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Coven / Planet of Witches

“Aw man, I thought this was gonna be way spookier!” — a Tourist visiting Taika for the first time

Art by, Gimeurcookie

Dominant Residents: Fairy
Other Residents: Armas (2 horned), Agnivyr, Crawlerz, Celirack, Itzels, Oquintas

Fauna: Wide Variety
Weather: Usually Calm, occasional light drizzle

Danger Level: Low
Purpose: A witchcraft safehaven.

Original Creator: Starlit-drakon

Physical Description

Taika is a lush planet, covered in a vast forest dotted with natural clearings. Within these clearings, and even in the trees themselves, the inhabitants of Taika reside in natural homes, some of which are nearly impossible to distinguish from the landscape around them. Taikans are considered the foremost witches in the universe, and taikan stones and sigils are considered the most powerful when utilized properly. Taikans are also advanced in herbology and natural remedies, and many medicinal plants can be found growing on its surface. The planet is bright and pleasant, with many homes covered in strings of minerals and metals, and incense burners in open spaces. The entire planet is a safehaven for witchcraft-practicing individuals. Many animals roam the planet, surprisingly tame despite whatever species they may be. There animals are all familiars to various taikans, and it is not unusual to see one ferrying a message or item to a person. Animals introduced to Taika are observed to become very calm, and mostly docile. It is unknown what causes this effect, and it wears off soon after leaving the planet.


The planet lacks in any war-useful materials, and so was sold for relatively cheap. A small coven of witches, looking for a safe and neutral place to practice their magic, decided to work together to save up enough money to buy the planet. Once there, they realized the odd calming effect that the planet had on their familiars, and the abundance of otherwise worthless minerals that the planet had hidden beneath its surface. They set up a small colony near the planet's equator, and word quickly spread of the now-named planet.


Parisa: A fairly normal town, speaking in terms of Taika. This town is one of the largest, and is named after one of the original owners of the planet. Many shops and places to buy food are scattered around the town, and there is a large area for incoming ships to land safely beyond the trees.

Knucker: Located in a marshy area, the town of Knucker is filled with many small holes in the ground. No one seems to be able to tell where they came from, and whenever one is filled in another appears nearby the next day. Knucker is a mid-sized town, and the air is damp and humid. Potionmakers are particularly common here, as the majority of crawlerz live here for the more ideal environment towards their fungi.

Ahti: The largest and most respledent city on Taika, Ahti is the bustling center of commerce on this planet. Ahti is often swarming with visiting ships, and is the best place to stock up on supplies and other trinkets. It's also the best place to catch up on gossip and events out in space. Taika is a universally recognized stop for food and fuel, and so many troops will often stop here as a brief ceasefire to catch up on events and send messages and packages to family.


Guardians of Taika: Every town on Taika has a guardian. Whenever a member of that town is in trouble, the guardian will come to their rescue. A guardian is any large creature that guards a town: some towns have terrorbirds as guardians, and a few even have ascended drakons as their guardians.


• Taika has an annual budget spent on buying captured ascended drakons. These drakons are then released onto the planet, and most of them become guardians. Do not disturb the drakons.

• Notails are not allowed on Taika unless they undergo a very thorough cleaning supervised by a taikan-approved notail. This is to prevent plague. It has happened before.


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