[Cosmosdex] The Universal Encyclopedia


The Cosmosdex is site that hosts a fictional space themed encyclopedia by the same name, as well as a webcomic called [Fortuna] that takes place in the same universe. The Cosmosdex started on September 16th, of 2013, the same day the comic [Fortuna] started. [Fortuna] was orginally hosted on the MSPAforums while the original Cosmosdex was hosted on a google spreadsheet. Things were fairly small, and both [Fortuna] and the Cosmosdex were built on the idea of allowing deeper reader input, and there's no better way to do that than to allow the reader to help build the universe with their own ideas and thoughts.

Later the Cosmosdex would be upgraded from a google spreadsheet to a google document, but it became clear, the Cosmosdex needed a place of its own, and thus today it sits here in its own site. This site hopes to help people look to the stars and imagine things beyond our own relam. If you would like to help keep [Fortuna] and the Cosmosdex running please consider donating over at the patreon, most donations will be able to obtain rewards.

Below is an F.A.Q section for some quick and not so quick Q and As, a history section, for checking out where [Fortuna] and the Cosmosdex have been spotted before housing itself in its own site, and a fan content section for certain fan content that really sticks out and that we feel we should highlight.