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Rabbit / The Melancholy

“You could never know what I've been through. Stop trying to sympathize with me. You're only doing it to make yourself feel better, because I'm not feeling better about this! Don't touch me. I said DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME! OwO” — O-11

Art by, frog

Part of the following collections: Notail,Featured

Emblem by Obedaiya
  • Strength-1
  • Intelligence-10
  • Charisma-1
  • Endurance-1
  • Agility-10
  • Luck-10

Age: 5600 years
Size: 5'10" ft tall
Species: Notail

Job: Notail Leader of the P-class and K-class
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Everything
Notable contributions: O-11 is amazing at discovering where new anomalies in the universe are without even trying. O-11 is also extremely fast and does most of the classified filing work for the O-classes. O-11 is the leader of the P-rogrammer and K-nowledge class notails and other than O-1, is the oldest O-class.

[Sensory Overload] Negative trait
This character is prone to burnout through too much sensory input, be it auditory, tactile, or visual. The reactions may be different, however; shut-downs or aggression in response to overload are common.
[Unforgiving] Negative trait
This character very easily holds a grudge and almost never forgives. If this character feels that they have been wronged, they will seek out revenge. It's very difficult for others to work with this character once they have a grudge.
[Fatalistic] Negative trait
While this character is normally quite stable, they will lose morale rapidly if their life is on the line. This character gives up on survival very quickly once they risk dying.
[Chaos] Mystery trait
You'll never have a normal day ever again!
[Visions] Mystery trait
There's a storm a-comin.
[Florida Man] Mystery trait
Local Florida man gets drunk and jumps into lake full of alligators. What happens next will surprise you!
[Augmented] Mystery trait
You're not normal anymore, huh?
[Black Cat] Mystery trait
When a black cat crosses your path...

Original Creator: Atomic

Physical Description

A complete description of O-11 simply cannot exist, but an attempt can be made. O-11 is notail in shape, or at least he attempts to be. His skin, or what little of it remains, is typical in coloration, except when the skins of other notails are grafted on to him. The antennas on his head are slightly longer than usual and tend to have a "crushed" look to them despite them being perfectly functioning. While not a rare trait in the notail world, he does have unusually long and pointed ears on most occasions where they haven't been ripped out.

He wears a collar around his neck with his name on it. This is not for fashion, but instead as a marker in the case that he dies. Without it, it's difficult to positively ID him in the case of death, and it is for one simple reason, O-11 is made of the parts of many other creatures and notails.

He didn't decide he wanted this; rather it's all that can be done considering his situation. He continually gets hurt and injured over time, causing him to have to replace these parts so he can get back to work. As the years go on, he starts to look less and less like a notail, until finally one incident takes his life, and then the cycle can begin again.

While all other factors of his body are constantly changing, there is one thing that doesn't, his mask. With two ears pointed upwards and a spiral in each it takes the shape of a rabbit, eyes wide open. The expression on his face is typical of a notail, but people quickly notice something that doesn't belong, eyes, or at least the implications of eyes. These bright white dots are on when O-11 talks to another person, displaying an upset or uncomfortable expression, a stark contrast to the forced smile on his mask. These are caused by the screen in his mask being double-sided. No one is quite sure why he does this, considering O-11 detests people who attempt to empathize with him.


O-11 stays in his home where it's safe, and he is in control of what happens in it. No surprises, and no danger caused by someone being nearby. There's not a single building for a whole mile around his house despite it being in the middle of a highly populated city on Eukaryote, the notail's homeworld. No one can afford to live close to him, and even those at the edge of the dead zone are at risk for getting harmed by being in proximity to O-11 due to his blessing.

A blessing is a foul thing, for the gods are evil. While no one can prove that blessings come from a physical god, everyone can agree that blessings do exist. Those who are blessed suffer horrible fates, and O-11 is one of those people who suffer due to it.

O-11's blessing causes people and even some animals to be randomly inconvenienced, harmed, or killed due to it. The closer one is to O-11, the more likely that the blessing will cause more damage to the person. Meanwhile, people who live on the edge of the blessed zone are more likely to suffer paper cuts or stub their toes. As such, people wish to stay as far away from O-11 as possible, both for their sake and O-11's. When the blessing activates, definitely when closer to O-11, it has a chance to harm O-11 as well.

O-11 has mixed feelings on being trapped in his house all day though has made improvements to it to make sure it is as comfortable as possible. Those few who have gone into O-11's house mention that it is cluttered with stuff. They state he's not quite a hoarder, but if no one comes in to clean the house, he will look like one within a year. O-11 doesn't leave the house except when he is sent on a mission or suddenly wants to experience the outside world. He'll then be swiftly reminded of why he hates it.

