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The inevitable flood

“A full exploration of this place is coming... maybe... eh, don't count on it. I don't want to get that wet” — K. Belu, first non-sea angel to "set foot on" Brontelimax

Art by, Atomic

Dominant Residents: Sea angels

Fauna: Unknown/None
Weather: Wet. Very wet. Like, underwater levels of wet.

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Sea Angel home planet

Original Creator: Kieros

Physical Description

Most of the planet is underwater. However, as the water crisis continues to develop, more and more of the planet is appearing above the water.


Not important / Unknown.


Polar caps: The northern pole is generally cold, and so small floes of ice have developed. Settlements on them are usually quite transient, but their closeness to the ocean allows some trade between surface dwelling species and the sea angels.

Cataracts: A large series of waterfalls spanning a vast height, sea angels are constantly seen travelling down the falls as some sort of joy ride.

Volcanic vents: A site of undersea volcanoes, lots of minerals and such are present in this area, but still-warm lava poses even more challenges than just being underwater in this area.


Underwater: If you can't breathe in water... you're gonna have a bad time.


• Not much is known about this planet as you can guess.

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