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Art submissions are open

Welcome to the art submission section. In this area you are allowed to submit art which after review, may be added to the cosmosdex. Galleries are able to contain endless amounts of art, but every other section may only have one art piece per species/fauna/AI/Ect, as such, please avoid submitting art to sections that already have art, unless you feel fully confident that your piece is a more helpful representation. Art may be rejected for any reason or no reason at all.

Please note that you may submit a contact us form to withdraw your submitted artwork before it is approved, and one week after it is approved. Unfortunately, one week after approval, withdrawal requests will be denied except in extreme cases. Please make sure to not submit anything you aren't 100% sure you are ok with being given to the Cosmosdex for what could be forever.

Your direct artwork will never be used in any sort of product without direct consent. Its only usage will be to be displayed anywhere on this site.

To submit art, please read the section you wish to submit to carefully and use the form at the end. Only artwork you yourself have created is allowed to be submitted.* This is by far the most important rule. If you didn't create the artwork you shouldn't be submitting the artwork. If it is found that the artwork submitted is stolen, or submitted without the permission of the original artist it will be removed. If you spot any stolen artwork feel free to submit a contact us form so it may be investigated.

* The only exception to this rule is if you have commissioned the artist for a piece and have informed them that you plan to allow the site useage of the image. Feel free to point them to this page so they have an understanding of what their artwork will be used for.

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