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The Cacophony / The Doomed

“We cannot fall asleep. We have to stay awake. If we fall asleep the nightmares come. We are afraid of the nightmares. We are the nightmares. We must not sleep.” — Chorus

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  • Strength-6
  • Intelligence-18
  • Charisma-6
  • Endurance-3
  • Agility-3
  • Luck-0

Age: ~200 years
Size: 20 ft tall, 686 ft long
Species: Carcili

Job: Living Nightmare
Likes: The quiet and solace they will never again know.
Dislikes: The nightmares they live out in the bodies of the damned.
Notable contributions: The tragic expression of a collector carcili gone beyond all hope.

[Mind Control] Positive trait
HELP US help me i cant move HELP us ME HELP I'm moving but its not ME HELP US
[Imaginative] Positive trait
[Paranoid] Neutral trait
WHERE am we are we help us see us save us I cant find the light I cant find the way
[Chatterbox] Neutral trait
Help usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp usHelp us
[Strangely Graceful] Neutral trait
[Has Nightmares] Negative trait
We need help HELP us SAVE US deliver US RESCUE rescue REScue Doomed Dead Dead Why can't I feel anyTHING WHERE am I WHERE WHERE WHERE WHERE It's dark.
[Unstable] Negative trait
I can't feel anything I CANT SEE ANYTHING I want my mom where AM (save us) I hello? mom? HELP
[Black Cat] Mystery trait
Please don't be next. Stay away!

Original Creator: Space Dorf and Spish

Physical Description

A carcili only slightly larger than average, Chorus are darkish blue-grey in colour. They have a segmented head plate, and a bulkier, more complete than average dorsal armour plating with distinctive jagged edges picked out in a much darker version of their skin tone. Their belly meanwhile sports a spotty lighter countershading effect, solid in the center but with speckles moving outwards from such, along with small patches of the same colour as their armour plate. Their dark blue tailfin is a delicate wispy single piece, curling and branching into many feathery ends and a single daggerlike point at its furthest extent.

This carcili also has the infrequent mutation where their mouth's side mandibles are much larger and more prominent than normal, seeming like a complete jaw split in the center. This can cause pain and difficulty when eating larger prey, and is one reason Chorus make their home in too-shallow waters where there are a profusion of smaller fish that most carcili would turn up their gills at.

In person, being in the vicinity of Chorus causes whispers and murmurs at the edge of the mind, all emanating seemingly from nothing. Depending on how Chorus are feeling, these murmurs and sussurations may get louder, becoming cutting accusations and shouts, sometimes even cries and howls. This is due to the mind of this giant carcili being broken in nature to such an extent that even non-psychics can hear the thoughts trapped in their mind. This leaking psychic power is a highly dangerous condition, and people who are particularly vulnerable to psychic emanation may get caught by the uncontrolled energy. This can lead to being possessed like a normal carcili dream, being sucked directly into its tormented mind, or even simply being flattened by sheer energy and smashed against a wall. For obvious reasons it is not advised to get close enough to truly listen. Chorus have hundreds of angels and devils on their metaphorical shoulders, and almost all of them are utterly without reason.


Somewhat of an insomniac by carcili standards, Chorus are known to try avoiding sleep as much as possible. They seem to be plagued by nightmares and dreaming is unpleasant for them. When they do sleep, it is usually for no more than a few days or even hours, whilst other carcili slumber for weeks. Often these dreams end with the dreamed individual dying in horrifying fashion, their minds doomed to join the many others who have suffered the same fate. Chorus' mind has been psychically broken into pieces over the years, causing them to be unable to distinguish the voices of their victims from their own desires, until they no longer cared to do so, accepting them all in as a part of themselves.

Their dreams always seem to manifest where something terrible is about to happen. It is not understood whether this is incidental, or a direct result of their psychic influence. Either way, things get bizarre wherever their mind wanders. To bystanders, their hosts seem to be taken by a sudden onset of inexplicable hysteria, referring to themselves as "we", claiming preposterous things such as "everyone is doomed", "we are actually a 500-foot space snake", "we need a hug", and so forth, while becoming increasingly distressed.

Even those who survive their influence often come out somewhat disturbed, terrified that the voices will come back, or inflicted with long-lasting stresses. Having hundreds of hysterical minds pulling apart at one's own for hours or days does that to a person, after all.


Chorus began existence as a normal carcili, known as Bothers-The-Whole-Western-Seaboard (A typical carcili name), a loud person who always wanted to get involved with others, unlike most carcili. They loved to interact with the people they dreamed, and as they grew up they began to feel lonely, unable to stay for long with the people who were (unwillingly) its new friends. They wished that there was a way to stay with them for as long as they wanted, not knowing what this meant.

Then one day, the young carcili screwed up. It's been so long that precisely what happened and to who is uncertain, but the inexperienced creature of the seas piloted its puppet poorly, and the body was killed under circumstances unknown. The psychic whiplash from the aftershock of the death hurt the carcili's head, but as the ringing subsided, they realised they could still hear the panicked cries of the one they had been connected to... even though they should have been dead. For they had discovered the part of the dream that carcili do not talk to each other about, that every fatal mistake lasts forever for you and them alike. Actions have consequences.

But Bothers-The-Whole-Western-Seaboard did not see it this way. They thought that their prayers had been answered. They had been shown a special way to keep their friends with them all the time, whether they wanted to... or not. Detached from the pains of the world at large as all carcili, are, they paid little attention to the murders they were soon committing, deliberately killing anyone they dreamed who they liked. Though they had never heard the term, they had become one of the greatest fears of many carcili and people who know about them - a collector.

But as they gathered more and more minds within their own, something happened. There were too many words. From being too lonely, they were now never alone. Unable to shut up so many souls at once, they had no choice but to listen to the screams. And it tore them apart. The undiluted psychic strength of the carcili has always been a double-edged sword, able on one hand to project minds across half the known universe, but at the other entirely tied into the mind. Under the stress of all the agonies they had inflicted, their mind was unable to hold it all in, and broke into pieces, screaming just like everything else clustered inside the deep sea creature's head. Every fragment took a little of the powers, a little bit of strength to lash out with in pain. Even those that had never belonged.

Over the years, the distinction between the tortured voices that were the carcillis and the tortured voices that were others ceased to be, all unable to tell. Instead of one voice, a chorus, screaming. They took the new name when it was given to them by those around them, fearful of the terror it brought. Or perhaps they were fearful at the thought this could have been them, if they hadn't known a little better. Now they have nothing, even the territories they guarded so fiercely when they were younger and more foolish, nibbled away by greedy neighbours. The Chorus travel through the waters at the coasts, crying out, but nobody listens. Now without the will to stop collecting those snared by their deadly dreams, Chorus bring peril to those who stray too close to the waters...


Shattered: Chorus's fragmented psyche, worsened by its constant and no-longer-willing collections of traumatised victim minds, is frequently unable to contain itself even while awake. Chorus uncontrollably manifest psychic powers at random in their vicinity or the vicinity of those they dream, including that of further carcili possession.


• It is strongly advised not to approach carcili in general, but this one in particular is an extreme enough hazard that warning signs are often erected along the coastlines near where they currently reside

• Do not hear the chorus if it calls your name. The sea is a dangerous place to be alone.

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