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Nobody comes here. EVER.

“Why dae' noboody e'er come to' r fookin' planet! Wha' do we smell or sumthin' ?” — A Local

Art by, Gimeurcookie

Dominant Residents: Malrus

Fauna: "Snow Beasts"
Weather: Cold, Snowy, Blizzards with alarming frequency

Danger Level: Medium
Purpose: Malrus Homeworld, To never be visited.

Original Creator: SirBlizz98

Physical Description

A cold and frosty rock, generally featuring weather that few would particularly consider inviting for visiting, let alone habitation. The planet is largely made up of sweeping plains of snow and ice, vast barren wastelands where little can be seen besides the frozen ruins of factories that give hint to Kivver's interesting history. Aside from these, are the occasional boreal tundras and dense woodlands, where the majority of civilization makes it's home.

The planet, is as noted, covered in the wrecks and ruins of the people who tried to conquer Kivver in the past. The malrus, for their part, live in rather humble cities in the somewhat more livable parts of the planet.


Long ago, the planet Kivver was a relatively peaceful place. The native malrus, though primitive, lived in harmony. Malrus harmony that is, it involved a lot of drinking and fighting, many a habitual war was had between the malrus tribes in those days, but all was well. Then "they" came.

No one truly knows who "they" are, as the malrus are lacking in records of this time outside of oral stories, but it is known that they came with ill-intent. Within short order, these invaders conquered the primitive tribes, and set them to work constructing a vast and malevolent factory for their foul purposes. This state of affairs lasted until the malrus hero 'Oleg Icesmasher' rallied his people and armed them with the knowledge and weapons of the invaders, and drove them off the planet, albeit at the cost of his own life.


Icesmasher-toon: The de-facto capital of the planet, rather unimpressive by the standards of the universal community, it's a humble city of sensible abodes and an excess of bars and arenas, each of which caters to fighting and drinking as appropriate. It's traditionally held that Oleg Icesmasher was born here, and thus the town renamed in his honor. The town's original name has been lost to the drunken ages.

The Factory: The biggest, most dreaded factory of the old invaders. It's a desolate place seemingly designed to oppress by it's very design, all the walls seem poised to loom malevolently over any would-be visitor. Everything about it is too large, yet at the same time, extremely claustrophobic. The locals are loath to come here, not simply because of their history with the place, but also because they believe it's haunted by ghosts and other evil spirits.

Frosthenge: A massive complex of interlinking henges and groves built in ancient times for various astrological and religious reasons. In modern times It is no longer used for such purposes, but rather as a place where the ordinarily rough and rowdy malrus come for quiet contemplation, and then they get rough and rowdy again, at which point it becomes akin to a massive fairground.




• Hardly anyone ever goes to Kivver. Nobody really knows why, it's an alright place all things considered.

• Even by malrus standards, Kivverites are a rather rowdy and uncouth sort, drinking and fighting to degrees that would make off-worlder malrus blush.

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