Due to sensory issues O-11 has an intense aversion to loud or sudden sounds and certain smells but both of those cannot trump his aversion to being touched, even a sudden and friendly pat on the back can completely ruin his day if it wasn't destroyed already. When this happens O-11 becomes rather aggressive, though not violent. It's common of him to pry off the offending hand and twist it while reminding the person to never touch him. Admittedly O-11 warns everyone he meets beforehand about his issue so anyone who does already should know the outcome.

Many who meet O-11 mention that he always seems close to tears and generally unhappy with his life. He is also very skittish and soft spoken when not angered. He tends to talk about the good ole days before his blessing. When someone aggravates or he makes a mistake and notices it he can be seen dragging his claws along his arms and the side of his face. He is also prone to repeating phrases in anger.

Due to this, O-11 is not required to come to meetings, or may even join the meetings via a video feed online, in fact, the other O-classes do not want him to go to meetings due to the fear of death. If he's not up to participating even through a video feed, he will ask for a transcript and read through everything even when not required to. When it comes to paperwork, the other O-classes are known to offload theirs to O-11, who surprisingly will gladly take a bit of their paperwork to help. Doing paperwork is his one real talent, he genuinely finds it incredibly relaxing. Yet, out of all of the O-classes he has the most free time, as for him his job of sorting anomalies and guessing locations of new ones is a quick one, he's had over 5000 years of practice after all. Even when he takes up the paperwork of others, he still has a lot of free time on his hand.

What does he do with all of that free time? Causally chat and play games online.

Trying to catch a glimpse of O-11 in the real world is nearly impossible, but in the digital world, he is everywhere. Ancient blogs and forums are left in his wake as he goes through his life, and all of them that were saved can still be read to this day. It's the only reason the Cosmosdex and other sites have so much info on all of the O-class' private lives.

He just will not shut up about it.

More than once he has leaked out secret plans of the notails causing the others to be able to prepare them and for the notails to scramble to come up with something new or call off the whole thing. This is partly the reason why the U-class was moved to O-9 when historically it had been under the O-11s. Nowadays he mixes his truth and fiction from time to time, so there is always worry that he's trying to trick people instead of mindlessly leak info. O-11 is said to not care much about the whole thing, in fact, he seems to not care about a lot of stuff online. He almost feels that people online aren't real people until he sees them in real life. He's not directly a part of the wars going on so he has a hard time visualizing them as people with lives and family instead of concepts who just spawned for this moment and will stop existing once people stop talking about them. He's even the creator of a forum just for laughing at other people and talking about tech which is quite popular.

Those who talk to him online find him fairly draining, as he complains all the time about his issues, his life, and how he feels the universe is going, the latter of which he tends to hold very controversial opinions on. He hates it when people try to comfort him past a vague "sorry to hear about how things are going" and will yell at them over it. It seems all he wants from people when he goes on his rants is for them to listen to him complain. Nothing more, nothing less. The whiplash people get when he goes from talking about death to ending his rant and talking about a funny movie he watched can be quite unpleasant.

O-11's life has remained unchanged for many years and is unlikely to ever change.


O-11 was born before the age of the memory machine, but after the start of, but not the popularization of, cloning. A rather strange K-nowledge class, O-11 had always felt he was born into the wrong caste. He instead preferred the idea of being in a class type that was less active due to his sensory issues. Unable, and honestly unwilling due to the lack of energy, O-11 decided not to fight the issue and just attempted his best to cope with what was given to him.

O-11 had luck his way into a position that allowed him to stay in one area at work and check objects that were considered "blessed objects," commonly referred to as anomalies. Nearly every "anomaly" that was brought in was just an object someone believed to be blessed but was perfectly normal. When an actual anomaly did get turned in, O-11 was nearly always able to tell that the object was an anomaly right away. He took pride in this skill.

O-11 did his job so well that when the O-11 died at the time, a time where O-classes had to be replaced by living people, not clones, O-11 had interviewed for the position and got it. Despite the horrible cards life attempted to throw at him, he was able to learn to how to cope with them and overcome those who laughed at him before. Everything in O-11 life was perfect, until the day that ruined it all.

No one is quite sure what happened that day, or why O-11 decided he wanted to walk home despite it opening him up for assassination attempts. The few reports that still exist say that O-11 was acting erratically all day and touching anomalies he shouldn't have. One thing is for sure, that day O-11 crossed a street and was struck by a car.

