhole was commissioned so that it could be accessed at any time.

Today Ubertopia is a highly varied planet. Scroll down to book an available vacancy.


Fossils Alive: A crack team of archaeologists and geneticists worked tirelessly under the guidance of our mind to bring you a themepark dedicated to once and for all proving what those bones underneath our feet looked like while they were alive. Come for the paleontology stay for the petting zoo. If you aren't afraid of getting even more up close and personal ask your travel guide about our hunting services, or just joining a cooking class if you're afraid to kill that dinosaur yourself. With the former please feel free to try and climb our leaderboards at a chance of hunting side-by-side with our body. Interested parties are welcome to bring their fossils and samples for appraisals on odd numbered months. Do not bring your relatives for appraisal regardless of their age, as we promise they do not count as fossils no matter what.

Techtropolis: Utopias should be the pinnacle of not just culture and society, but technological innovation and integration. Visit Techtropolis to learn what the megacity of the future looks like, and what living there is like. Holographic gardens, automated luxury, and open development forums await you in this glimpse at the universe's next golden age. Should you be meant for the world of tomorrow submit your research proposals, patents, and prototypes at the bureau of intellectual review, and you may even be offered a tenured position underneath our mind.

Parking Garage B27: While it may seem drab at first parking garage b27 is strategically located near several attractions, and has all the amenities you would need if you just want to make a cursory visit, or are on those rare budgeted trips. The locals are humble folk who will be happy to sit with you around the fires, or show you the hidden gems in the rough. Some talk about how our soul has given impromptu performances in the alleys of this parking garage, but most know better that our soul is better fit on a stage for all than to be among those who have not yet reached their potential. Parking is free, but we recommend calling ahead to make sure there are open passes or you'll need to rent a room. For those seeking the authentic unidolencian experience ask the locals about renting a room for the night.




• We are constantly expanding the potential destinations for visitors. Pay attention to this page, as pre-bookings for grand openings happen often and you wouldn't want to miss your chance at being the first on tweeper to post selfies from Hunymoon, In2TheWoods, Mortembrosian Abyss, Terror Tropics, Work, or any of our other upcoming attractions.

• If you at anytime feel the need to check yourself into ReHab feel free to visit our online portal. Voluntary admittance is free for citizens of unidolencian worlds.

• Are you a tourist? We offer special rates for those searching for their one true dream vacation. Ask about why we're proud to have the highest fatality rate in the universe for tourists, and better yet about commissioning one of our "once in a lifetime" destination experiences if you can't find your ideal place to die on our list of bookings.

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