O-11 was rushed to a hospital, and just for a few moments, he was dead. He was brought back by the doctors, but what O-11 had seen had changed him forever.

He refused to die ever again. O-11 had seen death, and it was the most terrifying place he had ever seen.

People tried to tell O-11 that this "death" he saw must have been merely a dream or made up due to stress. O-11 despite all scientific reasoning, refused to believe them. After that event, he would come close to death over and over, sometimes considered dead for a few seconds due to highly improbable accidents. O-11 would get many of his body parts replaced when they were damaged beyond repair, keeping him alive longer than most notails. O-11 was told he couldn't hide in his house anymore, and the O-2 at the time demanded he come to the meeting.

The meeting ended in the deaths of half the O-classes, including the O-2.

He saw death many times over, both his and others and each time he saw it his emotional state degraded. He refused to die permanently. He couldn't go back to that place forever. He spent years of his life making a machine that changed how the O-class operated forever. This machine copied memories and allowed it to be inserted into another body. The person who got the new memories would have their past deleted so that they could be a vessel for the O-class. From the O-class point of view, they have never died, no matter how many times their actual self had been killed in the past. After all, the memory machine could only take memories from living people.

O-11's machine caused the O-class to operate the way it does now. Every O-class has their memory backed up a few times every year, and clones made so their memory could be placed back in. O-11 wholeheartedly believes that that machine links to the soul so that when one dies, the device will pull the soul out of death and place it back into the body.

Many people are skeptical about the machine, and some believe it doesn't actually "pull souls out," but only the cruelest of people would tell O-11 this. The notail has seen and felt too much pain they think. A horrible dictator he is, but there is some pity for him. Life is suffering for him, due to some unremovable blessing. He doesn't need to worry himself over death.

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter, the fear of his final death rules his whole life.


Luck Black Hole: Due to the blessing, O-11 has a black hole of luck surrounding him. Those who enter it will get progressively worse luck as they head towards the source. Events that happen to the second party has a chance of affecting O-11 as well, but it is not a guarantee. No matter what it seems, the second party will always get hurt more than O-11. Attacks against O-11 tend to backfire with no downsides to O-11.

For example, a person driving a car might suddenly be unable to stop it. They will then hit O-11, and proceed to crash into a wall. If O-11 isn't near anyone the blessing cannot activate and no one gets harmed. O-11 is unusually lucky as the events caused by the blessings rarely kill him, even when it seems it should have. In another example one early victim of the blessing gun jammed three times while attempting an assassination before he tossed it and tried to grab his back up weapon. The thrown gun sudden fired off and shot him through the heart. O-11 was not harmed, at least on a physical level.


• O-11 only drinks using a straw unless he is in dire need of liquids. He gets extremely angry if there are no straws and pitches a fit about it.

• O-11 takes great joy in collecting knickknacks that he finds or people give him. His living space is filled with strange objects that are hard to explain, but he will give his best shot at explaining them anyway.

• The current P-class leader is P-1337. This P-class joined just a few years after O-11 did and had never been seen publicly before. Even stranger P-1337 uses an edited version of O-11's face for his screen displays and also uses the same robots that O-11 uses to travel around outside when he doesn't wish to physically. This has lead to people believing that P-1337 is just the alter ego of O-11. O-11 denies this while P-1337 says this is absolutely correct. O-11 gets very frustrated at P-1337 over this.

• O-11's best friend was the old O-8 before the current one murdered him. He was also his old surgeon. The old O-8 needed background noise while he worked, and O-11 would never shut up. It was perfect. O-11 would call O-8 and talk to him for hours while he worked in an entirely one-sided conversation. O-11 seems to refuse to act like O-8 is dead and calls the current O-8 like nothing ever happened, to the distaste of said O-8.

• O-11 insists that he gain his blessing due to the anomaly object he handled, but some people have other theories about why O-11 has such an aggressive blessing that follows him even after death. O-11 reacts strongly to people touching or being too close to him, as such some people believe that O-11 might have asked the gods to punish those who get near him, and like all blessings he now regrets it. Other rumors go even further, stating that the facts of O-11's incident don't make logical sense and O-11 is lying about what indeed happened that day.

• O-11's reactions to being told these rumors is extreme. If he was in an interview, he will quickly end it if possible, repeating over and over that he wishes people would stop reminding him of that while screaming "shut up" to anyone who tries to interrupt or comfort him. Admittedly this is the same reaction he has to anyone mentioning that day, so there is no merit that his responses confirm any of the rumors.

• Do not touch him.

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